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Hitachi PJTX100 UltraVision User Reviews

Hitachi PJTX100 UltraVision Projector

Hitachi PJTX100 UltraVision

HD 720 (1280x720), 1200 ANSI Lumens,
9.0 lbs, $2,999 (MSRP)
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4.7 out of 5
91 User Ratings
Image Quality 4.8
Features 4.8
Construction 4.6
Ease of Use 4.9
Reliability 4.5
Value for Money 4.5

User Reviews

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Review by Robbo

Very nice projector..nice image quaility

Any Problems: I had the blue spot problem cause i had it for 3 years now and i bought a new lamp right before i had the problem sent it out to get fixed through my warrenty and they cant fix it but i put my old lamp in before i ship my im stuck with a new lamp only 200 hours on it..need to sell it if anyones interested

Review by zoom

purchase Dec/05 brand new it have fantastic picture colors play 720p with out problem the quality pic from the imac is clear 100% no problem after 1200hours with the first lamp ...

Review by Kid_Pharma

At the beginnig was very satisfied. Really enjoyed the viewing expérience.

Any Problems: But then problems started. Blue haze appeared with less than 2200 hours on the projector. (3 years, bought nov. 2005) Was asked $1,900 for the polarizer array part plus $200-$300 technician time plus taxes for repairs. Was very very deceived by Hitachi.

Review by sandman

Entire picture is corrupted with blue haze. Less than 2000 hrs and hitachi has abandonded it's committment to consumer satisfaction. Maintained and in excellent state but otherwise useless. DO NOT BUY from hitachi. Would it be such a hardship for hitachi to live up to it's committment in providing quality electronics that last longer than 2 years!

Review by Kev

Initially very happy but now terribly dissapointed. Owned it less than 2 years and now facing a $ 2200.00 repair bill (paid $ 2499) due to blue smudges on the image. Hitachi so far very uncooperative and do not sell the required part, forcing the consummer to buy the entire lamp assembly. Unless Hitachi comes to the table to change my opinion, I will never buy a Hitachi product again.

Any Problems: Blue smudges on the image developed in less than 2 years. Maintained it meticulously however Hitachi does not sell the required part but rather forces the sale of the entire Lamp assembly.

Review by Trev

Amazing picture quality was obtained through DVI cable from my PC. Running games, windows and films looks amazing. Very good zoom gives massive screen size for throw distance, only matched by the Epsom Powerlite Home 10 & 20, I believe. Lens shift allows you a lot of leeway placing it in the room. Really impressive machine overall and hard to beat in it's range.

Any Problems: After about 2000 hours the picture began showing lots of white specks (maybe hundreds). I sent it off to Hitachi's service centre but they returned it saying 'no fault found'. Went through the custumer service again explaining again what the problem was and they fixed it this time, just before the warranty ran out. I've read that the LCD units are not under warranty & also have cost some people hundreds of pounds (£800 i've heard of) to get fixed, so I think I may have been lucky. I'm a lot more wary of it now and always allow it to shut down properly to allow the fan to cool it down and don't just switch it off at the mains as I have done sometimes. I also clean the filter regularly. If Hitachi could keep the service costs reasonable I think they could be a major player in this market as this really is a good product at a good price.

Review by Bobby Reedy

HD works well through DVI or RGB connections. Video in works great with older game consoles, but not computers. S-video works great from the computer, but only on graphics, text is practically unreadable. Digital cable at 480i is watchable but HD cable (Comcast) 1080i HD is outstanding. Absolutely worthless in a room that is well lit, even with iris completely open and brightness on +15 (highest). Definitely for 'movie nights' only. Two 50 watt standing lamps in the room flushes the screen to less than 25 percent viewing. It's a little bit better in HD but not by much. We mounted it on a wall-mount TV mounting, and it's nice and stable. It gets too hot, though I think. I work with more than a dozen projectors at my job, and although this projector is by far the best picture, it also runs the hottest. I blew a bulb after only 800 hours (and I clean the filter every 50 hours, and it's never dirty. I think I will try setting it on a pad meant to cool off a laptop computer.

