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Elite SableFrame Cinegrey 3D

This screen is out-of-production.
Elite Screens SableFrame Cinegrey 3D Screen
The CineGrey 3D is an angular reflective front projection material designed to reject ambient light while maintaining superb picture quality. The CineGrey 3D is the perfect solution for rooms that have little or no control over incidental light. This means that it's an ideal fit for family rooms as well as lecture halls, boardrooms, sports bars, training facilities, and other business environments. In addition, the CineGrey 3D increases projector brightness 1.2 times the amount. This is perfect for low lumens output projectors!

  MSRP - HDTV (16:9) Format
Viewable Size
(h x w)
Diagonal Elite Screens - CineGrey 3D
49" x 87" 100" $629
59" x 105" 120" $749
66" x 118" 135" $1,049
74" x 131" 150" $1,499

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