Digital Projection International (DPI), an Emmy â Award-winning manufacturer of high-performance projection systems worked in cooperation with XL Video (Hertfordshire, UK), on "Sinatra At The Palladium", marking the first public display of the LIGHTNING 30sx the 18,000 lumen DLP projector. The production featured a career spanning mixture of rare Sinatra video footage mixed with the accompaniment of live singers, dancers, and a 24-piece orchestra on stage.

XL Video, in consultation with Scharff Weisberg (New York, NY), expanded on the thematic and staging elements of the original production which debuted at Radio City Music Hall in 2003. The contemporary show centered heavily on video and relied on nine moving projection screens, the largest of which measured 40 feet tall by 25 feet wide. Throughout the production, eight LIGHTNING 30sx+ projectors were configured in a variety of arrays including five front and three rear projection configurations. Content and control were delivered and administered to the projectors via an extensive fiber optic and serial network installed in the Palladium by XL Video. Additionally, audio and video cues were synchronized via MIDI timecode, thus allowing the LIGHTNING 30sx+ projectors to deliver pinpoint accuracy of projected content as screens constantly moved across the stage. The show aimed to create a dynamic impression of Sinatra through the use of the moving projection screens and the interaction among the live and recorded visual elements. Nick Cottiss, International Sales and Marketing Director for Digital Projection Limited commented; "We are extremely pleased that XL Video chose DPI's LIGHTNING Professional Series for 'Sinatra at the Palladium'. Being the first production to utilize the new LIGHTNING 30sx+, XL Video has skillfully crafted an amazing visual montage which truly utilizes the full capabilities of our brightest 3-chip DLP display." Malcolm Mellows, XL Video project manager for the show, added; "As always, the image quality from DP's projectors is stunning and uniform, this was a most important consideration for this event, where huge images are being displayed with such clarity and high resolutions.

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