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Epson PowerLite Pro Cinema 800 User Reviews

Epson PowerLite Pro Cinema 800 Projector

Epson PowerLite Pro Cinema 800

HD 720 (1280x720), 1600 ANSI Lumens,
11.5 lbs, $1,999 (MSRP)
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4.8 out of 5
9 User Ratings
Image Quality 4.8
Features 4.9
Construction 4.9
Ease of Use 4.7
Reliability 4.8
Value for Money 5.0
Maxell MP-WU5603
WUXGA Conference Room Projector

User Reviews

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Review by LensViews

I compared this projector to the best 720p DILA projectors (from JVC and Runco Vidikron). The Epson, while not as filmlike, was brighter and easier to use - and it's 1/3 to 1/2 the price. Flexibility in placement is outstanding, perhaps the best out there. Sharpness, which is a factor determined much more by source than by the projector anyhow, is excellent. (Variation in sharpness from DVD to DVD or one HDTV channel to another is disturbingly significant.)

Any Problems: If you watch many black & white movies, as I do, you may observe a color shift across the field: green to the left side, red to the right. I checked out three Epson 800s and one 550, and they all exhibited this shift to varying degrees. The effect is not profound, but it is noticeable, especially once pointed out. Widescreen movies are more affected than 4:3 for obvious reasons; but color movies are not, since color varies from moment to moment while black & white films should exhibit no chroma and therefore we are aware of color abberations more readily. I should add that I was aware of this anomaly before purchase, and I choose the 800 anyhow because all the other factors made this the best choice overall. I've lived with the 800 now for 3 months and I don't regret my purchase despite the problem. In my comparisons, by the way, the 800 was clearly better than the 550, though the latter is a steal at the price. In this case, you get what you pay for.

Panasonic PT-VMZ50U
WUXGA Conference Room Projector
Review by CK

I've been considering adding a home theater for about two years. After much online research I decided on the Cinema 800 for a variety of reasons; brightness, contrast ratio, and warranty were just a few. I could not be more pleased! I'm projecting a 132' image from a distance of about 19.5 feet. It is in a multi-use family room that basically has one wall that is all glass. This was not a concern since I intended to use it mostly at night. I paid a professional installer to run the cables and calibrate the projector. To both of our amazement, the projector needed nothing more than image placement and even he could not believe the brightness during the daytime. At night it looks as good as any movie theater sitting about 18+ feet from the screen. My DVD player is a Sony multidisc unit that I was considering replacing with a better unit once my setup was in place. This won't be neccesary. I was a bit hesitant in buying a projector on specs and reviews only. Other than the consumer stuff that's out there and the high end dealer showrooms that seem to push Runco, it is difficult to really see a lot of the units available today up and running. I would easily compare the picture of the Epson 800 to a Sony 1080 unit(not nearly as bright and even the dealer suggested that I keep the screen to about 100" diagonal) that I was considering at one of the high end audio guys in town. The Sony unit was over twice as much as I paid for the Epson. Bottom line...You can spend a lot more...and possibly get a bit more ...spend a lot less..and from what I've seen, get a lot less, or buy the 800 and get a state of the art projector that is just right.

Any Problems: Can't figure out how to integrate my 15 year old's schoolwork into movie format. Who knows, maybe he'll be the next Speilberg or Lucas....

Review by Alma

I bought 1 week ago and I could not use to much,but the pictures looks great.Before this projector I had a NEC HT-1000,but you can not compare with epson.And the price is also excellent.Just I can dedicate to everybody

Any Problems: NO,problems yet

Review by vpmoffatt

Absolutely amazing picture right out of the box! Have had the PJ for 3 weeks and have not had to do any custom adjustments. The presettings are right on target. The Super Bowl was stunning on 110” screen in HD. If this PJ is in your price range, you will be making an excellent choice!

Any Problems: None!

