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Dell 4100MP User Reviews

Dell 4100MP Projector

Dell 4100MP

XGA (1024x768), 2200 ANSI Lumens,
6.5 lbs, $1,699 (MSRP)
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3.6 out of 5
46 User Ratings
Image Quality 3.6
Features 3.8
Construction 3.8
Ease of Use 3.7
Reliability 3.4
Value for Money 3.7

User Reviews

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Review by Gowon

since 2004 my projector had served me better than l imagined both color and everything. thanks to the manufacturers.

Any Problems: its now showing lamp failure when l try to switch it on for presentations. what do l do now as l have more work for it to perform.advice.

Review by Chauncy

The projector is easy to use, bright, and cheap. The color quality is bad, calibrating it is nearly impossible, and the projector has reliability problems. Overall, I suggest people LOOK ELSEWHERE.

Any Problems: The component video in has problems with bright white scenes, it causes a 'loss of sync' a LOT. The projector also has intermittent problems with the lamp firing up after about 1000 hours of use. About every 3rd time we use the projector, we must unplug/replug the power, then it will fire up just fine. Not many inputs either, and it has no way of saving settings.

Review by donewithdell

We've had this projector 3-4 years now and use it for a home theater setup. For the most part we've been happy with the projector but have had one major problem: bulb life is awful and nowhere near the 2000 or so hours as promised. Our first bulb died after about 250 or 300 hours and i called customer service and was pretty much told there was nothing they could do. So we can pretty much buy these expensive bulbs with no guarantee that they'll last even 50 percent of what is advertised. Our current bulb is dying and its been less than 200 hours and less than one 350 a pop, i'd rather buy a new projector and hope it works out better than this.

Any Problems: bulb life!

Review by WyoHomeTheater

I have had this projector for 8 months. It is used on a 100inch screen in my main living room. My view distance is @15feet. I am EXTREMELY happy with the quality, picture, and service from Dell. I'm already looking at the 5500mp.

Any Problems: No problems encountered.

Review by Anonymous Insider

I install and maintain these projectors in conference and control rooms at a very large computer manufacturing company in Texas. The 4100MP is suitable for a medium to large meeting room environment (30-300 people). I would not recommend them for heavy use environments though such as a control room or other place where the projector will be run more than 3-5 hours at a time. The projector's ventilation system is not adequate for such use. They will overheat and burn out lamps much faster than under normal uses of 1-3 hours at a time.

Any Problems: Like all the current Dell projectors, the 4100MP has a permanent lens shift ALL the way up to the top of the lens, meaning that when setting the projector on a flat surface, the image is projected way above the unit on the wall. This causes problems if you are mounting the unit on a ceiling, as the projector must be physically angled up toward the ceiling and then the image must be keystoned back to square, distorting the image. The projector annoyingly detects the type of signal input and then attempts to "optimize" the color output. For instance, if you plug in a PC, it vastly distorts color output in an effort to boost contrast for viewing detailed graphics like charts and spreadsheets. The remote control is not IR, but rather radio-frequency with no option to disable the receiver. So if you have multiple 4100MPs installed in nearby proximity, you must perform the RF Learning procedure on each one in order to prevent someone from the next meeting room over from controlling the projector in your room. I have sent many of these projectors back for repair to the system fan which may begin to make a loud grinding noise. There is also no air filter in the unit, so if the projector is used in a dusty environment, it will take in dust like a vaccum cleaner.

Review by titancrusher

Excellent bang for your buck, but it took a while to learn how to use though.

Any Problems: Not one. just had trouble with the ceiling mount.

Review by gazman

Been training and using projectors of all kinds, infocus, E-Z, etc. for the past 15 years, used many hard see projections, this surpasses all. found a big difference when I received my Da-Lite High contrast mat white 87 x 116 screen.

Any Problems: no problems so far but it only has 40 hrs. this review site should have a N/A section to the ratings, since I find my 40 hours of usage to low to comment.

Review by Al

I want to say that I have owned a Dell 3200 and I am now on my 5th projector. These projectors (and I see similar horrible review for all the dell models) suck. I know they are cheap but for bout the same money you can get a sanyo or even a NEC, both are excellent. I will never buy another Dell product. They suck and if possible Dell customer service is worse. So much for Dell legendary service.

Any Problems: Nothing BUT problems, be sure to read my review under the MP3200 model and stay clear of Dell. Utter crap projectors.

Review by leroy

First of all I have owned 2 2300mp's and sent both back b/c they didn't work right, i thought i'd save a few hundred $ by getting it instead of the 4100mp ( i tried getting one of those transcoders to go from vga to component for xbox,ps2,dvd and the picture would be jacked up alot when trying to watch dvds). So i called dell and really got ill and finally after long hours on the phone got a return and upgrade to a 4100mp. I've had it about a month and i really like the picture quality. it's much better than the 2300 i mean the quality is way above the 2300. I got a pelican system selector pro which has 7 component inputs and i've hooked up my xbox, ps2, and dvd player through the component inputs. The picture is high quality i mean i studied different types of tvs and projectors for a while before buying this one and i'd say it is better than most of the hdtv's ive seen for twice as much.I paid 1500 from dell The only thing that really concerns me now is the color wheel speed i think its a 2x and ive seen alot of the ht projectors are 5x but the resolution is higher on this one than alot of $2500 projectors. However I will say that games and movies both look beauiful on this i mean its crazy how big and clear the picture on this is. If you are poor like me and can't go over $2000 then this is a stellar deal but if you got about 5 grand to spend i'd check out nec dlps they are suposed to be top notch, but for 1500 dell has a killer projector

Review by Dan Borchert

The first day our lamp burnt out. Replacing it with the same model in hopes that it was just a defect. The features for the money just can't be topped.

