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Dell 2200MP User Reviews

Dell 2200MP Projector

Dell 2200MP

SVGA (800x600), 1200 ANSI Lumens,
4.7 lbs, $899 (MSRP)
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4.2 out of 5
46 User Ratings
Image Quality 4.1
Features 4.3
Construction 4.2
Ease of Use 4.3
Reliability 3.9
Value for Money 4.1

User Reviews

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Review by HDALIEN

I picked it up for $300, with 183 on the lamp. It works goos and it is bright. I have an old sharp 175 lums this is 1200 lums so it is very bright for me. The PQ is real good on a white wall not a screen. I have watched 5 movies on it at 156" wide and they look real good with S-Video.

Any Problems: Gets hot I run a fan next to the unit, and it gets rainbows.

Review by stubAdub

1st projector, image quality was pretty good looking. i used this for Sat, DVD's, XBOX, NES & PC games. Games were awesome to play on a 125 inch screen but on some games and movies the white was too bright with the black too dark. I tried every combination of color's, temps ect to get it just perfect, not happening. As far as the projector itself goes all was well until around the 950 hr mark, then lamp/temp warning & the unit shutting off, ordered a new bulb, no luck. took it apart after reading up on other people's experiences, cleaned the dust out and still no luck, apparently the dell projectors are notorious for breaking down with a motherboard problem that kicks the temp light on thus causing the unit to shut off. I will never buy another dell ANYTHING. Look at it this way, this thing cost over a grand new, you can get them new or used for $400-600 bucks now and it cant even last one bulb worth of life!!! Are you joking...all they did was make a projector that would make it past the warranty then break. nothing more nothing less. Anyone on here that has stellar reviews about this unit got very lucky. I didnt notice very many rainbow however from what ive read about dlp and rainbows in general it pretty much all depends on the individual. If your more susceptible to them then you may want to look at DLP projectors with less color wheel segs. Or go with a poorer quality LCD unit. Dell = POS

Any Problems: yellows were bad looking brightness & contrast problems unit shutting off with temp/lamp warning dell customer service almost non existent C-

Review by danrrrr

Works fine then about 100-150 hours the unit shuts down after 10-25 minutes. The lamp is fine, there is something else going on. I've had the projector for 4 years so it's way out of warrantee - I use it occasionally, so what, Dell does not care. This is a known design flaw but tough luck losers Dell won't touch it. Don't buy Dell ever

Review by Justin

A pretty good projector. I'm not the most experienced with projectors but the image quality is pretty good and it is pretty bright. Of course I would prefer a plasma, LCD, or projection HDTV, but for the price this isn't bad. I have to close the curtains on the windows in order to see it properly during the day but it looks fine then and great at night.

Any Problems: The only issue I've had with it is with dark areas when on the component input. There is basically no contrast, everything looks like the same color of dark. I've only noticed it on the component input but it is very annoying with darker scenes and such in movies and especially games, as it makes them very difficult in those dark areas. All in all though, its not that hindering.

Review by james

Ok I guess, You get what you pay for watch 3 dvd's and then sold it.

Any Problems: The color wheel is not fast enough, Can see Reds and greens flash on screen hurt my eyes, rainbowing and not very bright. Not worth the price.

Review by Suling

This projector is too dim to be useable in a classroom. The picture is fuzzy and the sound is too weak to be of use.

Any Problems: No sound out jack. No RCA ports.

Review by sirpath

It's a good projector for SVGA. No problem so far, but it's got real good image quality I have not seen in a lot of SVGA projectors.

Any Problems: The biggest problem with the dlp technology is the rainbow effect. And I cannot really stand such an error in a technology which claims to be the best. This one has pretty good amount of rainbow effect, suggestion is that put the brightness and contrast at 50 and 50. If the contrast is increased, then you will see more rainbows. But personally, I am never going to buy another DLP projector when LCD's are coming up with better projectors than dlp, and are less expensive, and eliminating the screendoor problem that they had. NEVER A DLP again. So $899 is not really worth it, I would rather go with a higher resolution (only LCD) projectors. Even if it is $500 I will think twice!!

Review by Greg

Well, if you read my last review, you'll see that Dell mailed me a new bulb last year for free because it died after only 200 hours. The new bulb exploded after about 100 hours of use this past summer. I wrote dell another letter, this time asking for a new unit. The customer service is excellent. THey mailed me a new projector and an extra bulb. I love this thing, just wish it was more reliable.

