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Epson Europe EMP-TW600 User Reviews

Epson Europe EMP-TW600 Projector

Epson Europe EMP-TW600

HD 720 (1280x720), 1600 ANSI Lumens,
11.5 lbs,
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4.8 out of 5
5 User Ratings
Image Quality 5.0
Features 4.8
Construction 4.6
Ease of Use 4.4
Reliability 5.0
Value for Money 5.0

User Reviews

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Review by Derrick

I bougtht this projector in Japan. It is truly superb. Not only is it priced well, the picture is better than any other projector that I have seen to date in the same price range.

Any Problems: none so far.

Review by Danny Baldwin

Wow! I did a fair bit of homework and every time i turn it on i'm glad i bought this. Even though i'm only shooting onto a wall at the moment, the picture is incredible. Xbox 360 is a blast with 4 players having a 50" screen... each! Lens shift and zoom are totally awesome features that make all the current lcd projectors really easy to use and flexible, but the main reason i went with the epson over the similar panasonic and sanyo models is the extra brightness this unit is capable of, even with a 60watt globe on in the room this projector has the power to produce a great picture for gaming and sports etc, obviously the blacks arent there but the colour is vivid and bright enough to compensate in a way. I viewed the PT-AE900U at a store in less then optimal conditons and it seemed poor in this regard.

Any Problems: None so far, seems well built. If using the lens shift, every few hours the picture seems to have creeped back towards neutral a whisker, although this is hardly a bother and takes only a second to adjust.

Review by Jitendra

Superb picture quality, awesome auto IRIS. No need to go to advance menu, default settings with auto IRIS itself generates killing video quality.

Any Problems: no as such

Review by TheAlien

The Epson EMP TW600H replaced my trusted Panasonic PT AE500E half a year ago. The beamer is my choice "value for money" image source in a mostly audio optimized high end home cinema installation. Decision was between Panasonic PT AE900, Sanyo PLV Z4 and Benq PE7700 as a DLP alternative. My first favourite the Sanyo with the best "sound" (= least noise) however was quickly dropped when I saw it A to B compared to the Epson (in a truely fail setup with both beamers picture optimized by a pro). The image was way more crisp and dynamic. Although the Benq was pretty quiet the whining noise of the DLPs colour wheel was a "no go" for a purchase although the picture was great. The Panasonic had no highlight that motivated me to buy it. So until affordable true 1080p beamers with laser/xenon light and <20dB noise are available I'll stick with the Epson and enjoy it's high dynamic, high contrast and (for an LCD) very natural images.

Any Problems: Heat management prevents the low noise mode (automatic in "Theater Black" image setting) to engage when the beamer is mounted overhead which is annoying (I prefer less noise to ultimate brightness). The aspect switch is providing no usable full screen zoom when you watch material from a digital, non HD Sat receiver so there are always distortions or significant black frames around the image even when it's a 16:9 image (and I hate to waste pixels ;-) ).

Review by Top Cat

Purchased 3 months ago in Australia. After careful 9 months research including using this site, norrowed down my choice to Sanyo or Pansonic. However, when comparing these 2 side by side, I also compared the Epson at the Melbourne store, its image was as good and sharp as the Sanyo and the greater versatility and light output won the day. Very good in our lounge room where it has to be set up each time we watch and copes well with the ambient light of our wood heater. Truely excellent image on a 90" pull down screen

Any Problems: Sometimes have to change the aspect adjustment for different DVD's. However this is very quick and easy to do.