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Dell 3300MP User Reviews

Dell 3300MP Projector

Dell 3300MP

XGA (1024x768), 1500 ANSI Lumens,
4.0 lbs, $1,599 (MSRP)
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4.4 out of 5
21 User Ratings
Image Quality 4.3
Features 4.4
Construction 4.4
Ease of Use 4.5
Reliability 4.1
Value for Money 4.4
Maxell MP-JW4001
WXGA Conference Room Projector

User Reviews

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Review by Ask Cay

I have used this projector for over 10 years for various presentations. It is part of a my portable audio visual system. I only just replaced the lamp so I plan to use it until it gives up the ghost. I have been very pleased with this projector. I am just ready to have one that is lighter!

Any Problems: The only problem I have run into is that the projection of videos played on my computer is much darker on the screen. I replaced the lamp thinking this was the issue but it did not help. I also adjusted the brightness to no avail.

Review by LarryH

I really like everything except the primary reason I bought it. I cannot get it to work with my PC's DVI connection. I am using a ATI Radeon 9550 and it the projector simply does not display and Dell is no help at all.

Review by AVTechBarry

Had this unit over a year, bulb blew out at 863 hours. (Far short of the listed 3K-5K hour lifetime claim-but what else is new) Good overall unit, appears brighter than the listed 1500 lumens. Comes in a nice case that protects the unit from damage and allows storage off all the associated cables with some room to spare.

Any Problems: Engineering flaw, it shoots the displayed image way too high. Forward and UP not straight forward. Since there is no feature to adjust this, you'll end up stacking things underneath the back of the unit to get it to display on just the screen, not the screen and your ceiling. I have this recurring annoying problem at a distance of 12 feet from a 6x6 ft screen when placed on a 3 ft high table.

Review by FlickerFan

Bought this second hand, but it was in near perfect condition with very very low hours on the bulb. It came in the soft case (which has a hard insert to protect the PJ). I am upgrading from an old Sony 1040q. Well, to say the least, this PJ is a huge step up for me, from the 1040q (CRT). I have never seen a DLP projector nor did I know how to find rainbows. The very moment I fired up an image I knew what rainbows were and that this projector has them. It is worst with B&W films where the color rainbows really show up when shifting your eyes quickly. But after watching about 8 hours of projections, I think I can live with it as my eyes seem to be getting used to it. Aside from that, I can't find any faults with this PJ other than I would like it to be a slightly shorter throw than it is (larger image). To achieve the same size screen from the 3300mp as I had with my 1040q, I had to move it back about 4 feet. This works for me, but now Im at the back of my 18' room now to get a 9 1/2' wide image, which may not work for a lot of people. Now I bought this for the brightness - I have some upcoming public presentations of media and this is crucial. Eco mode would be bright enough I think. Regular mode will definitely get the job done. There are many adjustments on this PJ but I don't think there is a specific saturation setting for computer images - only for video. Of course there are many other adjustments available and it is pretty easy to find the lamp hours used. So far I have only been able to hook up the composite to my DISH and standalone DVD player and the M1-VGA to my computer. Well, needless to say at such a high res XGA resolution, you can see why composite is CRAP. While it is watchable and certainly better than my 1040q, there are issues like a generally low res image and some color bleeding from my DISH, DVD's actually look OK. All Im saying is at LEAST use S-Video, my next step will be to buy a M1-component cable which I expect will be much better for TV and DVDs. On the other hand the computer hookin in nothing short of fantastic. Another reviewer said that computer colors were finicky and I agree with that but after tweaking you can really get it to look how you want. Short of calibration DVD's, I would say take a DVD (I used Pirates of the Caribean, the scene where the ship is ailing toward the horizon) and calibrate it to the DVD. In the case of Pirates, The horizon was blowing out. After tweaking all the controls, I managed to get the color right and the blacks almost totally black and the horizon to not blow out (suprise! there are clouds there!). Oh and the difference for DVD's at full screen through this htpc is just amazing. Such detail. There is so much detail I could actually see where the Mpeg-2 codec had trouble and caused some artifacting during encoding (this is a DVD fault, not the projector). I also have some hidef 1080 clips on my comp to play. Beautiful. The zoom ring is very smart, but sadly I wish it was 2x as powerful to decrease the throw more. The focus ring is also easy to use. The lens cap is good but putting it on and taking it off can defocus the image. The backlit main display is neat, and the fact that you can control the the menus from the pj itself or from the remote is great. Remote IR sensors in the front and in the back. Also it seems the USB mouse controller built into the remote for HTPC usage doesnt seem to work for me. I assume its just me.