Any Problems: The first day our lamp burnt out. Replacing it with the same model in hopes that it was just a defect. The features for the money just can't be topped.

Review by samsocal

Bought this projector 3 months ago. I love it. Outstanding picture quality. Very bright. Easy to use. Lots of connectors supported. I'm very happy with this purchase. I bought it for my home theater. At first my wife was skeptical, but now my wife and daughter can't get enough of it. I got it at a good price for $1499 including the hard shell carrying case.

Any Problems: No problems yet per se, however the fan is powerful and therefor a bit loud, but as long as you're not sitting next to it, shouldn't be a problem.

Review by Jordan

previously owned a projector was not as bright as this but lighter in weight. if this could be smaller, that would be better.

Any Problems: not big issue yet.

Review by DJ

Just wanted to point out, in case anyone was confused by Feme's report on the Dell 4100MP. It IS IN FACT a DLP projector. I suspect that Feme does not have one of these projectors and doesn't know what he/she is talking about (disgruntled HP employee?). Also the MSRP listed on this site seems to be out of date?? Dell lists it for $1899. It's currently on sale for $1700. Not a bad deal considering what you get. I am currently comparing it to an InFocus 5700, Sony HS51, and a Runco. I wouldn't say the Dell is the best of those three, but it holds its own...especially price wise since the Dell is much much cheaper. The other brands definatley have a better picture and perform much better on the blacks. The price of the Dell equalizes it though. Replacement bulb for Dell is cheaper. Sony is second best at $300. InFocus is $400 (yikes!) and I haven't discovered the price of the Runco yet, though I suspect it will be about $400 as well.

Any Problems: Lame manual.

Review by Craig Cormier

Excellent Projector, I bought this for just home use, and now have a little over 500 hours on this bulb And well its been pretty constant with sometimes 10-20 hours at a time. I purchased this along with all the accessories, memory card reader, celing mount (Which i have not installed yet) and all the extra cables as well. I use it for the Computer, the Xbox, PS2, DVD, ETC. And just love it. Quality is Great, and have not had any problems with this machine at all.. I like the design and the storage case is really nice to keep everything together when not in use.. I would recommend this projector to someone who is looking for something in this price range, it was affordable and well worth ever penny i spent on it..


Review by Hometheater1

I've used several projectors in my day starting way back with the Infocus LP725 for uses rangeing from Outdoor movies, large scale presentations, home theater installs to videogame demos at tradeshows. When it came time to build my own home theater and throw down my OWN hard earned money I was quite cautious about purchasing my very own projector. Dell had the price right, but I have seen it all...good to great, bad to horrid from the projector market which is why I made sure I was able to sample a few of the latest and greatest before making my purchase. My 4100mp did me right. The brightness is there, contrast is good (though the use of digital grey screen goo for your projection surface will definitly help) and it has every connection you'd need at this point. I am actually able to have Component video, composite video, s video and a vga computer connection all wired to my ceiling mounted unit at once allowing me incredible versitility. I really can't understand where a lot of the people giving poor reviews are coming from when they are talking about image quality. It is better than MANY of the $8K projectors out there and for the price, you'd be crazy to be complaining....funny to look back at the good reviews my old LP725 gets and then see the bad ones for this unit. Compared side by side it's not even close.....weird people...

Any Problems: None so far, but I have heard of short bulb life from several folks.

Review by jlynn33

Had this since Mar. GREAT picture! Very reliable! HDTV is STUNNING! A little unhappy about when suspended from ceiling the projector has to be pointed toward the ceiling but, not a big deal. Truly an exception deal! And I am projecting on to a white wall still!!!

Any Problems: None

Review by Filip De brauwer

best ever !! i really loved this projector lots of functions and don't froget the great brightness and contarsr really good for DVD and home cineama use

Any Problems: not one, alldough the angle adjustments were quite difficult to adjust in the beginning it worked out fine..

Review by Feme

The projector is not that cheap, and since it's not a DLP projector, the blacks aren't really black. Dell makes produce affordable, but that doesn't mean the products are high quality.

Any Problems: The projector enables you to use a ECO mode which lenthens the bulb life. But this defeats the propose of having this projector's 2200 brightness.

Review by gary

I have one hundred and six projectors in my inventory. My most recent purchase has been three Dell 4100MP projectors. To begin with, the case is amazing - the unit can be dropped from a few feet up without damage! However, the whole affair is a little large by today's portability standards. People have raved about the image and the contrast. Period. These are occasional users that have borrowed other portables and have taught in many rooms with many different projectors. People did comment that the video image was "dimmer" than the data image - but we experts know why so I won't mention more here... I would mention that I read the reviews posted here before I made the decision to purchase - I wonder why so many negative comments. Not fooling with the brightness and contrast are we?? A no no for the most part, at least until the lamp asks for it.. otherwise you can put quite a load on the ballast/power supply, not to mention the lamp itself. Everything was very professionally packaged and looked and worked well, but we are only two weeks in to what will be a few years. LCD can look really great out of the box but once those chips absorb a few months worth of heat - then is the time to compare the lcd to the spinning wheel (dlp).

Any Problems: The lens/case in its natural orientation seems to point upwards at quite an angle. Difficult in rooms that have low ceilings unless you put the machine on the floor!!

Review by Peterson Olayi

Shopped this 4100MP projector from web site. Remote was the only thing I spent time to learn for the beggining. Other performance is quite good. Comparing with the old projector used in our office, 4100MP's looks better in image: the object of a video image looks smoother without grid.

Any Problems: During the beginning, not ease of use for the remote, after learning, the remote works fine for me.