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Dell 2300MP User Reviews

Dell 2300MP Projector

Dell 2300MP

XGA (1024x768), 2300 ANSI Lumens,
4.7 lbs, $1,199 (MSRP)
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4.2 out of 5
81 User Ratings
Image Quality 4.5
Features 4.2
Construction 4.1
Ease of Use 4.4
Reliability 3.7
Value for Money 4.3

User Reviews

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Review by ken

Purchased second hand on ebay, had a new bulb fitted. Nice and bright, excellent picture quality, no image problems, no rainbow effect visible to me or family. Speaker is weak, you must use your own speakers if you wish to use this for movies etc. Bulb done about 120 hours so far, without any issues at all. Runs quitely, does not run hot, remote is easy to use, and does not have to be aimed at the unit itself. would buy again without a doubt.

Any Problems: Speaker not that good.

Review by Rompepropper

an awesome projektor, everything work fine for years. very lightweight. Watched films and done some presentations at work. For the coast it goes its perfect. a

Review by Pinner

The projector produces perfect images, just a pleasure to view. The colours are bright and sharp. It is very easy to use, adjust, and hookup to various input devices. Great product!

Any Problems: None experienced at this time.

Review by joe pendleton

Thankfully, I believe that these are out of production. I am hoping for a class action suit. Beware!

Any Problems: The projector packs it in and the replace bulb light goes on. Another $300 to Dell...and guess what? That doesn't solve the problem and it turns out the device is almost impossible/unecomonical to repair. Phone Dell and they say they aren't aware of problems but there are 100s of complaints all over the Net. Just another American company retailing defective crap from China for big bucks. Beware!

Review by Ray Thackeray

A piece of (expletive deleted). Firmware fault on all 2005 models mean they simply won't startup.

Any Problems: Flashing both temp and bulb lights, won't start up. Condition not in manual or any Dell troubleshooting.

Review by Snetphilie

Over 5,000 hours logged and still running. The contrast isn't as good as it once was and it overheats every now and then if it isn't kept clean but it worked perfectly for the first 3,000 hours and its projected life is only 2,000 to 2,500 so this is all just a bonus.

Any Problems: It was a little hard to take apart, though most projectors are, but this would have made it 5-stars across the board

Review by husker4life

Dell has a problem! Go to the Dell Forum and search for this projector and you will see the same issue!

Any Problems: After 2 years of light usage, my projector lamp light turned on. I ordered a new lamp and replaced it and it still didn't work. I called Dell and they were reluctant to help since my warranty had expired. I managed to get them to take back the bulb and they offered me a refurbished model. This was after 2 hours of online and phone service waiting. There are several users on the Dell Forum who are complaining about this same problem. Dell responds with a link to one user who took the projector apart and vacuumed dust out of it to get it to work (for awhile). I see similar issues reported on Dell 2200MP. Dell appears to have a design flaw and they aren't admitting it.

Review by boxman

Very happy with picture quality. Very good picture even in a lighted room but I would not get another Dell projector because of premature bulb burnout.

Any Problems: Bulb life stinks for such an expensive bulb. I only had about 80 hours on the bulb but I bought the projector almost 2 years ago and I don't use it that much and I take excellent care of it. Lucky you can find one on ebay cheaper than online. This projector does run hot.

Review by IndikuT

Have had it for over a year now. No problems. Great for TV, Games, And doing Large Screen visuals at parties. Still on my first bulb, which currently has an Hour Life of 5,348 hours. Insane Bulb life..

Any Problems: None

Review by HDMAN

Used over a year now. Beautiful colours. Pair with a HDef dvd player. Samsung has one on for $159 that sends 1080p image to projector.

Any Problems: None whatsoever. Had to buy 50ft. RCA-TO-RCA cable to reach back of room.

Review by Schlitz_420th

I am on my second model. I put 4000 hours on the first model (I use it as a TV) and started having major problems with it. I will say that I work in Education and have never seen a projector with bulbs as resilient as are these. I have had the power go off while using this unit literally about 15-20 times and have never lost a bulb, if I do that with one of my Panasonic, Optoma, Boxlight, or Proxima models at work I will be buying a new bulb. It is very bright and the picture is great for the money, especially in HD.

