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Euroscreen Bjurab
Euroscreen Diplomat Electric

Euroscreen Bjurab Diplomat Electric Screen
The new “D3” design of the Diplomat series is an appreciated upgrade. With the channel-fixed installation it is one of the market’s most flexible and easiest screens to install. With the “D3” case you get the functions of a quality screen and at the same time the design that suites architects. The functional design makes the Diplomat suitable for any environment, from conference room, education facilities to home theatre.

With our electric Plug n’ Play screens you can choose from a variety of ways to control the screen, either by an Inline switch, an IR remote control or by an “AutoLink”. The AutoLink is a remote less trigger for the screen, when the projector is turned on the screen rolls down by itself.

(show metric units)
  Format - NTSC Video (4:3)
Viewable Size
(h x w)
Diagonal Matt White Greyline
44" x 59" 74"
50" x 67" 84"
56" x 75" 94"
62" x 83" 103"
68" x 91" 113"
77" x 102" 128"
86" x 114" 143"
  Format - HDTV (16:9)
Viewable Size
(h x w)
Diagonal Matt White Greyline
33" x 59" 68"
38" x 67" 77"
42" x 75" 86"
47" x 83" 95"
51" x 91" 104"
58" x 102" 117"
64" x 114" 131"

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