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Dell 3200MP User Reviews

Dell 3200MP Projector

Dell 3200MP

XGA (1024x768), 1300 ANSI Lumens,
3.5 lbs, $1,699 (MSRP)
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4.3 out of 5
36 User Ratings
Image Quality 4.2
Features 4.4
Construction 4.3
Ease of Use 4.4
Reliability 4.4
Value for Money 4.3

User Reviews

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Review by Leo Paula

I love it this projector is D- Projector I like the video quality on Component input is clear and sharp - some people say that this projector is not a hometheater projec- tor but hey - it looks very good for just a so call presentation projector - I recomen- ded to how ever wants to have a big-good clear-sharp picture.........Leo ( tennessee)

Any Problems: non-what so ever------

Review by B-man

I have owned this unit for a few years now and love it. I have had it hooked up to hi def cable and the picture is great. With the hi def cable some channels are better than others. I also just bought a Blu-Ray player and that looks great to but not as good as the cable, but I also read you can only get full res from the blu-ray player when you use HDMI witch the 3200mp does not have.

Any Problems: In the summer months the projector will over heat if the AC is not on.

Review by Joel

I have owned this projector for two years and it has performed great! I watch movies everyday (or the kids) i use it for the computer and computer games look awesome. Excellent small design and lightweight. I got a ceiling mount off of ebay for under $20 and it works perfect - visitors are impressed.

Any Problems: The only problem i have encountered is that when it gets really really hot, and there is too much "white" color the picture will flicker ever so slightly.

Review by William Foss

I got this projector from an Uncle who was fed up with it. It would just turn off and make a locking up noise at times. I took the lamp out and reinstalled it, then reset the lamp to the Factory settings and it worked fine. The projector on an occasion will shut off and make the locking noise after quick use. But this projector works great! This coming week im going to hook it up to an hdtv source. Right now I have it currently hooked up to a digital source and it works great. overall a great projector i would say

Any Problems: lamp startup every few days

Review by aeon

Lots of rainbows with this projector. Images are nice and bright with good contrast. However, the rainbows are so bad during even a PP presentation that i feel like im gonna have a seizure any second.

Review by Harry C.

My Family has been coming over to the house on friday nights to watch a blockbuster movie on dvd.I've also have a JVC S-VIDEO VCR with 3 s-video inputs. Attention all buyers buy all your components with s-video connections. video clarity is unbelievable

Any Problems: some times i have to unplug rca video in order to pickup the 2nd source but no big deal. I can live with that .I only paid $239.

Review by BKMC

Could not be happier with this machine. Having said that I would like to find out if any other owners have run into my current problem. My problem is this; I would like to connect my computer, DVD player (component) and HDTV signal at the same time. Having just one MD1 connector the 3200 is lacking (as other projectors I have looked at) additional input for hi-quality signals. I am also wondering if anyone has replaced their bulb with the 3300 bulb? The reason I ask is they "look" identical in the pictures but with better specs on the 3300 bulb (higher lumens 180w vs 150w and longer usage life 3000hrs vs 2000hrs and a better price $299 vs $399) I know this may be a pipe dream to think I could get better performance for cheaper without damaging anything...just thought I would ask.

Any Problems: Listed above

Review by Sam

Projector was babied, but the bulb failed after only 700 hours. Took it on a business trip to the Philippines. Dell wouldn't send a replacement bulb because of export restictions!Bad business. Both the product and customer support SUCK.

Any Problems: early bulb failure product support sucks

Review by JGT from NYC

this was my first projector i ever bought. First day I noticed there was a slight slant goin down from the upper right corner. I called Dell (not to easy to do to get them on fon)They sent me a replacement that took 10 days maybe it was cus of the weekend holiday. The seond projector was great the picture quality seemed decent enough also the contrast. Very easy to use except with the remote which I kept hitting the wrong button on the round function button. My Girl Diana loved it but she is not very technical in seeing the bad parts. I saw no rainbows at all. Dont know what is a rinbow. Colors are good. I only wished it had more lumens. I did return the item. I am hoping to go for Benq 7100 The BenQ PB7100 digital projector is an SVGA digital projector with a 2000:1 contrast ratio at 1,800 ANSI lumens @1299.00 or With the BenQ PB8120 @ 1599.00 the good thing about is that u get that 30 day trial no questions asked. I dont think I have the luxury in doin this withthe next company.

