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Epson Home Cinema 5040UB User Reviews

Epson Home Cinema 5040UB Projector

Epson Home Cinema 5040UB

HD 1080 (1920x1080), 2500 ANSI Lumens,
24.3 lbs, $2,299 (MSRP)
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3.8 out of 5
10 User Ratings
Image Quality 4.2
Features 4.0
Construction 3.5
Ease of Use 4.2
Reliability 3.3
Value for Money 3.7

User Reviews

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Epson 4000 same issue do not turn on since beginning. What is happening to you EPSON?
Review by Jorge Nunez

Should have read commentaries here before I decided to trust in EPSON again after my 5030UB died after 3 years. Bad LCD issue, cyan vertical line, can not fix it. So, I give EPSON other chance, and I bought the 4000 new from Amazon. When home, installed it, and....didn't turn on. The lens cover open, couple of seconds and close. Blue status light and orange temp light flashing together....Epson web: "A fan or sensor has a problem; turn the projector off, unplug it, and contact Epson for help" Where is the quality control EPSON??? Am I so unlucky of having two defective projectors of the same brand? I'm a 15 year fan of projectors, never had a issue before. So ,call Epson. The customer service had to admit there is a problem and need to send the unit.I complained about quality issues....there no way Epson dispatch defective projectors. Customer service replied " there are really minimum amount of new defective projector, we sell thousands...."I see, i said....if that would be the answer of a BOEING customer service person, we are f-----d.. So, what do I have to do? do not want they send me back a refurbished unit!! Will ask for a refund.

Review by bill

I seems that Epson received a bad batch of power supplies from their supplier. 5030ub's and 5040ub's are a crap shoot.Mine lasted about 600 hours before it failed to light. sent it to an Epson "authorized" repair location $100to get it on the bench was told it was a ballast, it wasn't . they received a new part from Epson that didn't work either. was told it was dead and would cost $1000 for a whole new board. if you are spending this kind of money please read the online forums.

Review by Jay

Spent considerable time looking at specs of the Epson 5040ub and the comparable Sony and Optoma projectors. Ultimately, chose Epson because of the lumen output given that our projector is not used in a dedicated media room and we get plenty of light; otherwise, would have chosen Sony for the extra $1,000. The good: I upgraded from a Panasonic pt-ae8000. The lumen output, color, and picture quality are noticeably better on the Epson, and that was after I put a new Panasonic bulb in the pt-ae8000 so I was comparing the projectors at 0h each. I could not find any faults with the Epson until. . . The Bad: It died!!! Two weeks in, with less than 25 hours, it would not turn on. Tried different outlets and different cords. No luck. Went online and discovered multiple threads regarding power supply issues with this projector. Not sure of the failure rate, but there appears to be enough complaints that my experience is not an isolated incident. At least one reviewer before me on this site had the same issue. Rather than return the projector, I decided to give Epson another chance. Called customer service. Unlike the previous reviewer, a new (not refurbished) projector was sent federal express for overnight delivery. The customer service was exceptional, but not sure whether this is par for Epson or merely reflective of their knowledge of a significant power supply issue with the 5040ub and Epson's attempt to stay in front of the issue. Will update the review in a few months (or earlier if the new 5040ub dies).

Any Problems: Unit died within two weeks.

Review by neverepson

Horrible quality and terrible customer service

Any Problems: Do NOT buy! Run away! This is a poor quality product that is only eclipsed by even worse customer service. I bought this Epson projector from Amazon at the full price of $2,699.98 believing I was buying from a reputable company willing to back its products – oh, how wrong I was. This product only lasted for a couple of movies and when I called to resolve the faulty projector, Epson’s representatives merely regurgitated their warranty agreement to me like minutes from a courtroom. Got it Epson, you’re a read-the-fine-print company. Exactly 62 days from purchase and with a mere 20 hours of use, my projector completely died. It wouldn’t play movies, it wouldn’t turn on; it was totally dead. After an extraordinary amount of time on hold waiting to talk with a customer service rep, I finally spoke to someone who escalated my call to a “manager.” Within the hour and a half call I was required to jump through super technical troubleshooting hoops, such as “please make sure the projector is plugged in, sir.” For the record, it was plugged in. The manager finally consented that the projector was dead and said he would send me a NEW replacement. The emphasis on “NEW” is important, because that is not what Epson sent me. Epson did send a replacement projector; however, their replacement for my nearly-brand new projector was a scratched refurbished model (shipped to me with lens cover open). The pictures I’ve attached don’t quite do justice to the replacement projector, but you can still see that it is far from new and I have no idea how many hours of use it has on the scratched lens or other components…certainly more than 20 hours, I’m sure. My disappointed follow up call to customer service yielded nothing but longer wait after longer wait as I was transferred to one customer service rep after another. Each transfer required a recount of the problem and restating my request for a new replacement. My requests fell on annoyed ears, who would only state Epson sent me a “working” replacement already. As I told one service rep, “This is like buying a brand new car that completely dies after driving it around the block twice and then the dealership giving me a “replacement” car with 50K miles on it!” Yes, it is a working replacement, but if I wanted a used projector, I would have bought a used/refurbished one and saved $1k. In the end, Epson did not care and basically said I can either keep my dead projector or keep the used projector they already sent – pick one. So, if you’re looking for poor quality accompanied by feckless customer service, then look no further; this Epson projector is your answer. Otherwise, buy a comparable Sony projector and save yourself from a shoddy product and shady business practices. I will never buy an Epson product again.

