--Digital motion content is displayed on Hitachi CP-X430 LCD projectors sold through AVPartner.--

BRISBANE, CALIFORNIA,, April 18, 2006 - In an example of the effectiveness of high-quality projection technology in cinema advertising, the new Bear Pause Theater in Hackensack, MN has hired the services of 1Better, LLC, which sells, produces and installs digital motion with voice-over advertising. 1Better, based in St. Cloud, MN, uses Hitachi CP-X430 LCD projectors, all sold through Norcross, GA-based AVPartner, for its advertising.

The Bear Pause Theater is a brand-new venue in the heart of lake country. The theater provides a unique, rural atmosphere immediately upon entering, complete with scenic murals and "bear paw" imprints that will lead you to the concession stand. Beyond the concession stand, visitors are greeted by a full-size bear carving, along with additional carvings of Minnesota's North-woods inhabitants.

The Bear Pause Theater is a 144 x 90-foot building and its four theaters have a combined seating capacity exceeding 500. The Bear Pause Theater fills a niche for local moviegoers, allowing them to see the latest films in a state-of-the-art cinema theater without traveling long distances.

"The Bear Pause Theater incorporates the North-woods feel of the local environment, combined with a state-of-the-art technology to create an entertainment experience like no other," said John Chuba, Hackensack City Council and local business owner.

In order to provide a more dynamic viewing experience, Bear Pause Theater owners Dennis Wickham and Kevin Larson turned to 1Better as an alternative to static, repetitive pre-movie advertising. "We'd like to give theater-goers a more cinematic experience at Bear Pause," Wickham commented. "We like what 1Better offers the viewers, and Hitachi's reputation for quality speaks for itself."

"Within a 10-mile radius of the Bear Pause Theater, we have approximately 127 lakes and 100 resorts," said Judy Thole, manager, Bear Pause Theater. "These area lakes, resorts, and cabins cause our summer population to grow in excess of 100,000 people. This summer population includes a majority of families escaping time-clocks, deadlines, traffic, and the city. Being familiar with this transient population's summer goals, we built our theater to cater to their needs. We went even further by using state-of-the-art technology and attention to detail to 'WOW' both our year-round and summer residents."

According to Jody Karasch, head of marketing project development for Kuepers Architects & Builders (the construction firm on the project,) "The new Bear Pause Theater will transcend any other movie going experience in the Minnesota region. The experience blends the best technology with a rustic log & stone Up-North setting."

Founded in 2004 by John Engel and Mike Zwilling, 1Better has incorporated its services in 85 markets over 19 states. To date, 1Better content is being displayed on 382 screens across the country. At the heart of 1Better's overwhelming success is the use of high-quality projection technology. "AVPartner was a tremendous help in providing us with an effective display solution," Zwilling said. "They offer us tremendous service, and we've had very few problems over the past two years with any of the Hitachi CP-X430 projectors."

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