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Dell 2100MP User Reviews

Dell 2100MP Projector

Dell 2100MP

SVGA (800x600), 1000 ANSI Lumens,
4.0 lbs, $949 (MSRP)
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4.2 out of 5
17 User Ratings
Image Quality 4.6
Features 4.1
Construction 4.3
Ease of Use 4.6
Reliability 3.4
Value for Money 4.2

User Reviews

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Review by soundman 777

purchased from personal owner 12months ago. had a squealing sound. got louder so I checked it out. easy to get into and it was the high speed color wheel.

Any Problems: Dell says this unit is no longer in production so they have no parts. internet search produced nothing available. I recommend a user and one for parts.

Review by Richard Hein

Good projector. I've been told by Dell that, since it is out of warrantee that it is my tough luck. No recommendation of a place to fix it or anything. Stay away from this turkey.

Any Problems: Projector has stopped. Dell will not support it. An expensive paperweight. I recommended Dell to a client and now I'm a bad guy for doing so. Fool me once, shame on you....

Review by trao

I have had my dell 2100mp for two years and have loved it. Resently the color wheel ( an internal part) flew apart. The unit has not been moved for the whole time of use (other then cleaning) and dell has no idea what it is...

Any Problems: I have spent countless hours on the phone with tech. support and other branches trying to figure out what they will do ( it's just out of warenty) and they are clueless to what the internal parts do or where to get them.. HELP IF YOU CAN...

Review by TimRP

I have had the 2100MP for about 2years now with 750~ hours on the lamp. Its been a great projector compared to my old Sanyo LCD projector. HDTV looks great. It syncs very fast to any given input, which is a nice thing compared to some other projectors I have read about.

Any Problems: Like the last reveiw here, my 2100 has developed a yellowish/brown spot in the lower right corner. Dell refuses to do anything for me since it is out of warrenty. Seems the projector can't take its own heat. Hope they fixed it in later models.

Review by Timur Tabi

I've had this projector for a year (purchased April 2003). It recently started showing yellowing along the right edge. Dell tech support had this to say: "All DLP projectors will have this issue, which is common for projectors in the equivalent price range/feature set of the Dell 3100MP and 3200MP. In some cases, lowering the "White Intensity" may help. If a customer refuses to accept this explanation, the projector should be returned for credit." This leads me to believe that Dell expects projectors like the 2100MP to have problems like this. That doesn't instill a lot of confidence.

Any Problems: Significant yellowing along the right edge after one year.

Review by Sam Kline

Having had my 2100MP for a 9 months now, I must say this is an amazing little projector. Image quality is awesome, especially considering I picked it up for under a grand. Construction is incredible, I don't think I've seen a projector built as solidly. Documentation is first rate, and it's very easy to use - and I love the cute but very functional little remote. The projector looks beautiful displaying movies or powerpoint. Only complaints would be a manual zoom feature would be very helpful, and the 1-year warranty is a bit skimpy. Honestly, this is the best investment I've made in a while.

Any Problems: Only complaint would be I wish it had a manual zoom adjustment!!!! Would make life much easier for home viewing. No problems encountered though.

Review by Zee

Here is my second review. My bulb went out after only 153 hours of usage. I called Dell and the guy was giving me lecture as if I don't know how to use a projector. I told him I didn't do any thing to burn the bulb. In any case my warranty had just expired so I was forced to purchase another bulb. I wanted to buy a bulb right away but they were out of stock. Gee I wonder why? The bulb price was actually $299 – 10% off. Well since they didn’t have it at the time I didn’t buy it. I called back few months later since I didn’t really care to spend all that money at the time. It turned out the price went up to $379. I told that to sales representative and he wouldn’t believe me. He kept saying there is no way the price was ever $299. So moral of the story is don’t waste your money on this, you get what you pay for. I really think this projector is not reliable specially the lamp. I do see occasional rainbows now, thanks to a friend of mine who explained what it really was. I would recommend if you are on a tight budget look at Infocus X1, if you hate rainbows go for Sanyo PLV Z1 (model?) it’s pure LCD and lots of people have it. In fact if you look around you may find a used Sony VPL10HT for about the same price. Either way reliability is very important I really doubt that the lamp would last 2000 hours. I’m pretty sure it will burn out like mine did simple because it gets really hot really fast. Last night I was watching a movie and my friend was sitting right next to the projector. He is really impressed with the quality and doesn’t know about the rainbow effect. Even He was like, Wow it gets hot so fast. Once again don’t waste your money on some thing that may just burn out that fast, go for a company that has been around in projector market for longer than Dell. No wonder they came out with another model 2200. I’m pretty sure it has most of those bugs fixed.

