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HP vp6320 User Reviews

HP vp6320 Projector

HP vp6320

XGA (1024x768), 2000 ANSI Lumens,
7.7 lbs, $849 (MSRP)
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3.9 out of 5
15 User Ratings
Image Quality 4.4
Features 4.2
Construction 3.5
Ease of Use 4.2
Reliability 3.3
Value for Money 3.8
ViewSonic PJD7828HDL
1080P Home Theater Projector

User Reviews

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Review by Ieuan

I bought one of these my home cinema expecting high quality from HP but no. Received the projector turned it on and all was well, picture quality was pretty decent. But after and hour or so i kept receiving warnings and errors until it got to the point where it wouldn't even power up anymore. There was some kind of fan or bulb error. So I sent it back for a refund and won't buy a HP projector again! Terrible shame as it seemed like a really nice projector with nice image quality.

Any Problems: Fans and bulb failed within an hour and it wouldn't turn on or boot up ever since. Sent it back and received a full refund. Not very happy as it was actually a decent item for the short time it worked. I used the money instead to buy an NEC projector, which has been running for month and NO issues!

Review by Brant

Turned this thing on and WOW. For an inexpensive projector, it is very clear and bright. I found mine refurbished and got it sub $300. I might just buy another and play with 3D a bit. Easy, bright, clear (for HD 1024x768), built well, has a handle. So far a winner

Any Problems: None so far.

Review by PeeWee3000

Good projector.

Any Problems: Bought and upconverting DVD player and connected is using an HDMI-DVI cable. HDCP protected content will not play, even though the unit is supposed to have the HDMI chip. Any ideas?

Review by Nick Whatschig

I bought it as a steal off, very happy with the results. Even with lamp-saver on, I can still comfortably watch TV on an 80" screen with a lamp on in the room for homework.

Any Problems: No problems, I run it with a DVI cable from a multimedia computer.

Review by Hector Funes

This is my third unit, and each one had different problem. First; I had lost of red, second; had a black line in the image, third a fail on the power supply. I expected more from HP quality.

Review by MR_FIX_IT

Just bought this projector about 1 month ago, this is my second HP projector. The first was an MP3220 with 2k lumens and contrast ratio. This one blow away the old on on contrast at 2500:1. My TV room is fairly lit up with the afternoon sun and this has no problem overpowering it even with the lamp saver on. The colors are vivid and crisp, the unit has MANY inputs including DVI that my old unit did not have for future expantion. I use a US Digital HD tuner on this projector with an RGB signal and I am very impressed thus far. I owned a 65" Mitsubishi projection TV that this is very comparable to at a 1/3rd of the cost at that time. Not unlike other reviewers, I am waiting to see if I have the same issues. If so, I hope that HP will cross-ship me one so that I do nto miss any Sunday football games. Overall, I think it is a decent projector for the $$, it is not ideal to take for presentations as it it rather large and bulky, but is still a good choice for home theater use.

Any Problems: Not unlike other reviewers, I am waiting to see if I have the same issues. If so, I hope that HP will cross-ship me one so that I do nto miss any Sunday football games. I have started to notice some white bleeding over, even with the contrast only at 1/2 way. I hope this is not something starting to fail already!

Review by Jimbo701

This is actually an update to my review in June 2006. It is now mid-September and a week ago my picture started deteriorating, so I called HP support. They said the symptoms indicate a color-wheel problem. The next day I got a brand new VP6320 in the mail, along with return postage for shipping mine back to HP. I can't speak for anyone else, but can say that HP has the best customer service I've ever seen. Another follow-up... I finally purchased an HD-DVD player and it looks magnificant. 720P and 10880i are stunning.

Any Problems: Only the color wheel issue I mentioned earlier.

Review by Khimera

I bought this projector through my friend who works for HP and so got a great discount and thought it would be killer. It worked great for about two weeks.