Any Problems: bulb dies, but they'll replace it even if warranty is expired (just whine)

Review by matthewmark

Borrowed from church, and watching DVD movies at home. Image quality is hopeless. It's pixelated,and the colours are bad. Can't pick up the details of the images. If the the movie scene is shown in the evening, you are not not going to see anything, just darkness! Presentation: Hopeless and disapointed. Colours are out. Ideal if you just want to do a simple presentation with no colour or image background. I strongly wouldn't recommend this projector at all! Look elsewhere!

Review by don_craig

I bought this as a second projector. My first is an Infocus X1 which is superb. After reading favorable reviews of the 2200MP I figured they'd be comparable projectors; they are not. I got tired of brining my heavy Infocus between home, a high school I teach at, a middle school and for giving college lectures, so I decided to mount the Infocus to my ceiling at home and carry around the lighter Dell. As many have pointed out, the Dell comes with a great case and about any cable you can think of. A+. but that's where the greatness ends. It could be a defect, but the colors of this Dell are AWFUL. Not only are they bad (tested at college, high school and home) compared to my Infocus and some other projectors I have compared it with, but they really ruin the quality of showing pictures or movies. The blues are completely understated and washed out. Reds and yellows are hard to adjust. My techs and I have tried to adjust it but it's really awful picture quality no matter if I use S-Video, composite or VGA. I would feel bad asking for another one from Dell but I may have to do that. I got the unit pretty discounted with a coupon, but even so, I feel it would have been better to get another Infocus. As far as rainbows are concerned, I rarely see them on any projector. They don't bother me much, thankfully.

Any Problems: Was giving lecture and unit would not turn on. Light came on barely but would never power up properly. Ended up using a blackboard to finish presentation. Unit came on after a couple of restart attempts. Gets VERY hot.

Review by Kris Allen & Southern Thunder

Hello we are Kris Allen & Southern Thunder and the little projector is awesome! I can't imagine ever again owning a TV!!! I will be using this projector in front of 500,000 people this March 31 to April 2 2005 at the Louisville Expo. Center at the Mid American Truck Show to show my new videos! It only weighs 4.5 lbs and I use it at my shows and at home for movies and PC work. Thank's, Kris Allen

Any Problems: NOT ONE AT ALL, just wish I knew about this before buying a $5500. TV that broke!

Review by gy

The colors on this projector are awful for using with a laptop. If you intend on using this in a business purpose, presentation of color for accuracy, etc. I do not recommend this.

Any Problems: Color output is not accurate. I have been told that this is indicative of DLP technology.

Review by Jason

So, I did the research, read the reviews(these ones)and started shopping. Dell certainly does make it easy.... a little too easy, if you ask me. But I ordered it and was/am very happy with my choice. The case and extras are very impressive and at a glance the 2200MP seems much more than solidly built than (my other option) the Infocus X1. The picture is great, better than I expected, although I'm only projecting 11' onto a relatively small 84" (diag.) Elite screen ($60 on ebay). And it's very easy to set up and use. Rainbows: I see them. Crome trim on cars and moving white lines show them the most, but they're not that bad, really. I will say it was at least 10 times worse when I was shinning it on my textured wall (waiting for my screen) and that the image in general is just so much better even on my cheap screen. So get a screen and please don't write a review here till you do, it's just not a fair evaluation. Fan noise: Had me worried when someone wrote that his computer was louder, cuz something that's quieter than my pc could still be annoyingly loud. But no worries, I can here my dvd or xbox 10' away over the projector 5' above my head. And I most assuredly can't hear it with the surround on. Very quiet on eco mode. The only shortcoming I've found is in the video processor, mostly in the subtle shading. From time to time I've noticed hard edges on shading and reflections that should be much smoother. But, not too often or for long. Bulb life? Dell says 2000hrs, Infocus says 4000. How can the bulbs be that different? They're the same wattage, same output, could be the same bulb in a different housing. A build up of metals on the inside of the bulb decreases the output over the life of the bulb until the point that the lumen output is unacceptable. Could it be that dell just has higher standards than infocus?

Any Problems: Just found a dead pixel/stuck mirror. Can't really blame Dell for that since Ti makes the DLP chip. They're sending me a new projector.

