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Epson PowerLite 93+ Projector Epson PowerLite 93+
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2000:1 Contrast Ratio
2600 Lumens
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Epson PowerLite 93+
Classroom Projector

Allan Abbott, May 16, 2012

Key Features

Connectivity - The 93+ has got it all: dual VGA connectors for computers or component video, composite video, S-video, USB Type A and Type B, HDMI, RS-232 and RJ-45 network connections, audio in and out, and a VGA monitor loop through.

Audio Output - You will not find any other sub-$600 projectors with a whopping 16-watt audio capability. This means that for most medium-size classrooms, no external audio amplification is needed to fill the room with sound. At the high end of the volume setting, there is a bit of rumble, but a ¾ setting is plenty for most classrooms.

Networking -Wired networks connect via the RJ-45 connector, and options such as e-mail alerts in the case of projector failure can be provided. Setting up SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) is easy, and you can control networked projectors using a Web-based browser. If available on your network, you can activate Crestron's RoomView system for projector command and control.

Presets - The 93+ has five Preset modes (Dynamic, Presentation, Theatre, Photo, and sRGB) and two board modes (Whiteboard and Blackboard) that preset image adjustments for each application. In many low-cost projectors, these presets miss the mark in terms of image quality, but the 93+ has gotten it right. Contrast, brightness, and color temperature are very close to optimal, especially in Theatre and Photo modes. And if you are not satisfied, the 93+ has one of the most extensive array of image controls of any projector we have seen in its class.

Picture Controls - The 93+ not only allows saturation and tint adjustments for any source, but it also gives you individual control over red, green, and blue intensity for any input and for any Preset. Your individual settings are stored for each mode, and this eliminates the need for the User mode normally found in this class of projector.

Menu Selection and Navigation - The on-screen menus for the 93+ are typically three levels deep, but their construction is intuitive and easy to navigate. Menu position is immovable, but common settings like brightness and contrast are reduced to a single line at the bottom of the image so it is easy to see what effect changes are having.

Keystone Correction - Vertical keystone correction on the order of ±40° is common on many projectors, but horizontal correction is unusual on low-cost projectors. However, the 93+ has ±30° of horizontal correction. As an added attraction, there is a built-in feature called Quick Corner which allows individual squaring of all four corners of the image. Suffice it to say that locating the projector off axis from the screen is no problem for the 93+.

Closed Captioning - Closed captioning in the classroom is required to meet the requirements of ADA508 for hearing-impaired students. With built-in closed captioning, schools can save the cost of a decoder and its installation.

USB Connection -Two types of USB connection are available on the 93+. A PC or a Mac can connect via the Type B connector and stream data or video, and devices such as thumb drives or document cameras can be connected via the Type A connector.

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