Any Problems: Bulb burned out after 153 hours. Some one ows me 1847 hours. I will be selling this soon for a big loss.

Review by Timaeus

I purchased my 2100MP in April 2003 and it performed well for six months. My primary application is home theater use and it generally produced an excellent image if the input was from a good video source such as progresive scan DVD or HDTV. I also like the compact size of the machine. It runs hot however, don't sit next to it unless you like to sweat.

Any Problems: October, 2003 my projector began to fail and I am now awaiting a replacement. (Dell's technical support is excellent, they shipped a new projector within 24 hours of my email.) My remote control unit also failed after a few months and they replaced it with a more expensive unit for no additonal cost. I am impressed with Dell's customer service but disappointed in the reliability of the machine.

Review by Vasi

Projector is excellent in working and picture quality,best at night or dark rooms.Noise emmitence is next to nothing.Overall a good investment if we dont see the negatives with a eagle eye,value for money!!

Any Problems: There is little bit of corner cuttings and the keystone helps little.Sensitive to flat ground,can give little bit of tilted projection.

Review by groovestuga

I have had this projector now for approximately six months (acquired it in may 2003)...I think the image quality is great--I was previously using LCD panel projectors on top of OHPs and this is quite a bit rainbow effects that I can see....visible with lights on, but best in dark...overall very good value

Any Problems: I had one point where the remote sensor must have picked up the signal from the remote from my Audigy 2 platinum EX sound card for my PC...the projector went crazy whenever I hit a button----since then the same problem has not occured, and I have actually tried to reproduce it----

Review by dell2100

every thing is great except my bulb blew up with little over 100 hour usages. I didn't know what rainbow effect was until a friend of mine explained. Even after that I only see occasional rainbows with certain movies. You can adjust the contrast to fix the rainbow problem.

Review by alejl

The picture in this little one is superb. It's my first time using a projector and DLP is amazing. I just love it. Please don't hesitate just get this one.

Any Problems: Some rainbows. Just adjust contrast and brightness settings to make them disappear.

Review by Zee

I love this little projector. Because of DLP the size is very small and picture quality is amazing. I live an apartment; naturally I needed something small and portable. I'm using Clarion Draper Screen. It's about 72 x 96 (4:3 format) it looks amazing. I tried PS2, Xbox and game cube all look great even at 480i or less. Xbox pumps HD image at 720p you could just imagine the quality. There is virtually no screen door effect unless you are very close to the screen. At about 3 to 4 feet image looks amazing. Check out the screenshots at For the price it’s amazing. It is very bright so even in bright light the picture looks great. However I prefer completely dark room. I’m using full surround sound with additional subwoofer, so it’s exactly like being in a theatre. I Love it.

Any Problems: none

Review by juan

Just got this on the recent deal (panny HT700+dell 2100MP for USD900). Projecting onto a wall covered with butcher paper until I get my Dalite High Power screen. So far: excellent contrast and brightness in computer mode; DVD played from HTPC (using movie mode) was pretty good, but not as "punchy"; Images on S-Video & composite connections tended to be a dark and soft. I haven't had chance to try out the component input via 480i or 480p.

Any Problems: occasional rainbows. I did get used to it, though. "solarization" or dithering does occur too, but i don't know if this is from HTPC,PJ or DVD itself. lack of zoom does hurt, but my projected image size (from 13') happens to be exactly 67"x50", which is nice.

Review by joka

I own a mitsbsiuhi two years ago but now paid half the price to own this dell, the pic quality is much better than the old one especially the contrast ratio, DLP make the machine only 4lb and compact is good for hand carry. I take 2100 because it balance home threatre and computer presentation quality, the presentation is bright and sharp even compress to XGA resolution

Any Problems: notice some rainbow effect no zooming means fix screen size for a certain throw distance

Review by Johnason

A wonderful product, the image quality is impressed, very quiet, it is a best choice for home use, I will introduce it to all my friends.

Review by luis329

real fun and exciting, i would buy another if i had more money. i like this machine is like a real movie theater and brings the digital world in your living room.

Any Problems: nope