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Draper Access Sonata Series E

This screen is out-of-production.
Draper Access Sonata Series E Screen
One front projection screen, four projection formats. Everything you could possibly want in a non-tensioned projection screen! Ceiling-recessed, its motorized screen and masking system are linked electronically provide four different projection formats at the touch of a button, all in a ceiling-recessed Access case. A flat black mask on a second motor-in-roller converts the projection screen to your choice of four formats: 1:1.33 NTSC, 1:1.78 HDTV, 1:1.85 WideScreen and 1:2.35 CinemaScope. During format change, the center line and width of the viewing surface remain constant while the mask and projection screen move simultaneously into their factory preset positions. Motor-in-roller is mounted on special vibration insulators so operating noise is dramatically reduced. The screen surface consists of a reflective vinyl with no textile backing, and is tab tensioned for improved image clarity. The surface is stretched flat, resulting in better picture quality.

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