ImpactWhite1145 NPA lifestyle

In addition to displaying a lifelike picture, a golf simulator screen needs to be incredibly durable to withstand the continual impact of golf balls striking its surface. Elite Screens has released a new screen material—ImpactWhite 1145—designed to deliver realistic images while, more importantly, lasting for years.

The ImpactWhite 1145 screen material is a 0.8-gain, 4.5mm front-projection knitted fabric made of three layers for maximum shock absorption and long-term durability. The high-strength warp knitted fabric also works to dampen the impact and reduce noise from the gold ball impacts. It can withstand direct strikes from golf balls up to 200 miles per hour with an average rebound distance of only 1.6 feet.

ImpactWhite1145 NPA material
The ImpactWhite1145 screen material consists of three knitted layers. (Photo Credit: Elite Screens)

In Elite Screens test labs, a 3 x 3 foot sample of the ImpactWhite 1145 screen material was able to withstand up to 1,062 continuous golf ball strikes on the same spot from a distance of 6.5 feet at 160 mph. A similarly-sized 180g fabric made it to only 271 strikes.

Metal grommets surround the pre-cut screen material which is available 10-feet high with four variable widths—8, 9.8, 13.1, and 19.6 feet. It's designed to work with short- or standard throw projectors, although Elite Screen recommends short throw to avoid casting shadows while still allowing sufficient space for ball bounce back. ImpactWhite 1145 comes with a 2-year/3-year ENR-G manufacturer's warranty and lifetime tech support through email or Elite Screens web chat.

The ImpactWhite 1145 screen material is a part of Elite Screens Designer Cut series, which includes a variety of screen materials and sizes in pre-cut swatches prepared for use in custom and DIY installations. Screen materials included in the series are the already mentioned ImpactWhite 1145, CineWhite, CineWhite UHD-B, CineGrey 5D, CineGrey 3D, AcousticPro1080P3, and CineGrey. A whole variety of projector and resolution options are supported by the Designer Cut Series and the materials range from the 0.8-gain ImpactWhite 1145 to the 1.5-gain CineGrey 5D. The pre-cut material stretches over a standard or designer-made frame.


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