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Hitachi PJ-TX200 User Reviews

Hitachi PJ-TX200 Projector

Hitachi PJ-TX200

HD 720 (1280x720), 1200 ANSI Lumens,
10.8 lbs,
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4.8 out of 5
8 User Ratings
Image Quality 4.9
Features 4.8
Construction 4.8
Ease of Use 4.9
Reliability 4.6
Value for Money 4.8

User Reviews

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Review by JK

Very good. I compared against PVL-Z4 and also the latest Sony VLPH-30. Much better than Sony and equivalent atleast to Z4 and also cheaper. I have a light controlled room, dark walls and a 95 inch screen technics fixed at a throw distance of 3.7M.

Any Problems: No problems. Very happy. Get one, you won't regret it.

Review by SteveC

This was far better than the Pana AE700 I had previously. There is absolutely no vertical banding, for instance. I runs fairly quiet, no prominent whines, even s-video is good. Locks onto source change etc better than the Pana too. Menus clear, feet adjust better, lens shift better and smoother. Happy in every way.

Any Problems: I didn't have much scope for front to back with the lens so had to get a ceiling mount. If I had done calculations a little more carefully I would have known. Aspect change is not auto.

Review by Nuno

This is the first projector I have owned and I am trilled with this true home-cinema experience. The configurations and flexibility are great. Even with some light on the room, it performs extremely well. DVD movies with component are excellent with Progressive Scan feature and image quality can be better than in actual theaters. PC Games are also a great experience. Analog TV is not so good with image appearing a bit blur but for digital sources, it is top rate compared to other business projectors I have tried.

Any Problems: Analog TV is not so great.

Review by GOTHEP

I have purchased this after upgrading from the pjtx100. Honestly I really can't notice any difference and I may have spent this money thinking there would be significant improvement only to find that the great PQ I am currently getting is no different than that I already was getting from the PJTX100. So many of you out there stick with the PJTX100. pjtx100 is a standard that will be

Any Problems: AS with the PJTX100 none.

Review by jayelae

I wanted to upgrade from a 55-inch 4:3 projection TV to a wide-screen version. I have a good B&W audio set-up and needed video to match this. I tested several 60+ inch dlp/lcos sets but was not really satisfied then I encountered this PJ and I was SO surprised at how good it was and that I could also enjoy a 100-inch screen size given the dimensions of my den. The clarity is very good, the colors are awesome, the black levels satisfying enough, the so-called screen-door effect hardly noticeable. What is surprising is that SIZE DOES MATTER and one is willing to give up a bit on black levels and sharpness for the size differential. Ultimately the satisfaction comes from the size -- and yes the size finally MATCHES my B&W set-up. In fact I have a feeling that if the images were any clearer it might be a bit uncomfortable given the screen size. As it is, viewing is so natural and comfortable. I use an almost-dark room but the picture quality is still fine even with low level lights or in the daytime with the blinds drawn shut but with light filtering through. The ease of use of the remote and other controls is just great and I have had no problem adjusting the projector and testing out the best settings for me. I use the HDMI setting connected to a Denon dvd and IT MAKES A LOT OF difference versus the other connections. I use the projector mainly for DVDs and I have tried all my favorites with demanding video (Gladiator, Pride and Prejudice, Toy Story, King Kong, etc.) and have been VERY satisfied. I also played concerts such as Michael Buble's latest in L.A. and, woe, you get a fantastic concert experience. Indeed, a big screen plus the Hitachi projector, HDMI connects and a good DVD player and sound system -- dynamite!

Any Problems: None

Review by Max Saint

Very nice PJ. I bought it last weekend. So far everything is awsome. Much better than expected. Very quiet. Awsome contrast and dark colors. Better than my computer LCD. And so many adjustment options... I used special DVD to adjust it. It needed only decreasing of the brightness. The black is real now. I use it in completly dark room so it may be different with you. Even with the lights on you can watch and enjoy dark movies. I didn't read the manual so far. guess it will tell me more things to do with the PJ. I think the next step in my home theater is 3D - I'll wait. This is just everything I needed.

Any Problems: The 'Black' options are slow so you may see them change the iris if you use them. Switch it off and no concerns.

Review by Dave

I haven't got the screen yet(waiting for delivery!) and I project it on the wall, although my wall is not white and it still show good picture at dark condition. Very good for money. I'm using HDMI cable now, but haven't tried component, don't know the difference yet. I think it will be the same because I use cheap DVD player.

Any Problems: nothing at the moment

Review by Joco1114

Best for its price! I wonder if someone use HDMI cable instead of component. Is it better or same? Well, I think this projector better than a cheap DLP.

Any Problems: none