Any Problems: everything seemed ok except that it needed to be brighter. More lumens is needed. Looks great in darked room but when light from outside not that bright at all. Also very limited on the throw maximum I can project in 16:1 was 72x32 thank god my room is 13 feet across. Near the lamp it gets very hot to handle by its corner. Also the rear has only one leveler there for if u had a uneven placement u get an uneven screen but I mangage to ut some cd cases for this.. anyways good luck and hope this review helped.

Review by NewBearInTulsa

DO NOT BUY THIS CRAPPY PROJECTOR!!! I reviewed this project a short while after I first got it. The fact that the first projector had to be replaced in just a month SHOULD have been a obvious warning! I am now awaiting my 4th projector!!! All have had problems within just 3 or 4 month of initial use! I have not even had this item for a year YET and already it has had to be replaced 4 times!! Actually, I am considering fighting Dell for my money back! I paid $1900 for this projector, an incredible deal for the specifications.... If it would actually work for more then 4 months without catastropic failure. On the plus side, the image with DVD Progressive is good, and with HD Source is terrific. However, there ARE rainbows (I had a DLP Infocus lp 400 and NEVER noticed rainbows). The unit has this digital "enhancement" for video under 480P that is just awful; it makes the image sharper in some instances but leave very noticable artifacts on lettering and edges! I WOULD NEVER recommend this projector, and now I am of the mind that Dell's service and reliabliity record may be just BS too. Dell has now been crossed off my list of manufacturer I will buy from!

Any Problems: THIS PROJECTOR IS NOT RELIABLE STAY AWAY FROM IT. NEC has a new projector close in specs and price to this one NEC VT 170 (About $ 1795.00), or even their VT 240K (a bit more money at around $2195.00) both seem like much better deals considering this one's horrific reliabliity. Also, Sanyo's PLV Z2 which is native 720 x 1280 might be a great alternate (about $1995.00). The Z2 is LCD and not as much contrast, but hell, if it last more then 4 months, it beats the Dell 3200MP hands down!

Review by mlsides

I've had this projector for about 3 months now. I have it mounted to the ceiling in my basement with an 8' wide screen. I have the projector about 10 ft from the screen and the image doesn't fill the width screen, so I need to move it back a couple more feet. Luckily, I have the space to do so, but the projector does have a fairly long throw. I do have to use some keystone correction to get a square image. I see no rainbows or or other poor image quality issues when using quality signals. With good sources like DVD or DirecTV digital TV, the image quality is spectacular in a darkened room and still very good in normal lighting.

Any Problems: My one criticism is the inability to select a specific input source. Both the projector and the remote have an INPUT button which initiates a cycle through each input until a signal is found. I have 3 inputs (VGA, S-VIDEO, COMPOSIT VIDEO) connected to the projector and depending what devices are on in the room, the projector often stops on the wrong input, and I have to hit the input button again to cycle to the next input. This is usually due to the PC in the room being on and sending a constant VGA signal to the projector. To combat this, I've recently started unplugging the VGA cable from the projector unless I want to use it. This causes the projector to cycle back and forth from S-VIDEO to Composite successfully. Luckily I'm a preferred DELL customer through work, so I have access to a higher level of tech support. I called and asked if there was any way using a programmable remote (like my Philips Pronto) I could somehow select a specific input. The answer I got from a projector engineer was NO. There are no remote codes the projector accepts that the remote does not produce. Being a perfectionist, I wanted to eliminate this limit so I began searching for a replacement today. I can find no other projector with the combination of brightness/resolution/contrast in this price range (below 2K). I thought I had found one, the NEC vt660k, but I've learned it has very low contrast comparitavely. Looks like I will stick with the DELL and live with the input source issue for now.

Review by crispy

projector looks great color and contrast are excellent. rainbows are hardley ever visible especially with more distance.seems rainbows are only really visible when used with a pc based dvd.

Any Problems: none

Review by RKP

I noticed a lot of motion artifacts with any motion and obvious irritating rainbows in any high contrast scene. Distortions and poor movie reproduction make this projector only good for static presentation. It should not be used for movies. Spend a little more and get a good projector. I intend to return the one I purchased. The 3200 is good for an office usage not home theater.

Any Problems: Rainbows in any high contrast scene. Motion artifacts

Review by beachboilermaker

At first, this projector seemed like a great bargin for less than $2,000. It has very nice resolution for the money, is fairly bright (though we have to cover the windows when we view), and dealt well with full motion video from a progressive scan DVD player using component video. Things were fine until about 3 months into using it. Now we are wishing we had not rushed into buying this unit, and trying to get support from Dell is IMPOSSIBLE. I'm not kidding. We are at the point of planning to buy a new projector (NOT from Dell) and pawning this junk off at ebay.