Any Problems: - There are rainbows. Trust me. Good news is you might get used to it and the PQ is so superb you will want to just get used to it rather than finding another PJ. - Composite hookin is not at all ideal but you should know that. - Lens cap can cause image to become defocused (not that big of a deal) - Need to adjust each source individually (would rather have it that way rather than all automatic and insufficient). - The USB mouse control doesn't work out of the box for me, but that doesnt mean it wont work for you.

Review by Anonymous

This was my first projector. The first thing I noticed when I plugged it in to my laptop is that the color was a little inaccurate. This really isn't that big of a problem, since changing the color mode will fix that. The projector also does not do very well in dark scenes with default settings. Dark colors/greys tend to show up as black. Turning up the brightness and contrast really helps it though. Unfortunately, the remote does a poor job of navigating the menu, and turning things up or down is really slow. No rainbows of any kind seen. Just a clean, beautiful (once adjusted), image. Motion works great. Eco-mode is hardly any dimmer than normal. I see no reason not to use it. The image is still bright, even in Eco-mode. After messing with the settings, I decided to use Brightness 48 (default) Contrast 59 (default) Color Temp. Mid (default) No changes to "Color Setting" (default) Manual keystone White intensity 2 Degamma 2 I use a plain white projector screen, and these settings gave me a decent image. Increasing the brightness and contrast will hurt picture quality a bit, but it will make dark scenes in movies look much better.

Any Problems: About the third time I turned it on, it told me "Lamp Failure" and wouldn't let me do anything. After unplugging it and plugging it back in it worked fine. It must be just a fluke, since it hasn't given me any trouble since then The projector really does project the image very high. The only way I found to conquer that is putting books of different thicknesses under the back feet and adjusting keystone. Just be very gentle when adjusting the projector while the bulb is hot, because they are easy to burn out.

Review by CasualSoul

I've owned the 3300MP for three weeks now and even though I like this unit I'm sending it back tomorrow. I did a lot of research before I bought it and generally I would have been very happy with it except for two issues: 1) it is not very quiet and makes a small high pitch sound that is really annoying if you sit close to it; and 2) the proprietary M1-DA digital input makes things impossible if you need a M1-DA to DVI cable longer than 6 feet (good luck trying to find one in Canada). Also, don't even think about hooking up the Samsung HD-841 upconverting DVD player to it as it just doesn't work. Neither Dell or Samsung can understand why. Although it was a little more money than the 3300MP, i picked up an Optoma 739 for comparison as I was considering upgrading to the comparably priced Dell 4100MP anyway. I've had to calibrate the color on both projectors, but, other than small differences in image quality (the 739 seems to handle dark video scenes better and PC images were a little sharper), the 3300MP held its own. One thing the 3300MP did do better than the Optoma was handle s-video signals. My PS2 through s-video looks better on the Dell than the Optoma (except NHL 2005 - the contrast limitations are exposed with the white ice). Unfortunately PS2 use alone was not that big a priority for me. I play most games and DVD's through my PC and, with my new HDTV satellite receiver plugged into the DVI input on my PC's video card, I really need my PC's DVI out to connect to a digital input on my projector or it's all just a waste of hardware. With only a 6 foot M1-DA to DVI cable, there is no way to make the connection to my projector 12 feet away. Sorry Dell. If you also need a cable run longer than 6 feet and/or aren't so focused on preserving a digital to digital connection, I found that DVD playback over a 20 foot 15-pin VGA to M1-DA connection looked identical to the DVI to M1-DA connection. Ironically, I only noticed artifacts or a reduction in image quality over the VGA cable when I played 800x600 PC games or worked in Microsoft Office programs. Go figure.

