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Epson BrightLink 1485Fi laser projector

Epson has announced a collaboration with AVI-SPL and Igloo Vision—an immersive experience center in Orlando, Florida that uses BrightLink 1485Fi and Epson Pro L1075UNL (with the ELPLX01 ultra-short throw lens) projectors. The center allows customers to see first-hand the design and implementation capabilities available with Epson's laser projector solutions and Igloo Vision's media servers.

Because of the 0.35:1 and 0.27:1 throw ratios of the Pro L1075UNL with ELPLX01 (that has zero offset) and BrightLink 1485Fi, respectively, the projectors are able to be placed only a couple feet from the walls to display 100-inch diagonal images. (Exact throw distance measurements can be seen using the ProjectorCentral Throw Distance Calculators for the Pro L1075UNL and BrightLink 1485Fi.) For the installation, custom mounting solutions were created by local Orlando manufacturers.

Epson AVI SPL lifestyle

The two projectors are both rated with high brightness—7,000 ANSI lumens for the Pro L1075UNL and 5,000 ANSI lumens for the BrightLink 1485Fi. And the 3LCD design allows for equal color brightness. The laser light engines on both models require no to minimal maintenance and will last up to 20,000 in Normal brightness mode (30,000 in Eco), keeping the interactive experience going for all that visit.

The new AVI-SPL immersive experience center is open now. Those interested in scheduling a visit can call 866-588-6857.

Epson Pro L1075UNL front
Epson Pro L1075UNL laser projector

For more detailed specifications and connections, check out our Epson BrightLink 1485Fi projector page.

To buy this projector, use Where to Buy online, or get a price quote by email direct from Projector Central authorized dealers using our E-Z Quote tool.

The Epson BrightLink 1485Fi is also sold outside of the United States of America as the Epson EB-1485Fi. Some specifications may be slightly different. Check with Epson for complete specifications.


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