Any Problems: Bulbs shouldn't blow after 800 hours, but what the he11... it's only 250 bucks for the replacement, right?

Review by gzsfrk

I bought this projector back in late March of 2007, and had been using it loving it ever since I got it plugged in. It has a great, crisp picture, excellent horizontal and vertical lens shift, good brightness, pretty good color, and HD content looks VERY nice and crisp running at native 720p.

Any Problems: Unfortunately, 4 days ago, the projector's lamp decided to die. What really irks me is that it only had 895 hours on the bulb, and it was rated at 2000 hours. I called Hitachi's support, but they were absolutely worthless, simply directing me to their lamp re-sellers, until I started raising cane, and they agreed to have the projector serviced to make sure that there are no defects in the projector itself, although they are not going to help me And even though I get a lot of use out of my projector, I take good care of it--I have it running through a 650VA, 330-watt-rated UPS, so even if the power failed, the projector could keep running so that it would be able to shut down cleanly, going through its cooling cycle. So, in short, it's a good projector with great overall picture and decent features for a fantastic price (I paid $600 after rebate), but the fact that the lamp failed at less than half its rated life AND Hitachi's customer support gave me a terrible experience, I can still recommend this projector, just not enthusiastically.

Review by Rinsewind

Overall poor. Problems with Hitachi over parts etc.

Any Problems: Purchased 3 yrs ago. First unit had major failure within 8 months. (Optic engine) After much arguing with HITACHI unit was replaced with new unit. That unit now 18 months old. Major failure with optic engine again. This time AU$2300 to repair. Never again will I buy an Hitachi product.

Review by Jim

I have had the pleasure of owning this machine now for over a year. It is only for viewing DVD movies and concerts, but we are in the process of upscaling our DVD player to HD and with the use of a HDMI to DVI-D cable we expect the picture to just jump off the screen, as it is now the resolution is only 480p, and the DVD quality is excellent. The family just loves this Projector a great investment for us. As we watch alot of movies together as a family. OH YA, our friends are envious...There here alot..

Any Problems: Alittle loader than we like but once your home theater kicks in that goes out the window..

Review by barleyguy

I've had this projector for 1 year. I bought it in August of 2006 when it was around $1000. I've seen them used in today's market for around $400, which is a steal considering the performance. Pros: - Excellent color accuracy and saturation, especially if calibrated - Excellent optics and focus - Good scaler. Does a respectable job at all input resolutions, and accepts 1080p. - Good ANSI (real life) contrast - No variable iris - Very bright. When used near the front of the zoom and center of the lens shift, it gets every bit of its rated brightness. - Very tweakable. Full control of the color gain, and multistep gamma adjustment. If you take the time to tweak this projector, you can get it exactly on a color spec. Cons: - Slightly weak black level and shadow detail in dark scenes - No variable iris - The filter needs to be cleaned every 100 hours of use. The projector will remind you to do this. Users of older versions without this reminder reported dust blob problems. Hitachi has also changed the filter in the newer versions so it has an extra grid in the filter. (I listed the lack of variable iris under both pro and con, because variable irises are one of the biggest problem areas in new projectors, but they do enhance performance in dark scenes.)

Any Problems: The fan expels from the front. This projector is very quiet if you sit behind or to the side of it, but has a fan noise problem if you place it behind the seating area. For that reason, I would recommend ceiling mounting it in front of the seating position.

Review by Al

I bought my PJTX100 about a year ago and in May i noticed the picture started to go blue and after 2 weeks it spread covering most of the pevious projector was the Home1 also made by Hitachi same results it also went blue both LCD panels went bad.

Any Problems: bad Lcd boards on both previous projectors. Hitachi PJXT100 and HOME1 models are bad!!

Review by Broklynite

Absolutely amazing! It's cheap, and you get true, native 720p projection. I have fallen in love with it, as has every single person who has come over to my house and seen it, and I have been encouraging people to buy them. Within seconds of turning it on I knew it was worth every single penny I had spent and even now months later, it still is.