Review by Billy

Let me start off by saying that I'm a graphic designer by trade, so all I do is stare at colorful imagery all day. I was upgrading from an InFocus X1 which was sub-par for my standards. I was looking for a projector with both accurate color and for something that could handle some ambient light for when I watch the Super Bowl. Let me just say, I LOOOOOOOVE THIS PROJECTOR!!! I've hooked it up to a Denon DVD-1920 via HDMI and an HDTV reciever (also HDMI) and both look AMAZING! The HD signal is flawless! The DVD image is only slightly softer due to the resolution restraints of the DVD. I am also a huge Star Wars fan and Revenge of the Sith's opening scene is unbelieveable. All the detail of the scene is far superior to the X1 and I'm even finding things that I had never noticed before. I've spent days playing my favorite scenes from my favorite DVDs just for the awe factor. I felt like I was watching Empire Strikes Back for the the first time all over again! I wish I were exadurating because I sound like a loon, but trust me when I say that this PJ rocks!

Any Problems: I don't have enough time to watch more movies!

Review by CY

Compared to the SONY VW-10 and Infocus SP4805 I owned and Yamaha DPX-1000 thatI have some viewing experience. The picture quality of EPSON Powerlite Pro Cinema 800 (TW-600 in other region) is really good. There is no over-claim of the contrast ratio of 5000:1. I enjoy very much the headroom of 1600 ANSI that is sufficient even for day time viewing.

Any Problems: Thw fan noise for the high brightness mode of 32 dB is not particularly quiet. I have a problem initially for viewing HDMI picture for DVD that was originally 4:3 aspect ratio. The picture become WIDE! A slim woman will become a fat woman! After a long struggle, the problem was solved by setting my Yamaha DVD player S2500 HDMI output from 720p to 480p. Please note that the excellent value for money rating only refering to my purchase price of less less than $1,800 outsidw US. Not the $4,499 MSRP in US.

Review by Keith@SG

Just got the new Epson TW600 lst night to replace my HT1100. Plugged in and what a difference to the picture; even on Cable. Spent all night watching DVD's - fantastic detail, colour - even the Wife was impressed.....

Any Problems: No probmes yet - the projector worked perfect out of the box

Review by Jim Kaye

I've been using this projector a couple of weeks now. The picture is excellent, even in high ambient light. I used U571 DVD as test. Best blacks are in cinema night mode with minimal loss of shadow detail. It easily rivaled DLP projectors I've seen in this price range, but with much better brightness. Colors are very vivid. No screen door noticed on a 102" diag screen at 13.5 feet. Fan noise is barely noticable. HDTV fron sattelite is absolutely unbelievable. Epson has a real winner here.

Any Problems: The manual zoom, offsets and focus are a bit awkward to use as I have the unit mounted high on a shelf in an adjoining room.

Review by Alain

I had a demo of the EMP-TW600 in Singapore at a HiFi/HT show 2 weeks ago. This model appears to be the Euro/Asia version of the Cinema 800. Basically the same specification, only difference seems to be the power supply which is capable of 240/120V switching. Other than that it is point to point similar. The housing is a white/silver combination instead of black. They have also the EMP-TW520 that seems to be the same model than the Cinema 550. The specs of the EMP-TW600 can be found there: The picture looked very good even if the demo room was not well designed and that they were projecting picture from 2 different models side by side which tended to wash out part of the image. There is no screen door effect, even at very close range but the image seemed to me slightly soft. No noticeable VB. Black levels/contrast where pretty good on LOTR considering the room condition. All this was also after viewing much pricer model in other (much better) rooms (including 3 chip DLP and latest IDLA 1080p). What was the most surprising was the price. MSRP for the EMP-TW600 in Singapore is S$3500 (around US$2000). And the special discount price at the show was S$2500 (around US$1500)! This is a lot cheaper than the US MSRP. One has to wonder why the cost is retail price is so low. While browsing the Net looking for info regarding this projector I found very interesting information regarding a new technology from Epson called "C2 Fine" that will be available soon in 2006. Have a look there, the pictures speak for themselves: May be Epson and likely other manufacturer are clearing its stock C5 chips already. .. I am now looking for more bargain or for the next killer tech.

Any Problems: Having much trouble to convience my wife setting up a video projector in the living room!