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Epson PowerLite S1 User Reviews

Epson PowerLite S1 Projector

Epson PowerLite S1

SVGA (800x600), 1200 ANSI Lumens,
7.0 lbs, $1,749 (MSRP)
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4.3 out of 5
39 User Ratings
Image Quality 4.2
Features 4.1
Construction 4.4
Ease of Use 4.6
Reliability 4.3
Value for Money 4.4

User Reviews

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Review by Sonic Stephen

I bought this projector about two months ago and I'm blown away by the picture quality, low noise levels and the overall ease of use. It's a fantastic bit of kit. Like some of the other reviewers here, I would suggest using the component input for movie watching. It knocks 7 bells out of projectors like my previous Infocus X1 whose rainbow effects had me reaching for the headache pills.

Any Problems: None whatsoever.

Review by Al

I have used a lot of projectors as I am college computer programming teacher. This epson is fine for basic computer projection, however, as a home theater projector it fails miserably! I have never seen any projector at any price or resolution with as obvious a SCREEN DOOR EFFECT as this one! I mean, it is so distracting that I would rather watch a 19 TV then anything from regular TV projected with this! I do not understand how any of the previous reviewers can say the image is excellent for video???? I have personally owned an Infocus lp 400 which had a decent image. A dell which had a good image if it would have worked more then 3 month. I even owned an old, lowly Sharp 690 and that one had less SDE, granted, the Epson was brighter, but so is a car light in you eye. Not sure I would want to stare at it for any length of time.

Any Problems: None, and as I stated, perfectly acceptable for computer images BUT totally unacceptable for any kind of video!

Review by Dan Clark

I got this projector 2 days ago for $400 US after rebate. For that amount of money, it was worth it. That being said, my wife thinks its just fine. However, I can definately see the screendoor effect quite often when I was viewing DVDs on it. Dont get me wrong, for $400 to $900, I think this is an ok projector, however, I'm willing to pay more because the picture looks slightly fuzzy at times (almost VHS quality) at times for movies like 'Joe Dirt' which I've played on my Panasonic 42" plasma and it looks extremely clear. Some scenes look very sharp w/ this proj and some you definately see some banding on the sides of the screen and the screendoor. I previously owned the Dell 2200 MP and that POS was rainbow city. I'm returning this and getting the Sanyo PLV-Z3 (for $1700). I watched Matrix Reloaded on the Epson S1 and it felt like I was watching it on a 1970s tv at times. I demand more clarity. Overall though, if you want an average, ok projector this one is ok, its just not knock your socks off or great.

Any Problems: Read above

Review by J. Boe

After a hundred hours+ of watching movies, I'm still impressed. Colors from DVD are juicy, using component input. Everybody loves it!

Any Problems: Colors from local cable and laserdisc player (composite input) are a little bland; adjustment of contrast/saturation required.

Review by Bob

Decent picture, noticeable screendoor. Get something else.

Any Problems: I've exchanged this 6 times thru warranty service due to green stuck pixels. Each one they send me have green pixels in different areas. They even upgraded me to 3 different brand new s1+ and those have the problem and 2 of those also had bad vertical banding. They even had tech check out one of the new ones before it was sent and it was bad.

Review by Peter

Had to exchange it 4 times already. Will break down after one use. Epson refuses to return my money. returning it every week doesn't work when u have to be out of town weeks at a time doing presentations. i've spent so much money renting a damn projector to work instead of this one

Review by bigtexinco

I bought my S1 and the edges of the screen were turning green on the picture, i called Epson and they told me it was an internal power failure, they said it was common with this model, so i took it back to the store and got a new one, the second one had same problem and about 15 dead pixels, i called again, they sent me another speedy, but it had a broken lens, and dead pixels, and they told me a tech had tested it before it was sent-- i sent it back and returned the one to the store, it only took three weeks to get a refund check!!!!! BAD DECISION


Review by chuck

Well i have had this projector for about 4 months now, In that time i have upgraded my dvd player from using the s-video connection, to the component connection. WOW what an improvement in picture quality, so i thought could the picture get any better??? so i decided a couple days ago to just try a progressive scan and see if it is much of a difference..IF YOU DONT HAVE PROGRESSIVE SCAN, GET IT!!!! This projectors justice is served as soon as you watch movies on a progressive scan dvd, so if u have this projector, or ur going to buy it get the 35 dollar component cable, and buy a progressive scan dvd player, I have the SONY 725 AND LOVE IT!!!!!!

Review by Missery Gut

awesome pic really clear and good definition, running it at just above 100" and the pic looks awesme, no noticable pixelation and the pic is very bright, excellent value for money

Any Problems: none

Review by Dude

I'm happy with this projector. Nice design, great picture. I got VCR hooked up to watch TV, DVD to watch movies and computer to watch digital photos and such. The impact of watching holiday photos on a 120" projection is great.. lots of fun. DVD's look beautiful and watching sport events on TV will never be the same anymore! Thanks to cheap bulbs, I don't even bother trying to save them. Great value!