Any Problems: ...and then the image suddenly became terrible. In talking with HP we found it was the same color wheel problem others on this site have reported. I also accidentally touched the lens so it seems it could have been better protected although granted I probably could have been more careful in setting it up. I wasn't about to mess around with a projector that has problems after such a short amount of time and so BARELY got my money back luckily due to HP's 30 day return policy. This experience has reduced my opinion of HP products and their projectors specifically. I'm seeing very good reviews for Optoma's though so will probably buy one of them.

Review by Jimbo700

First off, let me say that I purchased the HP VP6320 for my Home Theatre only. I don't even have it connected to a computer. I have it ceiling mounted in my Home Theatre, projecting to a Gray Wolf 10 foot screen. I've read other reviews citing "color wheel sync' problems and/or bulb failures, but I purchased mine in April 2006 and have had zero problems (it is late June 2006 as I write this). I am using it as a home theatre projector and it has the best picture I've seen in a projector user $4,000. I have yet to connect it to an HD DVD or Blue Ray DVD player (will do this in late July when prices of Blue Ray and HD DVD undergo their first reduction), or any true High Def source, but I do have it connected to a Sony upconverting DVD player via HDMI to DVI conversion cable the HDMI to DVI conversion cable cost more than the DVD player) and the results are the best picture I have ever seen on any projector displaying native 480p, non-high def source. The colors are brilliant and crisp and the 2000 ANSI lumens are more than enough to deliver a bright, clear picture... even with a couple of lights on in the room. The specs say this unit's native resolution is 1024x768... which means it should have no problem with true 720p and 1080i. I'll repost how this looks when I get a real 720p input. The VP6320 does contain the HDCP chip, and a DVI port (with absolutely no loss when used with an HDMI conversion cable... except there isn't any audio), so the new HD DVD and Blue Ray players with Image Constraint System won't be down converting to 480p with this projector (nearly all projectors/TV's with component outputs will be rendered useless as a High Def display if studios start taking advantage of the Image Constraint System... which is enviable). A final thought... this bulb in the VP6320 is rated at 4,000 hours, nearly 30% more than just about every other projector in the price range. At my viewing rate it will be April 2009 before I have to start thinking about a replacement. I paid $1300 (excluding a $200 HP MIR) for my VP6320 and have enjoyed every second viewing it's majestic picture. If HP has resolved the "color wheel" issue (which they apparently had by the time mine rolled off the assembly line), it's a sure bet!

Any Problems: None!

Review by CVS

On initial purchase, as others have stated, this projector looked great. Decent price, good image quality, etc. We are waiting on our third unit, the previous two having the same color wheel sync problems reported here. Now we have a bulb failure, and the bulbs will be off backorder in -- get this -- 9 to 10 weeks! If this projector was even a little bit reliable, I'd be very pleased with it. However, this has been the most useless piece of equipment I have encountered in a long time.

Any Problems: We've had this projector installed in a church for about 5 months, and we've been without it for at least 9 weekend services. Completely unacceptable. Stick to Laser printers, HP.

Review by Mike

We bought this projector after lots of research, and were really really happy with it.

Any Problems: Until hour 126, where the people all turned Martian green. We called the support people, and they said that they discovered in December that it was common for the color wheel to go out. There is a two-week backlog on replacements at the moment (Feb 2006). We shipped it back to HP for repair, and are now without a means of viewing the Olympics. Grrr.

Review by budgetexperience

A solid impressive image for home theater on a budget. I've had several older projection units i've used in the past. This blows them away by far, The high contrast ratio really gives this definition, It's litterally like having a 8 foot plazma on my wall, for a fraction of the cost. Well, not that impressive, but i'd say it gives as bright and detailed an image as my regular 36 tv. S-video looks superb, DVI in high definition is stunning. This makes for an excellent budget home theater projector if your getting started. It's rated at 2000 lumans, which many say is too bright for HT, but i strongly disagree, but actually once you make your tweaking adjustments and eco mode, it's probobly half that anyways. With eco mode off and white balance lifted, the image can be viewed in daytime, just not direct sunlight. With a current street/net price of a flat grand, I'd say if you can grab one refurbed or auctioned for under 7, absolutely dont hesitate. A grand might be pushing it, at least for HT, for a educated budget minded consumer. With high resolution, high contrast, and high luman, what else could you want.

