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Epson LightScene EV-100 3LCD Laser Projector Review

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Intended Use:
Epson LightScene EV-100 Projector Epson LightScene EV-100
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2000 Lumens
$2,499 Street Price

Connections & Measurements



• (1) HDMI
• (1) SD Card (supports Class 10 card up to 32 GB)
• (1) Audio out (3.5mm stereo mini Jack)
• (1) USB Type A (power only)
• (1) USB Type Mini B (for firmware upgrades)
• (1) LAN RJ-45 (data and control)
• Integrated wireless 802.11b/g/n (for wireless network and direct connect; for data and control)

Brightness. The LightScene EV-100's measured brightness came in a bit higher than the 2,000 lumen rating in its brightest mode. With the 1.58x optical zoom set to its widest angle setting, the measured ANSI lumens for Normal (full power), Quiet, and Extended power modes in each of the two color modes was as follows:

Epson LightScene EV-100 ANSI Lumens

MODE Normal Quiet Extended
Dynamic 2,385 1,175 1,061
Normal 1,987 989 909

In addition to the three predefined power modes, you can use the Custom mode to set power at any level from 50 to 100 in increments of 1. The settings are roughly equivalent to percentages, so Custom at 100% is the same as Normal. At 90, it's about 10% lower, at 80 it's about 20% lower than 100%, and so on. At 55, it was roughly as bright as Quiet mode, and at 50 it was roughly as bright as Extended mode.

Zoom Lens Light Loss: 8%

Brightness Uniformity (Wide Zoom): 82%

Brightness Uniformity (Full Telephoto Zoom): 81%

Fan Noise. Epson rates Normal power mode at 34 dB and Quiet mode at a much quieter 22 dB. Both are the kind of steady hum that tends to fade into the background, particularly if there's any ambient noise. It's hard to believe anyone would be bothered by the sound—or even notice it—in the kind of venues that the EV-100 is meant for.

Epson recommends High Altitude mode at 4,921 feet and above. Paired with Normal power mode, it's loud enough that you'll probably want to avoid it in locations with little ambient noise and people standing close to the projector. But it shouldn't be a problem in Quiet mode, which is quieter with High Altitude mode on than Normal is with High Altitude mode off.

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Comments (3) Post a Comment
Patrick Reynolds Posted Jul 20, 2019 6:50 AM PST
Sleek? It's H U G E. Since when does a oversized security cam qualify as sleek. It may take commercial laser projectors by storm but sleek it ain't.
Stunko Posted Jul 20, 2019 3:54 PM PST
Rather useless, and ridicuilously priced to boot. USD $2,499 -- for WHAT exactly? Next, Epson?
Bob Osterman Posted Jul 23, 2019 11:16 PM PST
Patrick--"sleek" has to do with design, not size. You can legitimately argue that you think it's not sleek because it looks clunky to you, but the definitions of sleek on Merriam-Webster site include "sleek cattle" and "sleek car" as examples, and this is a lot smaller than either of those. When it comes to sleek, size ain't the issue.

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