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EIKI LC-7000 User Reviews

EIKI LC-7000 Projector

EIKI LC-7000

SVGA (832x624), 500 ANSI Lumens,
16.5 lbs, $8,995 (MSRP)
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4.3 out of 5
7 User Ratings
Image Quality 4.1
Features 4.3
Construction 4.3
Ease of Use 4.1
Reliability 4.4
Value for Money 4.4

User Reviews

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Review by brian

I just got this projector from craigslist from my area. I was at first second guessing myself spending $50.00 for it. Then I looked it up after seeing how clear the pic was. I was blown away by the price this projector. I'm guessing the guy I bought it from had no clue what he had because he tried sell me a diff one for $300.00 that he said retailed for $1,500. Hope he doesn't kick himself to hard if he ever decides to look this one up lol.

Review by zombiechilde

I scored this rare beauty from an Office who only used it twice for a total of three hours. (based on log books) I took it home on the cheap and it blew my mind. The only downfall is the amount of heat it throws. In the winter months being a Canadian it could heat the room you are watching the Movie in. LOL Besides that, I would say the best machine I have ever used! Plug n Play and simple onscreen menu lends to ease of use. It's also been a blast using it to cast images onto buildings from 50 yards away. ;) Like I said, lots of fun and easy to use! I wouldn't sell mine for any less than $500.00

Any Problems: Not as much a problem as it is an unexploited feature. You could actually leave your coffee mug net to the fan on this thing and keep it hot! LMAO

Review by oliver

i;ve just buy eiki 7000 may i know the lumens of it because they told me that is 5000lumens or 500lumens and please send me the specs how can i used it properly and what are the possible problem of it so that i can handled it safety. and what are the problems that i can incounter of this projctor pleased send me more details thank you. oliver sajonas 09152247796

Any Problems: non yet

Review by chad

i am new to the projectoer end of things bought mine on ebay for 45.00 us turned out to be great so far.i have it set up in the basement projecting a 120" diag pic excelent siting at about 20 feet away since my purchase ive alson goten the sister makes which are identical now curantly own 2)lc-7000 1)boxlight 5600 revalution 1)proxima dp-5610 all are excellent,,,definatly worth every penny.if you can get one with a remote it helps my first one came with a remote and found out it works with all of the other units as well

Any Problems: i havent came across any problems yet on any of the units only thing i dont like about them is theres no bulb life counter

Review by Arulin

I bought mine used so I am being rather libarl on my judgment. When buying used , expect to replace the bulb as soon as you get it. Besides that, this older projector rocks the house. On my normal painted wall (no sceen, no relective pain) I still get a excellent image, Star Ocean for ps2 is like a dream at a whipping 92 inchs. The ablity to go from full to wide screen from the hardware is a plus. I am happy with my 500$ investment. Family home evening for the LDS member will be an event at my apartment.

Any Problems: Only real problem I had was the fan, it runs loud. Oh well, guess any fan that is 10 years old will run loud.

Review by Amelia Samples

Bought a used defective one on Ebay, and fixed it. My first unit, I have acquired many units since, I have learned to fix quite a few problems...but I still watch this one.

Review by Marie Olsen

Any Problems: colored streaks across screen. whats wrong?