Any Problems: With only a 2x wheel speed, and 4 segment color wheel, sensitive eyes may notice slight rainbows when eye shifting across the screen. Most dont notice it, I guess it's a few percentage that can. Thats effected by the wheel speed. A 3x or more is more preferred for better HT ratings, and the eye wont notice any rainbows in eye shifting. And with a limited 4 segment color wheel, white tones are limited, along with other slight hues. Nothing noticable at all, unless your directly viewing it next to a regular monitor, then you notice minor color hue differences. It's limits of full spectrum white does create some minor problems if watching very bright movies at times, but can easily be trimmed down with your contrast and tweaking, but with doing so unfortunately you loose some brilliance. These are minor issues that only a few would notice, everyone who has seen my setup has been extremely impressed, it really displays an eye popping home theater video. If your looking at buying new and limited to a budget, this will blow away many of the other brands priced in this range. Shop around and get your moneys worth.

Review by Mike

This projector is great for our small conference room. Great image, very bright, and the remote control/mouse feature is easy to use. It has a convenient large handle which would be good for portability, but we don't move ours. It will even keep your coffee warm if you put your cup in front of the exhaust vent. It may be the best combination of features available for the money.

Any Problems: The projector experienced one thermal shutdown the first day we used it. We let it cool down completely, then powered it back up without a problem, and we haven't had any trouble of any kind since then.

Review by KP

Initially I was extremely impressed with this model. My original unit started to loose reds and exhibited video artifacts that grew progressively worse after about 100 hours of use. The dealer replaced it with a brand new unit. I am now about 100 hours of use on the new unit and the exact same problems are occuring. Very disappointing reliablity and my only solution now will be to send it off to for repair.

Any Problems: Loss of reds and resolution after about 100 hours of use. This was true on 2 separate units. My picture is now skewed to green and exhibits artifacts similar to a loss of greyscale. (not sure what the color equivelant is). Perhaps 16 levels of color are all that are showing now - exactly as on my previous unit.

Review by CrazedPeddlar

Upgraded to this projector from an Infocus X1. The only thing the X1 has going for it over the vp6320, is the faroudja de-interlacing. If you plan on using the vp6320 for handling 480i sources, don't bother. It doesn't have an onboard de-interlacer (unless you plan to buy, or own a video processing unit). For my purposes, 95% of the media that I project is progressive scan. The image is razor sharp, with a 12 point sharpness adjustability meter through all sources. It packs serious punch. Even in the day with the lights on, everything is easy to read/view and the contrast is still excellent. The colors, especially the yellow's, are much truer to life than the X1, which was very pleasing. The higher contrast ratio, and 64% more pixel count makes the image more detailed, with better black levels, and shading abilities. I noticed not a single rainbow effect since using it so far (7 hours, tested on s-video, component, and vga inputs), so I can happily recommend it as an excellent progressive scan home theater projector. DVD's look fantastic, but remember to use the lamp power saver mode, or it will be too bright for theater use. Also, there's no screendoor effect from my viewing distance of about 1.5x, as opposed to the X1, where there was. I have yet to buy a DVI cable, but I assume it will be even sharper than vga, which is virtually flawless. And on a final note, The intake/outake vents are placed more intelligently than the X1. There is no hotspotting, or ambient light hitting the screen from the well designed vents. On the X1, I do notice a little hotspotting near the middle of the image, and ambient light coming from the vent, directly to the right of the image. PROS: 1 - Beautiful, crisp image 2 - Balanced, natural colors 3 - True Yellows 4 - High Brightness (2000 lumens max) 5 - High Contrast (2500:1) 6 - Uniform focus 7 - No hotspotting

Any Problems: CONS 1 - No Faroudja de-interlacing