Any Problems: The sheer number and magnitude of the manuals are insane. Not a real complaint. Have no real complaints. Reseting timer back to zero is counter-intuitive and a stupid pop-up will keep annoying you until you figure out how to get rid of it, even when you have cleaned the stupid thing.

Review by hoofdpijn

Upgraded to this from an Epson Home 10+ and am loving life at 720p with the PJ-TX100. This projector is much more tweakable than the Epson and looks fantastic since I've added a CC40r color correcting filter. Colors pop, blacks are ....well...blacks are LCD gray but still much improved over the Home 10 and with the red filter contrast is lovely. HD over the air looks wonderfully sharp, punchy and saturated. I love it. I don't know how you could do better for the less than seven hundred dollars I paid for this unit. They are getting a bit scarce since the secret has been out for few months now so don't sit on the fence too long. I do recommend the CC40R mod though. It helps the contrast noticeably and lets you get the most from this projector. You'll need the filter plus a calibration disk to compensate for it.

Any Problems: Fan is much louder than the Epson but this may just be my particular unit since most users are reporting whisper quiet fans. Even with the fan I still love this projector but may take it in for warranty service sometime before the warranty period is up.

Review by Ken

Update - I originally posted my first review in Sept. of 2005 with 200 hours and now have 1800 hours on my first lamp. I have zero complaints about this unit. I watch DVDs via a Toshiba player w/720p upscaling via HDMI. I use a HDMI to DVI-D adapter with no problems. I also recently purchased a Sony Playstation-3 and play Blu-Ray and 720p games on it through to my PJTX-100. It looks so much better then the upscaled DVD. I run the PJTX-100 on a 2000watt UPS battery backed/regulated power supply and clean the air filter(s) on a regular basis. My brother and (2) of my friends purchased the same units and are just as happy. I see the prices have dropped from when I purchased mine in 2005 (at $1100) to around $700. It is a 'no-brainer' to pick one of these up if you are looking for a base-line 720P LCD 3-panel PJ and on a budget. I am now looking for Hitachi to release a 1080P unit as I'm extremely impressed with their other products.

Any Problems: None.

Review by ron k.

A super bargain. This is currently available for around $700 (with a $100 rebate also). The projector buy of the decade. I install AV equipment for a living and this projector does a great job. With a little color calibration the projected image looks amazing. Currently projecting on an 80" screen. But I'm going to build a bigger one as this baby can do bigger easily. This is a great projector for tweekers. Let's see. Hmmmmm an 80" flat panel would set me back about 3K more. The difference will buy lots of beer and popcorn.

Any Problems: None yet with 100 hours on the unit. Oops-one problem-I've got to get up off the couch and pull weeds!

Review by Dave

This projector never fails to impress! After 1300 hours I still smile every time I watch a movie! Wether it be a slow paced drama or a fast moving thriller, the use of DVI via my PC ensures this beast doesn't break out into a sweat on a 150 inch screen. Friends are in envy (its amazing how many friends you make when you say you have one of these). Wide range of tweaks means this will fit into any size home. Highly recommend this projector from Hitachi.

Review by Bears&Colts-Fan

I've had the PJTX100 for 2-1/2 trouble-free years and logged 1200 hours of use. The 106-inch picture from 13-feet is still amazing! Easy to use, lots of features, quiet fan, easy maintenance. HiDef Sports and Concerts are my favorite. I recommend this projector to anyone looking for a great HiDef experience on a big screen for not a lot of money.

Any Problems: Continuing to come up with ways to convince my wife that it's OK to have a bunch of friends over to watch the big games, every weekend, especially during NFL Play-Offs & Super Bowl, MLB Play-Offs & World Series, March Madness Basketball, etc...

Review by gitarci

For those who have white spot problems, just buy a compressed air spray can and clean the projector through the filter hole. After you clean it will look brand new. I'm using pj-tx100 for about 2 years now. Blacks aren't deep as my new dlp tv set, and not as bright as it is, but hitachi gives me the huge screen size, which is still my favorite for big budget movies...

Review by klcase

Thank you to everyone who posted reviews. I was able to make a great choice in buying this projector. It is awesome. Looks great playing Call of Duty 3 on Xbox 360.

Any Problems: none