EpiqVision Ultra LS300 Black NPA
Epson's EpiqVision Ultra LS300 is available on its own or bundled with a 100- or 120-inch screen.

Epson's new EpiqVision line of laser projectors has grown with the announcement of three new models to join the recently announced Ultra LS500—the Ultra LS300, Mini EF11, and Mini EF12. The three 3LCD projectors are designed for moderately-lit to bright rooms.

Like the LS500, the LS300 is an ultra-short throw projector intended for living room use. But unlike the LS500, which uses Epson's 4K PRO-UHD pixel-shift technology to enhance detail, the LS300 is strictly a 1080p (1920x1080) native resolution projector that is compatible with 4K HDR10 and HLG signals up to 10 bit to take advantage of the wider dynamic range in that content. Like the LS500, it offers a maximum color gamut support of Rec.709. The LS300's optics also allows it to be placed closer to the screen than the LS500. The 3LCD design paired with the laser light source displays up to 3,600 lumens of equal white and color brightness with a life of 20,000 hours in normal operation mode.

Epson has partnered with Yamaha to include a 2.1 sound system in the LS300 that can also be connected via Bluetooth to be used as a standalone speaker. The system consists of two full range 5-watt speakers and a 10-watt subwoofer. There are six different sound modes—Theater, TV, Studio, Stadium, Concert, and Karaoke.

The LS300 incorporates the Android TV interface for access to a plethora of streaming apps including Hulu, HBO Max, and Disney+. It also supports Chromecast to easily share content on your tablet, phone, or computer on the screen. The projector can be connected to the Google Home ecosystem and be voice controlled by Google Assistant via the remote or any Google Home device in your home setup.

The LS300 is available in black or white either on its own for $1,999, bundled with a 100-inch UST ALR screen for $2,999, or with a 120-inch screen for $3,999.

The new Mini EF11 and Mini EF12 are small, portable lifestyle projectors targeted toward streaming from mobile devices. They are both 1080p (1920x1080) laser projectors rated for 1,000 lumens and support images up to 150-inches diagonal. The EF12 is ready to go right out of the box with the integrated Android TV platform and two Yamaha speakers with Yamaha's latest AudioEngine DSP technology and Bluetooth connectivity. It supports both HDR10 and HLG content. As with the LS300, the integrated Android TV platform supports streaming apps from the Google Play store and Chromecast built-in, and it can be incorporated into a Google Home system and voice controlled through Google Assistant. The EF12 is only 6.9 x 6.9 x 5.3 inches, weighs 4.7 pounds, and costs $999.

EpiqVision Mini EF12 NPA
The EpiqVision Mini EF12 laser projector.

The Mini EF11, $799, is an even smaller, stripped down version of the EF12, with a height of only 2.6 inches and 2.7 pound weight. It omits the Android TV interface, HDR support, and the sophisticated Yamaha sound system for those seeking a more basic projector.

The LS300, EF11, and EF12 will all be available in November 2020.

EpiqVision Mini EF11 NPA
The EpiqVision Mini EF11 laser projector.
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Digibaba Posted Oct 27, 2020 12:53 AM PST
Hey there, it is usually a good idea to include the THROW RATIO OF THE LENS when presenting projectors. using the manufacturer's marketing promo as the basis Just sayin'....
Chuckles Posted Oct 27, 2020 11:11 AM PST
100" screen for an extra $1000? A 120" screen for and extra $2000?!?!?!?! Man I must be missing something....
Rob Sabin, Editor Posted Oct 27, 2020 1:22 PM PST
I think it should be pointed out that these are specialty UST ALR screens with overhead light-rejecting optical elements, not plain matte white screens, and they aren't exactly cheap. That said, a similar Elite-branded 100-inch screen can be purchased online for about $900 or so, and the 120-inch versions cost around $1,800 before sale discounts.So the reality is that you might do a little better if you purchase the projector separately and shop around for the screen.
Dom Posted Feb 2, 2021 5:17 AM PST
When will you be reviewing the LS300? Really curious how it stacks up against the VAVA
Rob Sabin, Editor Posted Feb 2, 2021 9:56 AM PST
Sorry, no estimate on that. We do not yet have a sample in house to review.

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