With a "Rockin' Robots" theme, this year the South Florida Fair greeted attendees with a massive robot sand sculpture brought to life through projection mapping. Tasked with delivering a "wow" moment upon entry, The Electric Dream Machine (EDM) co-founders, Jasper Mosher and Shelby Wilson, used a collection of Epson 3LCD projectors to map eye-popping color and detail onto the robot sand sculpture that stood 10 feet high, expanded 40 feet long and extended 20 feet wide. EDM also mapped a 20-foot by 40-foot mural that stood behind the sand sculpture. EDM worked with South Florida Fair's director of brand management Rita De Mier-Lincoln and expo facility manager Alex Rodriguez on the attraction that was active for 15 days and enjoyed by over 400,000 visitors.

Lighting up projects across cities in the U.S., EDM has been collecting and using Epson projectors for several years. With a wide selection of Epson projectors on-hand, Mosher used different shapes, sizes and brightness levels to illuminate the sand sculpture noting, "Epson's 3-chip 3LCD projection technology has the ability to deliver color with accuracy, saturation and vibrancy. For this project in particular, the versatility Epson offers in its lineup was also huge. While I loved working with sand as a canvas, it was a complicated structure with lots of nooks and crannies and the adaptable projectors allowed me to achieve vibrant projection from every angle needed."

For this installation, Mosher chose to use a selection of Epson's Pro and Home Cinema models—including a Pro L1500UH, two Pro L1405Us, three Pro G7500Us, a Pro G6050W, and two Home Cinema 2250s. The projectors were connected with three Datapath FX4-H units that were running Resolume Arena 7 software.

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With design and sound effects by Glennis McClellan and Estevan Padilla of Show Element Lab, the sculpture was carved by Sandtastic and EDM was brought on to illuminate the project. EDM used the lineup of exclusively Epson projectors and Resolume Software to add life to the sculpture. Using incredibly detailed projection mapping techniques, each robot was projected onto from the front, side and around the corners to ensure visitors received a 270-degree walkaround experience. Epson's versatility and interchangeable lens options allowed for easy installation to get all the right angles. The projected elements synchronized with eight different songs and settings, allowing each passerby to enjoy something different—even if attending the fair more than once.

"Aiming for a new, fun theme every year, robots had been something we've wanted to do for quite some time," said De Mier-Lincoln. "Incorporating the projection mapped robots on a sand sculpture added an extra layer of excitement for every guest as they entered the fair."

"In previous years we used giant backdrops that resulted in a lot of waste," she went on. "Switching to sand and Epson projectors not only allowed us to create something spectacular with captivating color and design, but also saved us immensely on costs. We were able to spark the 'oohs and ahhs' from guests without wasting material when it's time to close up shop."

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Epson's 3-chip 3LCD projector solutions allow users to push the boundaries of digital and physical to create magical displays without being obtrusive. Enabling artists to focus on creation and content, Epson's full suite of projectors offer state-of-the-art 3-chip projection technology, interchangeable lenses, durability and true to life color output for extraordinary image quality and incredible brightness. Combining advanced projection tools and flexible installation features, Epson projectors are engineered to deliver reliable projection that blends discreetly into virtually any environment where impressive displays are required. For more information visit, www.epson.com/projectors.

For more detailed specifications and connections, check out our Epson Pro L1500UH projector page.

The Epson Pro L1500UH is also sold outside of the United States of America as the Epson EB-L1500UH. Some specifications may be slightly different. Check with Epson for complete specifications.


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