Any Problems: When hooked up to my notebook PC, DVD playback on the projector would originally distort (artifact) during high motion scenes. This was solved by turning off the video going to the notebook LCD (Dell Technical Support helped me figure out that I was probably overburdening my notebook's video card by playing both at the same time). The mouse control on the remote is a little clumsy. Viewable area changes significantly and requires manual adjustment with each different input type. No other problems.

Review by CMfly

This projector is pretty great, very cheap and with a 5000 hr lamp life how could I resist? I use it mostly for DVD's and HDTV both of which look great. I use it in a dark room and the picture is perfect. With some lighting some colour is lost but what do you expect.. When projecting computer picture is great but you can see some heat waves coming off the lamp for the first little bit..

Any Problems: - Auto Keystone correction is useless - Heat waves from lamp - Searching for signal is a bit slow - Projection angle is a bit to high I had to tilt it up when mounted upsidedown on the ceiling. - When you have it plugged in by component video you can't have the computer plugged in DVI or VGA

Review by tekky

Ok.. I've had this projector for 2 weeks now and all seems to be good. No major problems Verdict : Rainbow effect ( if there was any I didn't look hard enough ) Picture quality is very good to excellent I must admit **from** a laptop VGA output into the DVI connection, although colour is not as strong on projector as that on the laptop on default settings.. Colour matching needs to be calibrated somehow. My advice : use Component RGB connection whenever possible, thats when its at its best. DVD picture is great, digital TV is just a treat, no complaints here. Dark movies can be a problem, just make sure you turn off the economy setting for those kinda movies, and brightness/contrast can be controlled to add better visual. The lumens in the manual say is 1600... a bit more would have been good for daytime viewing, but this sacrifice for a 5000 hours is justified. Heaps of cables included and good carry bag. Very easy to use with LCD screen. All in all.. its a good projector not super duper but very suitable for the average user ,

Any Problems: I found that sitting too close to the screen causes tension in eyes ( 3-4 metres) .. so stay back alittle to keep those eyes in heatlhy shape cause you'll be using it quite often now with the projector. Thats probably a personal problem! The quality diminished if I was using the single yellow Composite connection from any source Sound is from a puny 2W speaker.. , but you aint paying the bucks for the speakers on the projector anyway..

Review by min

I actually have 3200MP, the predecessor of this 3300MP, for a little less than a year now. Have to say it's been a pleasant experience. Put almost 500 hours on it, and it goes strong. I think people seeing rainbow effect probably need to tuen this PJ with Avia, or some other tuning disk to set the optimum setting, or check their light conditions. Or, return it to Dell for a replacement.

Any Problems: None.

Review by Maxence

When playing DVD's from a laptop, I found that the visibility of th erainbows decreases with the video frequency. At standard 60Hz, the rainbows are everywhere At 85 Hz, things are perfectly acceptable for the price paid and for a non permanent home cinema usage.

Any Problems: The laser pointer button on the remote is very near the video source command. One has to be careful when using the laser during a presentation, it is easy to switch video sources while intending to stress a point.

