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Epson EX71 User Reviews

Epson EX71 Projector

Epson EX71

WXGA (1280x800), 2500 ANSI Lumens,
5.1 lbs, $599 (MSRP)
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4.6 out of 5
8 User Ratings
Image Quality 4.5
Features 4.5
Construction 4.5
Ease of Use 4.8
Reliability 4.4
Value for Money 4.8
ViewSonic LS800HD
1080P Conference Room Projector

User Reviews

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Review by Projectordude

Older projector that still stacks up well vs Modern LCD WXGA . good video dirt cheap OEM lamps only down size is No Audio out jack and 1 watt speaker . You can find these for around $120 used on Ebay

Any Problems: None have had a few of them over the years being a projector contractor very dependable

Optoma UHD52ALV
4K Home Theater Projector
Review by tamaro

We were very happy when we first bought this product. Everything was working perfectly. Things started going wrong about a year after we bought it when the bulb died. We changed the bulb and sometimes it would turn on and function normally, other times it would refuse to produce an image and just start making an unhappy noise. We attributed it to the bulb and ordered a new one after doing all of the troubleshooting we could find out there on the internet. The new bulb has the same problem. It worked at first and then went to making that noise that sounds as though it's overheating or something. Additionally, it has started making this regular beeping noise whenever it's on that is very low pitched. My husband can barely hear it, but it drives me crazy. We switched the new bulb with the old bulb and for the moment, at least, it's working. It's a shame, because we were so happy the first year or so after we had this, but now, I just want to get rid of it so that we can reliably have a working screen and I don't have to deal with that beeping noise anymore.

Any Problems: beeping noise projector not producing image

Review by Drive Wize

This projector is awesome. I am a safety comliance officer and trainer. I use this projector on a regular basis and I am very impressed with its performance in conferance rooms and also in the classroom.

Review by aws1981

Bought this projector a few days ago. Use it mainly for veiwing blu rays. The projector, unlike my tv accepts a 1080p signal. I am pleased with this projector. The image quality is so lifelike, even on a white wall. I am veiwing on a 90 inch screen. Image quality when dark is amazing. would reccomend to watch movies at night rather than day time. Otherwise just put a blanket over the window.

Any Problems: Cons: A bit noisy for a dedicated home theater but not too distracting as other projectors are. Recommend running in economy mode.

Review by JGDragov

Bought this as an open box item from Best Buy. I have used it for HD cable and Blu Ray movies. Excellent image quality for out of the box settings, especially from a business projector. Respectable throw lens and keystoning allows for easy placement. I have it behind my HT seats on the shelf. Fan noise isn't bad in Eco, could be a hair quieter. If you don't need a 1080p PJ then this is a great buy given it's price and out of the box settings.

Any Problems: Only that it isn't 1080p.

Review by reginald.f

I use this projector with 3 main sources. Bell express vu,a ps3 for blu ray and games,and a sony hd camcorder. I feed all the video hdmi to a high end yamaha receiver and one hdmi out to the projector. I use a 100 inch 16x9 fixed frame screen with around 1.3 gain and sit around 12 feet from it. The projector is ceiling mounted. This worked out to be wonderful as the projector detects and handles all easily. It even even switches the ps3 to presentation mode when the blu ray movies finish which is what most would want. This is the perfect setup for me. The projector is not something you would use in a dedicated home theater room for a video buff but the brightness allows it to to serve as a multifunction unit. I use it only in eco mode and find it bright, quiet, cheap and dependable to operate. You can not go wrong with this projector. My friends come over and are amazed. They dont know or care if it cost 700 or 7000 dollars .

Any Problems: Not really a problem but if you are like me and want to use your laptop from time to time then be forewarned.The usb does not have enough bandwidth to handle video so if that is your purpose you must use the vga unless you are fortunate enough to have a newer laptop with hdmi,unlike myself. That said, the usb is a quick setup and replicates the laptop beautifully.

Review by Jeremy

Excellent picture quality. Very bright. Hooked it up to a XBOX360 and it looks amazing!! I highly recomend. You will not be disappointed!! Thanks Epson...

Any Problems: None...

Review by TechXperts

The Epson EX71 delivers clear, accurate color for a variety of source components. When connected to a computer, the WXGA (1280 X 800) resolution offers sufficient real-estate for 2009's standards of web browsing and webpage content. Visiting page rich sites such as and was pleasant with minimal scrolling and resizing necessary. The text on a 100" diagonal 16:9 white screen was easily readable at size 8 font from 14' away! Text is sharp and clear and easily focused from the projector's manual slide. Movies played from a computer source are also vibrant and clear. The brightness will most likely satisfy anyone who can control their ambient lighting and who isn't using an unusually large screen. In an office environment with shades dropped and turned and lights lowered, images will be plenty visible with ambient lighting enough to take notes on the presentation. The same is true in a home theater environment. Movies or sports will be sufficiently visible even with lighting up enough to do other things in the room if necessary. If lighting is able to be reduced to near darkness or greater, the image is exceptional. With an upconverting dvd player connected to the HDMI port, content is just as clear as computer source content. Pixelization is visible since this is an LCD driven projector. But this is not an issue at 12' away or more. Colors are perfect from the factory, all set at "0". Brightness reduced to -7 (from "0") and contrast increased to 12 (from "0") gave me the best settings and proved correct with two different diagnostic discs. In normal mode the unit pushes noticeably more lumens but is louder than in eco mode. Eco mode is quiet enough to be unnoticeable. Setup and use were simple and would be even for novices. Windows Vista SP2 with nVidia 8600gt graphics card had no problem recognizing proper resolution without a restart. The unit is compact and light and would definitely be convenient for someone wanting to carry this equipment with a laptop to meetings and presentations. It is at home for powerpoints, web browsing, gaming and home theater and no major downsides were seen for any of theses applications.

Any Problems: Because this is a widescreen projector, most people will consider a widescreen screen to compliment it. Most widescreen screens on the market are 16:9 aspect ratio. This is fine for home theater setup with players set at 720p or less. However, connecting a computer and using the 1280x800 wxga resolution is 16:10. It will be necessary to reduce the size of the image on the 16:9 screen. You can simply set the pc to 1280x720 in order to eliminate adjusting the zoom on the projector. Not a major issue, but something those considering a hybrid projector should consider.