Epson MASARY Studios lifestyle1
Photo by Misha Barshteyn

Commissioned by non-profit arts organization FirstWorks, Boston-based artist collective MASARY Studios leveraged Epson laser projectors to create an immersive performance installation for visitors at the historic Grace Church in Providence, R.I. As part of Providence's "Three Nights of Lights" public celebration, MASARY Studios delivered an immersive experience of illumination and sound titled "Recursion and Release" using Epson's powerful projectors with stunning images and vivid color.

MASARY Studios is a transdisciplinary art studio that explores environments through site-specific installations using sound, light, interactivity, and performance. "Recursion and Release" explored three environments at Grace Church through an acoustic vocal ensemble, digital audio manipulation, video projection, and dynamic lighting. In harmony with the spatialized sound and light, the immersive experience featured a new composition for vocal ensemble by pioneering composer, bandleader and multi-instrumentalist Kitty Brazelton.

"Right in the middle of downtown Providence, Grace Church is an iconic building combining neo-Gothic and modern architectures; a true masterpiece for us to use as a canvas for this project," said Samo Okerstrom-Lang, principal, MASARY Studios. "The pavilion we worked within at the church has a glass facade, and we used the Epson projectors on the contemporary vaulted ceiling to create an immersive artwork driven by choral singers. Three levels of vocal music were realized into visual images to perform and create a light and sound installation to inspire multiple senses."

Epson MASARY Studios lifestyle2
Photo by Misha Barshteyn

MASARY Studios leveraged five Epson Pro Series 15,000-lumen, 3-chip 3LCD laser projectors with 4K Enhancement Technology to create the installation. "The quality of black from the Epson laser technology helps with the fidelity of the artwork," said Okerstrom-Lang. "The projectors' compact size and setup tools lend themselves to better efficiencies for our team during the installation."

"We were thrilled to welcome well over 1,000 people to Grace Church through this magical event," said Rev. Canon Jonathan Huyck, Rector, Grace Church Providence. "As rector of the parish for the last 14 years, I have never seen our pavilion more creatively used, and it was wonderful to see the church host such a joyful gathering in this holiday season."

Epson MASARY Studios lifestyle3
Photo by Misha Barshteyn

MASARY Studios brought the flexibility and nuance of the human voice together with real-time audio analysis, signal manipulation and audio-reactive video to allow all the parts of the art to be in conversation with each other. Epson projectors helped MASARY Studios blend media art performance technologies, music composition and choral singing into one.

"The Epson laser projector technology gave us the brightness and high-quality images we needed to make a lasting impression for visitors," said Okerstrom-Lang. "When working within a historic building like Grace Church—that wasn't designed for the modern technologies we have today—we rely on the flexibility of the technology to create impactful images within tight space constraints. Epson offers projector frames and lens options for a variety of ranges that make our installation seamless."

Epson MASARY Studios lifestyle4
Photo by Misha Barshteyn

"Epson projectors are designed to handle not only the rigors of live events and art installations, but also unique and beautiful facilities like the historic Grace Church," said Ramzi Shakra, senior product manager, Epson America, Inc. "Merging brightness and versatility with a full suite of tools and technology, Epson's projectors allow creative professionals like MASARY Studios to create inspiring and impactful events."


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