Review by kr11048

The rainbow effect is quite pronounced and anyone who claims to not notice needs to have a vision check. Still, all DLP projectors at this price point have 2x color wheels and no doubt suffer the same problem. I would call it a technology that's not quite ready for prime time at a price point that a mass audience can afford. If you are considering a projector like this it comes to a choice between the rainbow effect of a DLP projector, or the "viewing through a screen door" effect of LCD projectors. LCD's aren't as pretty, but that screen door effect seems much less distracting now that I've had a chance to see a DLP up close and personal. If I had a chance to do it over I'd get an LCD, especially since you can get better features (like true 16x9 resolution) at an equivalent price. Computer images on this projector are vastly superior to its video images. They are bright and sharp with even small text being readable. I also purchased the Infocus Liteshow wireless adaptor with this. It does what it claims to do, but you should know two things when considering it. First, you cannot use wireless internet and wireless projection together. It's either one or the other. Pity because I had visions of showing my class great internet sites while being wirelessly connected to my projector. Second, display refresh is so slow that using the remote for mouse control is completely impossible. It just makes the cursor jump around the screen. All in all this projector was a good deal for the money, but I had hoped for better picture quality.

Any Problems: The picture is angled very high up. I either have to put the projector on the floor, or put a magazine under its back end in order to keep it from projecting part of the image on the ceiling. They should have a little elevator foot on the back of this thing instead of on the front if they're going to have the image angled so high up already.

Review by Omega

I have had this projector for about 4 months now, and am very happy with it. It is an excellent projector for an entry level home theater enthusiast like myself, and well worth the $1600. Regular TV does not look great (at least at 110"+) but once a hi-def signal is hooked up, it looks awesome (i.e. VOOM or other satelitte service). Even with regular tv or even DVDs, you will be the envy of everyone that knows you. (Especially the ones who blew $2000 on a "big" (yeah, right!) 57" hi-def tv. The resolution is 1280x576 in HD widescreen which if I'm not mistaken is the lower end, but still considered HD (as apposed to ED). Either way, HD signals look ridiculously good. This is an awesome projector for people in the $2000 or less budget.

Any Problems: Slight rainbow effect when brightness is at a high point, I've noticed it's not nearly as bad when briteness is turned down. A common problem with DLP single chip projectors, not a fault of Dell.

Review by Samuelson

Went out buying this projector after my old type projector became dark. This projector really stunned me of its performance vs price. Originally, I expected projectors should be heavy and not easy to use per my previous experience. But this one is really beyond that. Also, all cables & strong hardcase are inside the box.

Any Problems: Still digging and will share with you if found later.

Review by Vlad

I am impressed with the features and the attention to the details that DELL put in this projector. First of all, the carrying case, the best I have ever seen, came free with the unit. Every cable had a velcro strap around it to keep the clutter to minimum. an optional ($170) multi-memory card reader module is a great feature to show your vacation photos taken with a digital camera. I was able to enjoy about 8 minutes of video - colors were well saturated and looked great. The remote control is packed with features, easy to operate, and is well shaped, although some may say that it is a little bulkier than average. Projector also has a built-in status LCD display.

Any Problems: Lamp failure immediately out of the box - projector ran for about 1 minute. I was able to restart it to watch a home-made 8 minute video and test a card reader module. customer service is poor. I was bounced between 4 or 5 agents and spent about an hour on hold. Then, they diagnozed that the projector had a bad lamp. Duh, that is what the projector itself showed on the LCD display. DELL did not ship the replacement overnight, which is very poor, considering that many projector manufacturers send you a replacement immediately. So far it is the forth day and DELL's website claims that the replacement lamp just left their warehouse and have not made it to the carrier. Poor service!!!!

Review by DangerBoy

I read the the reviews on this projector before I purchased it and based on them was a little sceptical. But this thing delivers. The image quality is astounding. I have hooked it up to my PC to my DVD player my Xbox and sattelite. So I have used all the hookups on this thing. I have not encountered the rainbow efffect and after reading these revievs I was looking for it. I even researched how to find it and still couldn't. I have a da-lite 60X80 screen a moderately dim room and I couldn't be happier. This this is light easy to set up and comes with everything you need. Unless you have to set the projector far away from the equipment you are hooking into it. If so you will need some longer cables. Great product. Eco mode is great too very little difference in the brightness and you get 2000 more hours.

Any Problems: None so far.

