Epson Pro Series NPA PU2120W frontangle
The Epson EB-PU2120W 3LCD laser projector

Six new interchangeable lens large-venue projectors, designed for applications ranging from fixed installations in lecture halls/auditoriums, museums, houses of worship, and digital signage to temporary staging events, have been announced by Epson with availability in May 2022. The six Pro Series models available in white or black are the 13,000 lumen EB-PU2113W and EB-PU2213B, 16,000 lumen EB-PU2116W and EB-PU2116B, and 20,000 lumen EB-PU2120W and EB-PU2220B. All are 3-chip 3LCD designs with WUXGA (1920x1200) resolution capable of 4K through pixel shifting enhancement technology.

The laser light source is rated to last 20,000 hours thanks to its sealed laser light source and optical engine. Inherited from the Pro L20000 is an advanced liquid cooling system. That's combined here with a new, compact laser bank and power supply that allows for a small case without sacrificing brightness or increasing noise. The case measures 7.3 x 23.07 x 19.37 inches (HWD) and weighs between 53.1 and 54.9 pounds (depending on light engine size and output), making the 20,000-lumen 2120W and 2220B the smallest and lightest in their class. These projectors are 64% smaller and 50% lighter than the Pro L20000, and both smaller and considerably lighter than the existing competition in the 18,000 to 20,000-lumen laser class according to ProjectorCentral's Find a Projector database.

Also new in this platform is the sealed, filterless design that reduces maintenance requirements for permanent installations. A mechanical shutter feature (available only on the three black-case models) is carried over from the Pro L20000 and protects the panels from damage during laser light shows as well as allowing improved fade in and fade out for theatrical applications when used with the Art-Net Ethernet communication protocol.

Epson Pro Series NPA PU2220B front
The Epson EB-PU2220B 3LCD laser projector

The projectors include NFC (near-field communication) connection with capable mobile devices without the need of AC power to the projector. The Epson Projector Configuration Tool—available for iOS and Android—helps with basic setup of multiple projector systems even while the projectors are powered off. Given Epson's careful placement of the NFC sensor on top of the projector, this allows multiple projectors to be configured inside their shipping crates before the box is resealed and sent to its point of installation, something valued by schools and universities that distribute projectors across a range of facilities. For a bit deeper functionality, users can tap the Epson Projector Professional Tool for laptop and desktop computers.

For multi-projector setups, an optional Epson camera can be used to assist with color calibration, screen matching, stack assist, and tiling assist for blending edges. Rather than build the camera into the front of the chassis, the design includes a compartment on the front panel to house the modular camera and allows it to be removed and used as needed with Epson's ultra-short-throw periscope lenses. A new "Simple Stacking" function also allows two camera-equipped projectors to be stacked using just the remote controller, without the need for a PC or router.

Ten different interchangeable lens are available for the projectors; for efficiency the same lens family may now be used throughout Epson's projectors from 6,000 to 20,000 lumens. They range from the 0.35:1 ultra-short throw ELPLX02S to the 5.27-7.41:1 long throw ELPLL08. The standard throw lens is the 1.57-2.56:1 ELPLM15.

Epson Pro Series NPA PU2220B connections

Connections include HDMI with HDCP 2.3, DVI-D, Ethernet, HDBaseT, RS-232C, and (on the three black case models) SDI-3G in and out.

Pricing for the models has not yet been revealed.


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