Review by switz

After waiting in vain for Panasonic to finally come out with a new projector to upgrade from my AE4000 I finally gave up and started looking around for a new one. Based on everything I read, the Epson 5040 was the one. I couldn't believe the difference between my old projector and the new Epson. It was like going from Black & White to color. The blacks are really, really black and the whites are blinding. I have to run it on eco mode or my eyes will burn out. This projector has exceeded every expectation and more. I can't recommend it enough.

Any Problems: nope

Review by Max2know

I was surprised how well pixel shift technology worked. I'm a professional video engineer and it's definitely worth the price. Clarity and brightness is outstanding, not as stunning as a 4K TV with backlighting feature but you'd have to go to a projector with 3500 lumens to compete with that. Excellent machine for the price.

Any Problems: Drawbacks: Two HDMI inputs and one VGA input but no component. If either HDMI input has a 4K source then can't use Picture-in-Picture feature. The same with 3D use. Wish 4K worked in P-in-P but ultimately love this projector, Epson has created an amazing less than $3K projector to please any enthusiast.

Review by Adam

I have been a projector owner for the past 15 years and regularly follow the latest technology advancements. I have held off on my latest upgrade for the past 3 years, awaiting something special with a "value for money" proposition and with the 5040 i found it with HDR, 4k e-shift and brightness. I play 1080p content and not native 4k so going the next step to native 4k is not worth it for me at this stage. Well, this projector has been nothing short of absolutely amazing. The biggest difference between this projector and others is the e-shift. The clarity is unbelievable, actually improving the source materials which I have always thought of as being impossible. You can play movies from a portable drive at say 4GB in size and the 5040 literally (somehow) improves the detail and it look like you're watching a blu-ray from disc. Playing original blu-rays is something else...I honestly don't think you could get a better picture (not that my eyes could see anyway!). Colors pop and there is a depth with the inky blacks that when shown together are simply breathtaking. The problem I have now is I struggle to follow the story-line because I keep getting side-tracked/absorbed by the visuals. I'm going to have to stick with simple action flicks i think... I decided to test the 4k enhancement levels out (options 1 thru 5 are available, increasing sharpness as the number increases). I found a scene with some small newspaper print in a movie, paused the picture and then started engaging the enhancement feature. Somehow, the letters get clearer with each incremental step in adjustment, going from somewhat blurry (limitation of the source) to sharp. I don't know how its doing this, but it is. I can understand how the effect works in a general picture by "interpreting" pixels to make the picture appear clearer, but this thing is somehow inventing detail in the right places...and no I'm not crazy, I had my wife verify this...we both had our eyes planted on letters 30cm away from the screen. I recently had friends come over who brought their own movie on a portable drive. They were blown away when I showed them how this improved their source material. They couldn't understand how I was getting a clearer picture on my 140" screen than they could on their 60" tv. Now, i can understand when a bloke appreciates a clear image, but when his missus says "oh my god, how does the projector make the image so clear" it says something to me....well in my circle of friends anyway! As you can tell I am absolutely thrilled with this projector, which I am using through Epson's wireless module.

Any Problems: The only problem I have encountered is the time to sinc. the wireless image. It can take about 7-10 seconds at startup. This is not a problem apart from if you flick to a satellite tv channel that has intermittent signal drop-out. Instead of the picture flicking on and off like regular tv for half a second, then wireless device needs to re-establish its connection which can mean another 7-10 second wait. I fixed this by calling the satellite tv guy and having him re-position the satellite so there were no drop-outs.

Review by Salah

Im a hometheater installer, I did try Epson ls10000 , Epson 5030/6030 , jvc x550, plus others, nothing is even near this projector, picture quality is stunning, specially if you have a screen size over 110" ,you will need Epson 5040/6040 , not others, thank you Epson for this technology

Review by Gary

Trying to get help is almost impossible. Tech support has no idea.

Any Problems: Tried to set up Roku 4. Called epson tech support when I could not set up 4K source. They told me the Roku 4 is not supported. Called Roku, they said must be another problem. I played with it and found a connection problem with my amp and and hdmi switching device. Took that out of line and it worked with no problems.

Review by Kwesley

With only two weeks of usage I'll say that it blows any other projector I've personally seen out of the water. 4k enhancement helps with the screen door effect and watching The Martian in 4k with HDR was one of the if not the best experience I've had in my home theater. Highly recommended.

Any Problems: Not really and problem but I'd like the remote to be smaller.