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HP vp6111 User Reviews

HP vp6111 Projector

HP vp6111

SVGA (800x600), 1500 ANSI Lumens,
6.7 lbs, $799 (MSRP)
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4.1 out of 5
7 User Ratings
Image Quality 4.3
Features 4.4
Construction 3.7
Ease of Use 3.9
Reliability 4.0
Value for Money 4.3

User Reviews

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Review by KDR

The long term performance of the vp6111 in daily use environments has proved it unreliable, prone to a variety of failures beyond expected component replacements (particularly power supplies and physical inputs) and not at all a currently-worthwhile investment. As a used unit, one would be better off seeking another more tried-and-true solution than the 6111.

Any Problems: We have approximately 40 deployed units, and have seen a failure rate (total failure, nonrepairable) of about 30% after five years, especially PSUs and physical inputs.



Review by Vcoach

I wanted to give back since this site was so helpful. I have the HP VP6111 set up for home theater. It's is excellent. I have 755 hours so far, and no problems. I have comcast HDTV and The Sox and the Patriots never looked better! I have not noticed any rainbow effect as mentioned in other reviews. Over all I am thrilled with this machine.

Any Problems: Occasionally I notice the screendoor effect on all white backgounds ( no big deal) The replacement lamp is well over $500.00 usd. I will probably buy another projector at 800.00 or shop around for something with a less expensive replacement lamp. The good news is it's UHP which should last between 3-4000 hours in economy mode. Last thing is, Dark scenes are a little too dark but that could be compensated for by taking it out of eco mode. Mike

Review by hamstang

I got the HP VP6111 with a $200 rebate. $899 final cost. I had never seen DLP projection video before, but I did own a Novabeam Model 100 back about 10 years ago. I am using the Novabeam 72" screen, and am absolutly amazed at the brightness and clarity of the VP6111. My son and I watched 2 NFL games on satellite TV and projector today and I noticed none of the anomolies I had read concerning LCD and DLP projectors. I am very happy so far with the VP6111

Any Problems: None after 5 hours of use.

Review by kushti

I was pretty surprised after having read some of the reviews on some websites on this projecor. It was very simple to set up and the quality was fantastic I had few adjustments to make on initial set up. The fan may be a little loud however if you have a decent surround system I have idea why this would be a complaint. I have not experienced the 'rainbow effect' that people speak of. What are the alternatives for the same price? I have no idea. 4 or 5 other friend of mine have gone bought this projector after viewing. No complaints!!!

Any Problems: None!!

Review by Miguel_Idie

It has a component input that is a plus- no extra adapters needed (like infocus)

Any Problems: There is a when using progressive signals. It results in a flicker. This is horrible when used with dig cable. HP knows of the problem and says it is a conflict w/ some processors. Interlaced is OK.

Review by rspiess

This is a good projector. Purchased mainly for HDTV but used to project PC also. Picture is crisp and bright. Will scan up to 1280X1024 resolution on PC.