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Goo Systems Screen Goo Classic Screen

Goo Systems’ Screen Goo products are specially formulated, color corrected, screen coatings in liquid form. They are designed to achieve the highest performance levels possible for a given display situation. Screen Goo products are being used by all levels of the video industry from do-it-yourself home theater aficionados to large-scale commercial and industrial clients. Designed for easy application via spraying or rolling, screen goo products can be successfully applied by the novice or professional alike.

Screen Goo has been specifically engineered to accurately reflect and disperse the complex colored light patterns produced by video projectors. To that end, Screen Goo starts by employing a premium acrylic dispersion with very low light absorption characteristics and excellent durability. To minimize light loss and to ensure color fidelity, Screen Goo uses much greater concentrations of pigment than those found in house paint. These pigments are carefully chosen to accurately reflect the full spectrum of color produced by video projectors as opposed to house paints where the goal is to reflect that portion of the light that produces the single desired color.