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HP xb31 User Reviews

HP xb31 Projector

HP xb31

XGA (1024x768), 1200 ANSI Lumens,
3.5 lbs, $1,999 (MSRP)
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4.6 out of 5
10 User Ratings
Image Quality 4.8
Features 4.6
Construction 4.5
Ease of Use 4.7
Reliability 4.5
Value for Money 4.6
ViewSonic LS820
1080P Home Theater Projector

User Reviews

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Review by lt

Amazing value for money - got mine from auction with original HP lamp installed, turned it on said lamp had done over 1000 hours and it was time to replace. Well about 4000 hours later still going strong! Movies are amazing on this thing! HD is Great too!

Review by BOB

We have 3 of these projectors and all 3 of them gave us the same problem. The projectors kept overheating. They overheated so badly that they melted the chassis and lamp door. They took 3 weeks to repair the projectors and we are waiting with fire extinguisher in hand to see how they perform.

Review by mikey3

Excellent projector. Have it running through my HTPC. HDTV is amazing

Any Problems: no problems.

Review by Jim Wang

It's an excellent model

Review by Ethel

I like it's video performance than other projectors.It's really good

Review by Russell Brett

This projector far exceeded my expectations for Home Theater use. First off, Some of projectorcentral's specs are a little off. It DOES have Digital Keystone Correction and it will take Component Interlaced and Component Progressive signals. I can see how there could be some confusion regarding it's connectivity because it uses the new M1-DA input which is the new universal standard for connecting a variety of sources. However, you do need to order the right cable separately depending on what you want to connect(Component, DVI, HDTV) because it only comes with the M1 to 15 pin VGA cable. It's not surprising to find out that this projector is made for HP by Optoma because it is remarkably similar to the 753/755 units, However, after testing it with regular interlaced DVD via S-video, I don't think the xb31 has the Silicon Image DVDO 504 chip on board as the 755 does. It also has a standard 2x speed color wheel so if you're sensitive to dlp rainbows you might want to demo it first. DVI from a HTPC yeilds the best results for DVD playback although this would also be a great pair-up with a Faroudja NRS, QUADSCAN ELITE HD and even a DVDO ISCAN PRO. I don't recommend using the S-Video input. The colors were a little washed out and undersaturated and the picture was a bit softer than what I'd like for video. I imagine the Interlaced and especially Progressive Component input would yeild better results(don't feel like ordering the cable for it yet). WHAT I LIKE ABOUT THE HP XB31: It is remarkably quiet, A huge plus in my book since I've upgraded from a the somewhat louder PLUS UP-1100(still a great machine) and U2-1130. It can do 16:9 anamorphic on ALL inputs. It takes Component Interlaced, Component Progressive, and HDTV. It can handle up to 120 Hz computer refresh rates. Corner to Corner Uniformity is much better than my old PLUS dlps(although the specs say 85%, It looks even higher than that). Contrast is superb(very even blacks) although I don't think it's quite 1800:1. My guess is that it's a little over 1000:1. No light leaks that I can see(from the front grill or the lens). Has auto detect input. User friendly interface with decent remote IR sensitivity. One word of caution, Although it's pretty quiet, it does get very hot so be sure to give it a decent amount of clearance(shouldn't be a problem given it's small size). So far, there's not many complaints I have about it in the short time I owned it(Paid $3501.97 plus shipping from There's a lot of less versatile units out there for the same price. I imagine these units would sell very well if HP would advertise it's features better.

Any Problems: I only wish it had stand alone inputs for DVI, VGA, Component, HDTV etc. like the Optoma units do but I imagine this(as well as putting the whole 35 page instruction manual on a CD-Rom) is part of what's keeping the cost down on it. It's only technical weakness is having an average at best built-in scaler for video. OVERALL BEST VALUE FOR THE MONEY I'VE SEEN ON A DIGITAL PROJECTOR YET!!

Review by Pomin C.

the highest Performance/Cost value, Great quality, low noise, and mobilable.

Review by Jacky Huang

The contrast is impressive, and the video image is the best of all 3 pound projector.

Review by Jack Cheng

It's really a high performance product in 3-pounds level projectors.

Review by angel

It would be nice to have a real review instead of just a note on a 1-5 scale

Any Problems: Could the previous reviewer gives us more details? Thanks