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Dell 2400MP User Reviews

Dell 2400MP Projector

Dell 2400MP

XGA (1024x768), 3000 ANSI Lumens,
5.5 lbs, $949 (MSRP)
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3.8 out of 5
12 User Ratings
Image Quality 3.9
Features 3.6
Construction 3.9
Ease of Use 4.3
Reliability 3.3
Value for Money 4.1
Maxell MP-WU5603
WUXGA Conference Room Projector

User Reviews

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Review by mario cavolo

I know this is a 4year old model, but want to put in my word. Just picked up this projector here in China for $500. Picture, including for video is outstanding. I compared this projector side by side to several others, and for the money, with smaller size, fabulous. I have an HD media box so had to spend $40 for an HDMI/VGA converter box, no big deal. The 720p and 1080p movies loaded on the media hard drive are razor sharp and vivid, in my bedroom on 80" screen, very natural colors and tone in sRGB mode....for $300 more, I wanted the EPSON 705HD 720p projector but don't have it here inside China. Very satisfied...Cheers, Mario

Review by NC RESA

Not a bad cheap projector to put in a classroom, just be wary about it's reliability. We have a lot of these, and a few each week shut down with the failed lamp indicator lit. We found out, after changing quite a few lamps, that you have to physically un-plug the unit from power for a bit to clear the error. Then they work fine for a while again. We have had lots of strange little issues, all are resolved by un-plugging the unit. Hard to do on ceiling mounted units.

Any Problems: Frequent lamf failed error light cleared by removing the power from the unit.

Review by smiler82

I purchased this projector before I had done any research. Had I done any, I might not have bought it. That said, it is an excellent piece for home theater and video games. My Xbox360 over 720p component looks stunningand really immerses you in games. DVD's look great as well. Because this unit has been out for a few years, it missed the HDMI input boat, but in the use of a more casual theater, it isn't needed in my opinion. I have this ceiling mounted in a multi-use room (also has a bar in it) and the brightness is a huge boon when I don't want all the lights off. The on screen menu is quite easy to work with, and the auto-source find/switch is really nice. Overall, an excellent value with regard to it's price.

Any Problems: Not sure if bulb overheated or what, but once in a while, picture will shut off and LED will blink orange (bulb). A quick restart fixes things...

Review by Johni

Perfect home theater projector, have my HD sattelite, playstation 2, upscaling dvd player on a 120 inch screen, component switching through my receiver. HD at 720p crystal clear and DVD very clear even at 480p and 480i very good on non hd channels, playstation awesome too. This projector does it all. Those bad reveiws not sure, Maybe they forgot to adjust the focus. And projector will only display as good as the source is. Don't expect awesome with composite video as no single projector will display awesome at 120". I run in eco mode and it is more than bright enough.

Any Problems: None. I have approx 350 hours now

Review by Jeremy McNeal

I have had this projector for almost a full year. It's incredibly bright, I have compared it with other projectors that are more than twice the cost. I use it for a home theater system, which I run completely through my PC. I also have a Wii connected to it. It does a terrific job.

Any Problems: There have been 3 occassions were it just shut off, not completly. It's almost like the lamp died, but in every case it's only needed to be turned back on. I think it may be that it gets too hot, which it will if not well ventilated. The fan is not 100% quiet, but I don't notice the noise unless the room is quiet, and I'm listening for it. It gets really really hot. Make sure it is not close to anything that would keep the fan from cooling the lamp.

Review by dale

mostly problem with this projector, Dell won't accept it's return for credit, they insist on repairs which are not working, very frustrating!

Any Problems: Problem 1. often the lamp fail come on and shut down the projector. The solution is to remove power and restart. problem 2. when first turned on, after about 30 seconds, the bulb goes out, ususally returns after 30 more seconds but not alwarys , see problem 1. Dell have sent a second projector with the same results, anew bulb..the same results.

Review by SLS

Used by an Art Dep't to show images for Art History classes and visiting artist presentations.

Any Problems: Color management is poor. Limited ability to adjust hue, saturation, contrast to get optimal accuracy. Brightness is great - sometimes too great. Cost was the primary reason for purchasing.

Review by Video person

We purchased this for our church about 3 months ago. This has to be the best projector for the dollars we have ever spent. If you are doing a performance vs. price comparison, in my opinion, you won't find a better deal. Dell has done this right.

Any Problems: none

Review by Tim St. Louis

I found the product to be noisy with a less than favourable image quality. The image was soft and there was static that I did not seem to be able to eliminate. The projector itself was attractive.

Any Problems: Noise and image were not up to todays standards.

Review by Church

This is a great, simple to use, bright portable projector. We bought for a church environment where there is always ambient light. We couldn't believe how much better they performed (in respect to light output) than our other portable units. Plus, this was the easiest unit to get working of all we've purchased (easy menus, startup screen, auto sync, etc…). For the price, this is an ideal unit, especially if you're only using a PC… Plus, Dell reduced the units by $150 each because we purchased at least three units.

Any Problems: This isn't a home theater product. This unit was intended to WOW portable users that get images off their PCs. The connection panel is sparse (no DVI, HDMI, ect…) and it doesn't have the general EXACTNESS of a theater projector. But, Powerpoint and 4:3 promo video are outstanding…

Review by Random06

The project does what it supposed to do when it worked. Good lighting even in sunny days. Interface is also simple and user-friendly.

Any Problems: No component connections. Look closely to the product specification. A conversion cable to VGA connector has to be used for component connection, which means you can only connect either your home theater, or your PC, unless you use splitters. Terrible reliability. I owned this brand new one for less than 2 months before the project completely broke down. I did nothing, just remotely turned it off, and then it never came back. With dell's return policy, I can only get refurbished one after 21 days, and I can't even return the projector with a restocking fee after 21 days. So, the first refurbished one I got has a obvious defects in the image. So I had to call and asked for another, still refurbished. I have to say this will be my last time purchasing any Dell product.

Review by JC

The image is great and a lot better then the old model DLP projectors. I like the ability to connect to the PC and other electronic (DVD player, Home theater).

Any Problems: I have had not a single problem. I wish they would have better speakers, but the home theater helps there.