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EPV Screens
EPV Screens PowerMax Pro2

EPV Screens PowerMax Pro2 Screen
POWER MAX PRO 2 -- MSRP Starting At: $1375

The PowerMax Pro2 series possesses all of the characteristics of the original PoweMAX Pro Series but with added features such as a new black aluminum housing and a detachable wall switch keypad. It is the ideal solution for today’s home theaters. With its streamlined aluminum casing, it’s an elegant, yet durable piece that’s designed to complement any type of room. Equipped with horizontally adjustable, floating mount brackets, the PowerMAX Pro2 can be installed first and centered later. Its quick-release tabs offer an simple execution of set-up and tear-down. The screen can be installed on a wall or ceiling for maximum installation versatility. Draped with Elite’s MaxWhite FG screen material, the PowerMAX Pro2 allows for enhanced picture quality and viewing angle. Whether in the office or at home, the MaxWhite FG’s (fiberglass-backed) screen ensures the flattest possible non-tensioned surface.

Product Sheet

(show metric units)
  MSRP - HDTV (16:9) Format
Viewable Size
(h x w)
Diagonal MaxWhite FG
49" x 87" 100" n/a
54" x 96" 110" n/a
59" x 105" 120" n/a
69" x 123" 141" n/a

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