Review by Greg

Any Problems: Just to update my old review.... After approximately 200 hours of use, the bulb blew out. This really sucked because the bulb warrantly only lasts 90 days and I had owned it for 4 months. Anyways, I wrote a personal letter to Dell's customer service and explained the situation, and they immediately mailed me a new bulb. I guess this is good news, but I definately am suspicious about the reliability of this product now....

Review by Dan

I just got this projector yesterday and had done a shitload of research. Almost everyone I know in the know kept saying to get a high end LCD proj ($1500+), but I wanted to check this puppy out to be sure something cheaper w/ the same picture couldnt be had. First impressions : Wow, me & my GF though the picture was very bright and after adjusting the lens, the picture seemed quite clear. Then I started seeing rainbows every 5 seconds at least. If there was any scene w/ white in it, I would see a rainbow and my girlfriend would to. I had read about rainbows for so long, and now I was seeing them all over the place. Its really annoying !! After 10 minutes of seeing them non-stop, I declared I was sending it back :-( This sucks, because now I'll have to drop $1500+ on an LCD proj w/ shitty blacks. I dont wanna take another chance on a fast DLP

Any Problems: Rainbow city. This projector would be ok if you dont see them. I saw them everywhere. Annoying as hell !

Review by Hank

Ordered it from Dell on 12/1, received on 12/3, so kudos to Dell delivery service. Comes in a very nice hard carrying case. All the A/V cables you'll need is in the box. DLP's high contrast and smooth screen output is great, but unfortunately I also pick up on its greatest weakness (see below), so I am returning it for a Epson PowerElite Home 10+.

Any Problems: The dreaded rainbow effect. At first I didn't notice it, but now it's pretty much anytime there's a dark scene or fast transition. I'm returning it (no hassle returns, another kudos to Dell customer service) and getting an LCD projector instead.

Review by Greg

I was nervous about buying this product, but believe i made a good choice. Hooked it through my VCR and stereo system and can now watch football on it. Picture quality is good, hope to try it with HDTV signal if i ever get around to getting a box from cable company. Only real problem is that I have to use papers to prop the thing up in the back to point it downward (its angle of projection naturally points up when sitting flat). Bulb has been used for around 200 hours with no problems. Great buy for the money.

Any Problems: The instruction manual is virtually worthless so if you know nothing about electronics get a buddy to help you set it up (especially running it through VCR to get tv signal). Technical assistance people should be shot or fired, they were really worthless

Review by mrosss02

Great projector for the money! I've had it for a week now and I'm overly-impressed with the image quality and brightness. DVD's with a progressive scan dvd player and component output look fantastic. I've also played some Gamecube and Xbox and they look pretty good as well. Setup is a cinch...up and running in 5 minutes. I see no rainbow effect at all and the screen door effect is only noticeable up close but really is a non-issue. You can't beat this value!!!!

Any Problems: Getting it centered perfectly can be tricky but no big deal.

Review by Joe S.

Although I had to go through two defective 2200MPs to get to the good one (don't ask - they may have had a bad batch, and I was the "lucky" fellow who found out about it for them...) - this baby ROCKS. It's DLP bright like much more expensive projectors, it's cheap - dirt cheap, colors are very nice (with lots of room for play through the elaborate menu) - and the rainbow effect is only noticeable to me if I am tired, or am really looking for it. Dell has been very good to me (although again, 2 defective projectors is kind of a bad experience, but hey - they compensated me very very nicely) and I think that they have a winner on their hands. I personally use it for home theater (lights completely off in the bedroom), but we got the same one at work - and it is awesome in presentations too. Can't beat the price/performance on this projector. Truly a $750 which acts like a $1200+ device. Lamp is also cheap btw and goes on sale on and off.

Any Problems: Two defective projectors on the way to the right one. But now I am VERY happy with it. Replacements were issued very quickly and swiftly - and arrived within a day free of charge for the returns and the delivery!

Review by paulpenton

Things started off pretty well. Picture quality was Ok, had problems getting picture level, even using keystone. Then the remote quit working and power button on projector itself wouldn't turn off unit.

Any Problems: Received projector on June 4th. Today, June 20th, remote quit working. Replaced batteries still didn't work. Tried to shut off projector using power button projector. still will not shut off. Now I know why projector was so cheap. They have $150 off the original price of $899. Now I know why, cheap price=cheap quality and poor workmanshup. Will return unit. Luckily I am within the 21 day return period. Don't chance it with this unit.