University of San Francisco Reaches New Heights of Learning With Epson 3LCD PowerLite® Projectors

"Epson 3LCD projectors are definitely creating new vistas of learning at the University of San Francisco." -- Larry Montagna, Manager of Classroom Technology, University of San Francisco

The University of San Francisco, perched on one of San Francisco's highest hills, has some of the best views in the city by the bay. With sweeping vistas over the Golden Gate Bridge, the San Francisco Bay and downtown, USF also focuses on the big picture of technology. The university has transformed over 75 classrooms and lecture halls into advanced learning centers using Epson 3LCD PowerLite projectors, with plans to add additional rooms each year.

Founded in 1855, the Jesuit Catholic university survived earthquakes and fire to become a prominent fixture in one of the world's most exciting cities. Alumni include two San Francisco mayors, a U.S. Senator, four California Supreme Court Justices, a California Lieutenant Governor, two Pulitzer Prize winners, an Olympic medalist and the president of Peru. With over 8,700 students from 75 countries, USF is known for its academic quality, student diversity, public service, Asian and American studies, and graduate programs in law, business, nursing and environmental management.

Classroom Standard

"We believe that classroom technology like Epson 3LCD projectors enriches the university's instructional effectiveness, increases learning and improves the curriculum," said Larry Montagna, Manager of Classroom Technology at USF.

When he joined the technology staff, the university had already seen the benefits of multimedia projectors as fundamental learning tools. But not enough projectors were on campus to make a real difference. "At that point, the school was ready to take a big leap forward in the application of classroom technology," said Montagna. After gathering input about the faculty's needs and expectations, he worked with the school technology team to develop a "smart classroom" model.

The classroom standard now includes a ceiling-mounted Epson projector and wall-mounted speakers. With a controller, DVD/VCR player and audio amplifier at the front of the room, the lecturer can project a wide variety of multimedia images onto the pull-down screen. Each room features a securely mounted MacBook laptop, using BootCamp for Windows XP and Mac OS X, as well as video, audio and LAN cables for faculty members to connect their own laptops.

Projectors As Focal Point

"Whenever we upgrade a classroom, our inboxes are full of emails from faculty members, telling us how excited they are about using the latest technology," said Montagna. "Because the lives of their students revolve around technology, teachers are more and more aware that they need to speak the same language."

Whether lecturing in the newly renovated Kalmanovitz Hall or the Harney Science Center, instructors have come to expect trouble-free presentations. "The easier we can make it for faculty, the less I need to worry about whether or not they are effectively using the technology," said Montagna, who also directs day-to-day computer support. The Epson projectors offer advanced features for ease of use, including Instant On, Instant Off®, auto keystone correction to automatically adjust the shape of the image, A/V Mute Slide to create a quick pause in the presentation to emphasize a point, and 1.6x zoom to focus in on the image. The network-capable projectors also come with superior sound and communication, including a built-in 5W speaker and closed captioning capabilities.

Brighter Images

The PowerLite® projectors at USF offer up to 3,500 lumens of color and white light output* and native XGA (1024x768) resolution. "The 3LCD projectors provide a bright, crisp image and do a better job of displaying fast-moving images," said Montagna. The three-chip design delivers bright, natural images that are easy on the eyes.

Busy university life means the classroom projectors are working from dawn till well beyond dusk. "We designed the classrooms to be economical not only for the upgrade, but also for the total cost of ownership moving forward," said Montagna. "The Epson projectors have been extremely reliable with easy, on-going maintenance."

Added savings also come with the energy-efficient lamp and up to 4,000 hours of lamp life.** A dust-resistant design to safeguard the optics also protects the university's investment. "One of the best things about the Epson projectors are the new dust filters," said Montagna. "It's pretty hard to get people excited over dust filters, but my maintenance team is thrilled about the ease of changing the filters."

Like the university's vantage point in San Francisco, the Classroom Technology department is well aware that it needs to continue its bird's-eye view of technology. "The focus should not be on what is techie and cool, but on what we can do to help faculty deliver instruction and improve the learning process for students," said Montagna. "Projectors in the classroom are definitely creating new vistas of learning at the University of San Francisco." # # #

* Light output varies depending on modes (color light output and white light output).

** Lamp life results will vary depending on mode selected, environmental conditions, and usage. Lamp brightness decreases over time.

PowerLite is a registered trademark of Epson America, Inc.

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