Any Problems: Let me list them all: 1) After 3 months of normal usage and good quality video, we suddenly have SEVERE dust contamination INSIDE the lens aparatus. This dust is not on the outside of the lens, it is inside the unit in a supposedly sealed area. The dust is such that, during dark scenes, there are fuzzy white spots all over the image and a white hot spot in the center. It is VERY annoying and unacceptable for a unit that is less than 4 months old. 2) Noticable rainbow effect which I eventually had gotten used to and simply accepted from a value-priced DLP projector. 3) Only one choice for ceiling mounting bracket. Requires a minimum 18 inch clearance from the ceiling, so no good for a room with 8 ft ceiling. I had to return it to Dell and make up my own mounting solution. 4) Dell support SUCKS. Period.

Review by juanse

Very good for dvd pictures but with some rainbow in some pictures, but for me no problem. For Excel, word, etc... is better. Noise is very quite and no problem for my.

Any Problems: Some rainbows

Review by jvanber

I've sold and configured 5 of these projectors, and have one myself. Its picture CAN be wonderful, but this isn't necessarily the case for all situations. If you have quality A/V equipment, you'll sincerely enjoy this product. I wouldn't recommend this projector if you have equipment with lousy line-doublers, as the one integrated into this unit isn't the greatest. The only time I've encountered a hint of "rainbows" is when watching PAL/NTSC video via the S-VIDEO or composite ports. This isn't the case when using Component video... when watching DVD's or Hi-Def video with de-interlacing occurring BEFORE the image reaches the projector, it is truly breathtaking. There is a noticable quality difference when the projector is forced to de-interlace. If you're looking for a projector for business use, I also highly recommend this projector. It is extremely bright, very small, and has an awesome remote. The mouse features and integrated laser-pointer are very nice for a projector at this price-point. My clients have been VERY happy with this projector.

Any Problems: Some projectors have a slight hue toward green. Some can be easily corrected via color menu, some can't. Integrated line doubler is poor.

Review by Dean La grange

I wanted a Home Theater for my family and was hesitant that this unit would be acceptable. Well, I ordered it and it is awesome. I have a 10 foot screen that I project HDTV and Progressive DVD's on and it blows me away. The HDTV quality is exceptional. I was looking at the Sharp Z-10000 unit which has a slightly greater resolution (1280x720) while the Dell 3200MP has (1024x768) a lower resolution, for the $5,000 difference, I think you would be hard pressed to see a significant difference. Both units use DLP technology which is superior over LCD. I also was looking at the 65" and 70" Mitsubishi HDTV's which run $3,000+. I was able to put a better Home Theater for around $2,000 with screen. But one, you wont be sorry.

Any Problems: None

Review by Ytse Jam

Does this unit support 16:9 HDTV? I want to purchase the unit for a small home theater. I would like someone who has experience wit the unit. Dean, I have been using this projector for a home theater since February (read my review) and it is excellent for HDTV formatted input. While I don't have HDTV reception, I do use my XBOX with the component inputs. Some of my games run in 720p and the projector automatically recognizes the signal as such. It supports 480i/p, 576p, 720p, and 1080i. There is a menu selection to set the unit at 16:9 so you can get the wide-screen effect with every signal. Also, this is a longer throw projector so make sure your room is long enough. Good Luck!

Review by Dean La Grange

Does this unit support 16:9 HDTV? I want to purchase the unit for a small home theater. I would like someone who has experience wit the unit.

Review by Alex

Bought it for $1700 from Dell (15% discount promo). My hole family LOVES IT on 100" Da-lite 1.1 gain screen. Initial color setting was greenish. Spent some time adjusting the color - got the way I like it. Waiting for calibration disk to set colors properly. Nobody in my family could see any rainbows on the screen - and I watch a lot of "action". Fan noise is low - the spec may be misleading - and surround sound system is much louder. To get 80" wide image you have to place it ~13-14 feet away. In my case I have to make a cavity in my basement wall - no big deal - less noise and out-of sight. I found deinterlacer better on Samsung DVD Progressive scan player than on 3200MP - which make sense - no multiple signal conversions. Exceptional value for the money.

Any Problems: None so far.