Review by dave lentz

Love everything about this projector. From the moment I opened it from the box and was impressed with its construction to the point where I turned it on and saw the crisp, colorful image it projected from my laptop. This is definitely the best money I have spent all year. Has anyone have experiences with the card reader for this projector? I am considering buying one myself.

Any Problems: When viewing movie sources and I shift my eyes really fast I can see some color breakup. After doing some research on this I came to find out this is known as the rainbow effect but I suppose is normal on D.L.P. projectors.

Review by Scottro

I've been using the 3300 for a little over 2 weeks now, and so far, so good. This is my first projector, and it's in use for home theater on Da-Lite Matte white 84" screen with a view distance of about 12 feet. The HDTV image is fantastic and (naturally) makes standard def. TV look washed out and ugly by comparison, especially at that size. I did get a little of the rainbow effect in very high contrast situations (black image against white background), but I think it's a self-fufilling prophecy - if I didn't know what to look for I doubt I'd notice. My girlfriend didn't see them even after I explained what to look for. As time goes on, I notice less and less. I prefer 720p HD signal over the 1080i - the 1080i is way too green and I really don't feel like messing with the color settings just yet. Not sure if it's a projector issue, or an issue with the signal coming from the cable box. DVDs and Playstation 2 are also of excellent quality running through S-video input. The remote is nice (plus the laser pointer drives my dogs nuts). Eco mode is more than adequate to use even with moderate ambient light in my setup, so for an extra 2000 hours on the bulb, it's a no-brainer. The included cables are fine to use if your AV equipment is right next to the projector, otherwise look to spend another $50 for the 50' component video cable from Dell, plus whatever other cables you may use (a 26' monster S-video also cost me another $50). The included carry case is also nice - pretty sturdy and plenty of room for storing accessories although I'd advise against dropping it out the window just to test it out... The projector seems to do a good job selecting the correct aspect ratio automatically. Pre-defined color modes are convenient (movie/game/etc.) . I really think you'd be hard pressed to find another DLP projector with XGA resolution and the extras delivered to your door for $1,600. A great choice for those of us with an entry-level budget. Very satisfied so far.

Any Problems: Some rainbows, automatic source selection can be iffy at times going from HDTV component signal to SDTV signal.

Review by NoAlias

Bought one for business use. Have had it for a week. Nice resolution, brightness and easily configurable. Hooked it up to a laptop PC and saw the rainbow effect immediately - more than half of the viewers see it. Played the opening scene from the Matrix on a PC DVD and similarly saw the rainbow effect. Tough on the eyes when viewing images that are moving or when the eyes move from a speaker to the screen. Most noticeable at black/white image borders.

Any Problems: Rainbow effect.

Review by crenshaw34

This projector is impressive. Very nicely constructed, easy to use, and puts up a sharp and beautiful image. Very happy with it so far.

Any Problems: Only had it for a week but so far no problems to report! Will check back if I encounter any.

Review by Tooooons

Everything is perfect with this projector except for one major problem, which is super important for those who are buying this for exclusive home theater use: The Rainbow Effect. Some may not detect it, but for me, it basically destroys the big screen experience. It's slight, but it's always there. My eyes move from one corner of the screen to the other (if I didn't enjoy big screen, I wouldn't even be on this site and would be happy sitting two feet in front of a 10" tube TV). Headaches, eyestrain, etc. I did as much research as possible to find out the color wheel specs, and only after buying it now do I learn it is (2x). I need a (4x) color wheel speed. Dell does not include this in the spec page on their website for the 3300... it's the ONLY spec they leave off when comparing the specs in the manual with the specs on the website (as of 3/12/2004). Sure enough, it's the ONE spec that's most important and THE decisive factor. Again, this is purely for home theater enthusiasts. This projector will most assuredly rock when it comes to Excel, Powerpoint, etc, business presentations.

Any Problems: (2x) color wheel speed renders noticeable rainbow effect. This would be a perfect projector had the color wheel speed been (4x). Uniformity is at 75% too, which is bordering not so good.