Any Problems: It made noise and had a reddish hue as well as every now and then it would have horizontal bars that would not go away until you cycled the power. Then it started staying on for only an hour or two then it would shutoff. I called Dell and amazingly they knew before I said all the things above and replaced it no questions asked...So in my opinion they know these are junk and were all too happy to replace it for me. I now have a refurb they sent me that works like new but I am left to assume they stopped making this model for obvious reasons. I worry because I had planned to buy the 5100 and I am worried the technology behind the optics are bad. I love the pic for the $$$ but not if it is going to break again.

Review by Dave Cruickshank

I have used this projector in my home theatre, and it has served me well for almost 2000 hours. I have had no problems that others have experienced with bulbs exploding, or the projector giving out.

Any Problems: When using a computer display, during video resolution changes, the projector gets confused, and switches automatically to the next input, or it will go out of sync early. This is a minor annoyance, and a simple case of hitting the Resync button on the remote. My main problem is that of dust. My home theatre room, while not OVERLY dusty, is as dusty as a downstairs room will be without an air purifier. However, I have a significant problem with dust getting into the machine and attaching to the lens. This creates faint globules visible during dark scenes or black screens. While not completely intrusive... it's a bit of a pain that you can't access the housing and clean it (nor will Dell tell you how to do so without charging $95 bucks to look at it) Would I buy one again? Probably not. Do I regret buying it in the first place? Definitely not. It's given me years of service.

Review by Alan Hunt

I have 34 of them at the University, 3 bulbs have burnt out already. One at 300 hours and two at less than 500 hours. Other units have given the "lamp out" indication and can be reset by unplugging the power. Picture is great but the defective bulbs make me wish we had stuck with the NEC's.

Any Problems: 3 burnt-out bulbs, all with < 500 hours Multiple service interruptions with lamp-out indications where lamp is OK after you completely unplug/plug-in the power.

Review by sbarbins

System will not power on at all after 100 hours of use. I heard a popping sound and according to owner's manual and personal assumptions I believed the bulb had burnt out. I ordered a replacement bulb at $350 a pop and the unit still does not work at all.

Any Problems: I have gone through the online troubleshooting and because my unit is out of warranty, Dell won't even attempt to make a diagnosis. This is my first Dell purchase and definitely will be my last. I wish I had seen all of the negative comments about Dell projectors before I purchased a completely useless $1300 projector.

Review by jcabotl

After only 20 hours on the unit, it stopped working. Because I use it for a business, it was a critical, yet rarely used piece of equipment. Now out of warranty, no help from Dell.

Any Problems: Does not stand the test of time

Review by Raul

Picture is great, when it worked. Loved it when it was working. Now I have a great paper weight! SO DON'T INGNORE THE BAD COMMENTS SEE THE DELL FORUMS FOR YOURSELF

Any Problems: At 100 hrs it died, Dell replaced it with a refurbished unit. That unit worked great at 100 hrs it also died. Dell said I was six days out of warranty. They did not help me and said they don't service the projetor out-of-warranty.

Review by Kolthar

werey well had no problems whit this exept a ligthbulb exploding after short use ... but dell came whit new projetor after 2 days :-) there is some rainboweffect when theer is very dark backgroud and white text but not a problem since ur eye gets rid of this after a while or just set the Mhz higer i love my Dell :-)

Any Problems: Ligthbulb exploded after short use but dell came after 2 days whit new projektor

Review by zozu12

I put a mini fan by the projector input and have logged 1500 hours w/ no problem. The fan keeps a great flow of fresh air into the area and I believe it keeps the bulb cooler and longer lasting.

Review by Spuddoc

Excellent projector, but Dell has a problem with short bulb life in this projector: 1200 hr bulb lasted 600 hrs (common prob with these bulbs apparently). Warranty on bulb 90 days... The projector is exceptional otherwise: breeze to use, excellent images, easily adjustable settings; just what I expect from Dell. Just a bad bulb history... and no support from Dell after 90 days.

Any Problems: Had read about problems with the bulb out of the box, but did not have problems until 600 hrs with the 1200 hr OEM bulb (replacement bulbs note 2000 hrs). It dimmed to 50% and no adjustment could fix it. Replacement bulb works fine, but at $350 a pop every year, it is expensive to operate. Search reveals this to be a common problem (see Dell Support Forum, other reveiws). Shame, because when the bulb works this is a fantastic projector.

Review by Lone Star

Had the unit for 10 months Useing it outdoors. Projecting on a 10' x 20' screen. Geat in HD

Any Problems: Unit overheated when I tried to operate it in a small semi closed area (2'x4'x2'Box). Unit is fine sitting on top of the box.