Any Problems: You can notice screendoor effect if you make the picture too large and get too close. But then, you don't want to watch a huge picture too close, just like you don't go to the front row in a movie theatre.

Review by projector guy

Stay away from LCD if DLP's dont bother you. I have tested many projectors and would recommend to anyone to get the Infocus X1 or the HP XB31. These 2 KILL this projector in picture quality. They are not even close. This projector does have good color. The clairity and contrast of the X1 or XB31 is in a different league compaired to the S1.

Any Problems: I feel like I'm watching TV from behind the neighbours SCREEN DOOR!

Review by Ben Corp.

I have 2 from these things for live perform in clubs & little events places with my bluesband Lazy Frank & The 55 French Potatoes from Belgium. Fantastic to work with!Low price! Easy set-up in few seconds!Connect on my notebook,always extra entertainment while playing with the Epson-S1.

Any Problems: Still none!!!

Review by Peace

The Epson S1 puts out a crisp, bright, vivid picture. The picture is bright enough even with ambient lighting, though a dark room makes for the best quality picture. It's a great LCD projector for $900. I get a 100" image on the wall and don't notice a screendoor effect unless I get up very close. Best of all, NO rainbow shimmer effect that's common with DLP projectors. It's a true theater experience for less than the price of a lousy 52" rear projection tv.

Review by Wiebo_neo

Very bad zoom, which makes setting Up a real time eating job. Picture is ok, but not great, fot this monye, Get the Infocus X1

Any Problems: ZOOM!!!!

Review by David

My S1 is a replacement for the Infocus X1 I got for my home theater. I find the image from the S1 just a good as the X1 in most respects. I went with the S1 because of the rainbows on the X1,(which are really bad). For the money ($860.00 for a refurbished projector), you can't go wrong.

Any Problems: The first projector had a dead pixel in the center of the screen. Be sre you can return or exchange yours.

Review by Mike

At the behest of a local salesman (large commission box store), I bought one of these projectors. They didn't have any projectors on display to see, and he said try it out and if it wasn't quite what I wanted it to return it within 14 days no questions asked. The projector makes a very nice bright image. I found it watchable with the lights on, although the colors washed out quite a bit. With the lights off, it was pretty good. With high contrast dvd's like Finding Nemo, it was bordering on spectacular, but with low contrast dvd's like Two Towers, it was not as good. The black levels were pretty mediocre compared to say a crt projector. I found my best pictures came from hooking up directly to my computer at 800x600 or higher using the SVGA connector. SVideo was a bit fuzzy by comparision, and RCA output was around as good as TV output. I have no line doubler for any of these formats, and I suspect using them would clean the image up considerably. Screen door effect was there, however, at around 1.2 or 1.5x the screen width distance, it faded to unnoticable. Computer pictures were great, and ps2 played quite well. All in all, a very good projector, however, it's not quite the contrast levels I'm looking for. I suspect, however, that a good many people would find it to be an excellent choice.

Review by chuck

Very awesome projector, i recently purchased a dell 2200mp and Saw the dreaded rainbows. So i packed it up, and ordered the epson S1. I hooked it up, the picture was pretty much the same, contrast level not quite as good, the screendoor is greatly reduced with this projector, and for the money, It is a great buy..And the best thing there are no rainbows. The Component option is best bet for dvd video, beautiful picture. When watching dlp even when i didnt see the rainbow, it gave me a headache, as soon as i opened the epson i watched it for 5 hrs straight, tv/dvd/video games, all look beautiful

Any Problems: nope

Review by Nagroth9

I just purchased the Powerlite S1, and I was happy with the purchase. I did notice the contrast levels (the blacks are near black but they needed to be darker) being a little lacking compared to the DLP projectors. The color accuracy made up for that fault though. I found the "dynamic" color mode to be the best choice for home theater use. The other color options were biased towards orange/red. I calibrated the projector with the Sound and Vision HT calibration DVD. The projector is VERY bright too, so the picture seems sharp, not dull. I would HIGHLY recommend the use of a Progressive scan DVD player with component video cables because the "screen door" effect is noticeable, I found, without it. All in all, besides the contrast being a little low, I found the Epson S1 to be pleasing as a home theater projector for the money.

Review by Litewerks

Great projector for the money. We use it with both Video and computer graphics. Even with the room lights on it has a great picture. Would highly reccomend for an entry level unit.

Review by sanjay

Very very good projector a very good price. Very easy to setup and picture quality is very good.

Any Problems: None