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EPV Screens
EPV Screens DarkStar9

EPV Screens DarkStar9 Screen
DARK STAR 9 -- MSRP Starting At: $3138

The DarkStar® 9 is Elite Prime Vision’s newest Ambient Light Rejecting front projection screen. The DarkStar® 9 possesses very similar characteristics of our award winning 1.4 gain DarkStar® but now offers a wider viewing angle and a very close to unity gain without the compromise of ambient light rejection, contrast enhancement, resolution, and color accuracy.

As opposed to the 1.4 gain material of the original DarkStar® material, the DarkStar® 9 tones down the reflective brightness to .9 gain so that it may further enhance color temperature to more optimal performance levels with a wider viewing angle. Although both DS materials boast D65 color neutrality, the DarkStar®; 9 sacrifices the extra brightness to improve its color balance.

Product Sheet

(show metric units)
  MSRP - HDTV (16:9) Format
Viewable Size
(h x w)
Diagonal Elite Screens - DarkStar9
54" x 96" 110" n/a
60" x 107" 123" n/a
  MSRP - CinemaScope (2.35:1) Format
Viewable Size
(h x w)
Diagonal Elite Screens - DarkStar9
54" x 129" 140" n/a
60" x 145" 157" n/a

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