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Epson PowerLite Home Cinema 1080 User Reviews

Epson PowerLite Home Cinema 1080 Projector

Epson PowerLite Home Cinema 1080

HD 1080 (1920x1080), 1200 ANSI Lumens,
12.0 lbs, $2,299 (MSRP)
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4.7 out of 5
6 User Ratings
Image Quality 4.5
Features 4.7
Construction 4.8
Ease of Use 4.5
Reliability 4.8
Value for Money 4.8

User Reviews

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Review by junait

I've had this projector for about 6 months now and I'm as impressed with it as I was the first day I got it. I have HD cable,PS3 and XBOX 360 Elite connected to it and the picture quality is simply amazing from all sources. Just a few years ago you would have to spend over $30K to get this image on a projector. I strongly recommend it.

Any Problems: I use it everyday and I've had absolutely no problems with it.

Review by blobby

Got this on saturday and its brilliant. On the dynamic mode its a fair fight for picture quality with my hitachi plasma in a daylite environment and the projector is on a wall and not a screen! using hte theater 2 mode it give a fantastic picture in a light controlled room. As for beeing less sharp than the ae300u - I tried both on the wall and the tw1000 was considerable sharper ( feed from a two dvi video card 8600gts fyi ). With the transformers dvd the picture was stunning ( actually both units were good for this film - oh well ) but when I tried the last samuari hddvd at 1080i the 300 was completely outclassed - chapter 13 as I recall - the forest charge is my test. the optical shift is good two got a good 80" image with the projector at the bottom right of the image and ull zoom from not far away. All and all bloody impressed so far. The lcd notes in the warranty however are rubbish. If I get discoloured areas or obvious dark or shiney spots - thats faulty to me. And the commerce commission in nz aggrees - you say to does 1920x1080 it has too. 1919x1080 is not the same!

Any Problems: none yet. A bit loud at hight lamp power - but my dell laptop is noiser when the far runs so....

Review by KD

I've had this projector for about two weeks now and have been amazed. The picture is amazing with beautiful and accurate colors, deep blacks and tremendous detail. Although there was a good picture out of the box, calibration brings out the very best. I used two different calibration discs and the HD images on a 106" screen are as good as I've seen. Need to read the manual carefully to get the settings correct for HD. For the money, this is the best projector currently available.

Any Problems: One kid has moved back into the house.

Review by canbbb

Image is great (I use both 1080i HDTV and 720p DVD), blacks are quite black and brightness is one of the best I've ever seen. It just replaced my old Sharp XV-Z90U (which had also quite good color separation), but this new technology is far above and beyond. The best things about this projector is its value... I can't believe I paid less than CA$4,000 for this !!!

Any Problems: The only problem I find is that the manual is way too simplistic. There is no explanation of many of the advanced features... you have to go on the web and research if you want to know what some of the things do.

Review by TG

Have only had unit a short time, but I have had multiple projectors (DLP, LCD, D-ILA). Great picture in my opinion. Black level less than the very best, but considerably better than the technology even 1-2y ago. 1080P images are very smooth and sharp. Good brightness and a lot of settings to adjust the image. Decent color right out of the box. Convergence is the best of any 3 panel units I have ever owned. This projector is an excellent value for the money. Very impressive picture and really shows off the high def formats. One of those times when you say "I can't believe I am getting this picture at this price". Will be having the unit calibrated and should be even better.

Any Problems: The auto iris can be heard sometimes, but can be switched off if bothersome. Well constructed unit and will be very popular.

Review by Richard

I have had this unit for a few days now, and can determine the following. Excellent blacks, no screen door, very quiet, very bright, placement ability is excellent (lens shift and very powerful zoom). Good image on HDMI - a bit less so on component. Solidly built.

Any Problems: Image is a bit soft compared to my old Panny PT-L300u - even with sharpness cranked up to top point. Large and heavy compared to PT-L300u, not designed to be a portable projector. Fairly expensive though a bargain for 1080p for now. Menu system can be a little intimidating - a large number of choices that takes some understanding.