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Digital Projection INSIGHT LASER 8K Gen II Projector

4K Large Venue Projector


From Digital Projection — Our flagship Digital Projection INSIGHT LASER 8K Gen II projector sits in an elite class all its own when it comes to performance. Providing an ultra-high resolution of 7680 X 4320 pixels up to 37,000 lumens of solid-state laser-phosphor illumination, the INSIGHT LASER 8K is the ultimate solution for the most elaborate, medical, scientific, immersive visualization and large-venue applications. In addition to the resolution and lumen performance, the INSIGHT LASER 8K projector uses DLP technology incorporating 3 x 1.38 DarkChip DMD and DP's ColorMax technology to ensure superb color accuracy and black levels.

  • 8K resolution (7680 X 4320)
  • 37,000 ISO lumens
  • Smear reduction technology
  • 20,000 hours of system illumination
  • 3 x 1.38" DarkChip DMD
  • MultiAxis - portrait & landscape capable
  • Unbeatable cost of ownership
  • Blending multiple projectors is simplified as laser projectors are closely matched "out of the box" for color & brightness
  • State of the art digital inputs assure the INSIGHT DUAL LASER 8K serves as a powerful and flexible imaging tool

Product Downloads

BenQ HT3550
4K Home Theater Projector
BenQ HT3550
4K Home Theater Projector

Digital Projection INSIGHT LASER 8K Gen II Projector Specifications

Best Used For
  • Digital Signage
  • Events/Staging
  • Museum/Exhibits
  • Simulation
December 2022
3 Years
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ANSI Lumens not available.
8K w/pixel shifting
Aspect Ratio
1.89:1 (4K HD)
Display Type
1.38" DLP x 3
Color Processing
Video Modes
1080p/60, 1080p/24, 2160p/24, 2160p/60, 3840p/24, 4096p/24
Data Modes
MAX 7680x4320
3D Modes
Full HD 3D

Lamp Type
Laser Phosphor
Lamp Life
20,000 hours

Included Lens
Optional Lenses

115-627 Zoom Lens Throw Ratio 1.13:1-1.72:1
115-630 Zoom Lens Throw Ratio 1.65:1-2.60:1
115-632 Zoom Lens Throw Ratio 2.53:1-4.98:1
Lens Shift
Horizontal & Vertical
Digital Keystone

Projector Size
19.40" x 29.50" x 44.50"
291.0 lbs
Audible Noise
52 dB
Internal Speakers
3,800 Watts 200V - 240V
Connection Panel
DisplayPort x 2
HDMI x 4
Network: RJ-45
RS232: DB-9pin
SDI: BNC x 4

Operate 24/7
Full HD 3D
Edge Blending
Lens Memory

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ANSI LUMENS  is the most commonly accepted industry standard brightness measurement. The ANSI lumen rating measures the brightest white that a projector can produce by averaging nine light meter measurements taken across the projected image.

ISO LUMENS  is a near-ANSI equivalent used by some manufacturers in place of an ANSI measurement. The measuring technique is defined in the ISO 21118 specification.

Manufacturer Cited Brightness:

BUYER BEWARE   Either this projector's brightness specification does not cite an industry-accepted unit of measurement, or according to our calculations it seems unlikely that this projector is capable of producing the manufacturer's cited brightness specification.

Manufacturer Cited Brightness: