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Epson ES1000 Portable Screen Review

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The Epson ES1000 portable screen is a great accessory for the mobile presenter. Traveling with a projector is only half of the presentation equation; the projection surface has a huge impact to overall image quality. The Epson ES1000 eliminates any obstacles to a great image by providing an optimal projection surface, up to 50 inches in diagonal, in a highly portable, take-anywhere design. The screen is quick to setup with a button press to unlock the case followed by simply stretching apart the integrated case to fit the screen to the required dimensions. At street prices under $110, the ES1000 is a great value and a highly recommended accessory for anyone who has ever been forced to use a non optimal display surface.


The core attribute of the ES1000 is portability: the case is under 3 feet long, it weighs less than 7 pounds and can literally be setup in seconds. Bringing the ES1000 along for a business presentation provides a consistent and optimal display surface. The true white surface will optimize color performance and the greater than unity gain will help to reduce the impact of ambient light. The ES1000 will allow any projector to display at the best of its ability.

After the work day is complete, the ES1000 makes a great accessory for the hotel room; I found the ES1000 and a portable projector to be a great alternative to the 19 inch, standard definition TV that was located in the room. While the ES1000 will not replace a true home theater experience, I was quite satisfied to use it to watch a Netflix stream (at a reasonable 46" diagonal) from the laptop using a pair of quality in-ear headphones. Business use is not limited to traveling, there are multiple ways the screen can be used around the office. The screen was quite useful during small group meetings held in either a cubical or small conference room. Traditionally, a dry erase white board is used as a projection surface when a dedicated screen is not available, which results in extremely poor image quality due to distracting hot spotting. It was easily to place the screen on the edge of a conference table or on a filling cabinet to create an instant and near perfect display surface.

During a recent NBA playoff game, I setup the ES1000 and a projector on the dining room table as a second display, using a laptop to drive the projector. The combination was highly successful and setup was completed in less than two minutes. The smaller, 46 inch diagonal image size combined with the positive gain from the screen produced an image that was more than bright enough for a normally lit room. The ES1000 combined with a low cost pico or portable projector would make an awesome accessory for a kid's bedroom. This configuration would come with the added benefit that it can be setup and removed easily.

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mauro Posted Nov 8, 2011 7:31 AM PST
Does anyone know if this screen can be partially opened ?

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