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EPV Screens Curve 235 A4K

This screen is out-of-production.
EPV Screens Curve 235 A4K Screen
CURVE 235 A4K -- MSRP Starting At: $2790

The Curve Series Fixed Frame Screen has a curved frame with 3.5" black frame borders with our award-winning, moire-free A4K acoustic transparent material for maximum visual and sonic immersion .

  MSRP - CinemaScope (2.35:1) Format
Viewable Size
(h x w)
Diagonal Elite Screens - AcousticPro 4K
95cm x 224cm 243cm n/a
103cm x 242cm 263cm n/a
115cm x 269cm 293cm n/a
124cm x 293cm 318cm n/a
137cm x 322cm 350cm n/a
157cm x 369cm 401cm n/a
165cm x 388cm 422cm n/a
175cm x 411cm 447cm n/a
194cm x 457cm 497cm n/a
249cm x 584cm 635cm n/a

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