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InFocus LP130 User Reviews

InFocus LP130 Projector

InFocus LP130

XGA (1024x768), 1100 ANSI Lumens,
3.0 lbs,
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3.7 out of 5
14 User Ratings
Image Quality 4.4
Features 3.8
Construction 3.4
Ease of Use 4.2
Reliability 3.2
Value for Money 3.4

User Reviews

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Review by MooMoo

The year is 2020 and I found this gem at the thrift store with my mom a few years ago. We weren't sure if it worked or what so throughout moving, it was tucked away in storage. Now we are in quarantine and I pulled out. To my surprise it runs great, the picture is clear and bright. It's vibrant. I was very surprised when I googled this product and it came up with reviews from so long ago. Almost older than me! Lol! (19). I had it running for about five minutes and it did get quite hot.

Any Problems: As I said, does get VERY hot for being on for such a short period of time. Although since thrifted, I don't know it's life before ours lol. It was so hot I could barely touch the top. I definitely recommend a cool down period and using a fan while it's on. I don't know how others said they used it for hours on end... I'm assuming with a fan as I don't want it to explode. anyways if anyone reads this... hi! :) stay safe and inside. hopefully the future is better than mine now.

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Review by LadyM

My husband worked for an e cycling facility while in college back in 2010, and brought this projector home. He said it came from a school with five others. Here it is 2015, and it still works like brand new. I am now using it at my place of work. I have no complaints for a projector that still working after at least 13 years.

Review by Robert

The unit worked well for several years (probably 4-5) before we had major problems. It seems bright and clear when it does work and is very easy to use. The software for the remote control features is hard to install and get to work on a PC, but once it is done it does seem to work well. The remote could be better because the range seems poor or the is limited places where you can aim it and get it to work. The unit is also very portable because of the compact size.

Any Problems: We have gone through 3-5 bulbs in 5-6 years time which is not bad. However, now even after changing the bulb the unit will only work for 30 minutes before shutting off. It seems due to overheating. I have cleaned it out and made sure all cooling fans are running properly. We use it for business and are getting a new one becuase this one seems to have died.

Review by Andrew

It was great, super bright, i used it while the sun was shining in, great quality. Can still read every word at 1280x1024.

Any Problems: I was using it with about 388 hours used, and then all of a sudden... it just shut off but the fans continued to run. I let it cool off, and it hasn't turned on since...

Review by Brad

The size is great for travel but the reliability has been horrible

Any Problems: Unexplained shut downs, burned lamps within 500 hours. Not as bright as newer cheaper models.

Review by scipow

I have the Dukane 8747 which is the lp130. One possitive thing is the service from Dukane. they deliver and are excellent. Now for the doom and gloom. It is a horrible home theater projector. Do not buy it for home use. It has a serious overheating problem and the balast is unstable and will fail.

Any Problems: It will consume lambs within 200 hours. I have had it serviced twice and am awaiting a second lamp. Defective balast and the sensor clip that keeps the case on were the first problems. Then the projector lamp would not fire. The bulb was burnt. A loaner bulb was placed. It failed and I am awiting a new bulb.

Review by JR

They are very portable and put out a good image. However they are totally unreliable.

Any Problems: I work in a corporate HQ environment and I got stuck with ten of these.I have repeatedly sent these things back for repair. They start burning lamps after between 200 and 300 hours. Infocus claims to remedy the problem but its happened to the same machine even after it has came back from service. To me these things are more touble thatn they are worth.

Review by Frankie

Easy to use at home and for work. Travelled a lot (more than 200 flights in a suitcase).

Any Problems: Maintenance twice so far... 1st time logic module broken. second time: Elevator foot and zoom ring broken. It's a light projector and it is fragile... Frankie, ;-)

Review by Bobby Smith

I when using this projector to play Xbox Haloes. Using Xbox games I play 32 hours easy with excellent quality for the images.

Any Problems: Dvd is wreak in the light room, but in the darken room prefect.

Review by Darkblade

Good image quality. Excellent for presentations but the detail in the blacks lack for HT use. Quite noisy. Good colours, but I find the image not super sharp. Can't ceiling mount. No rainbows that I could see.

Any Problems: The focus seems to drift over time...strange considering manual focus setup. Also, poor quality through the composite input. Recommend HTPC for optimal use.

Review by Dan

The projector is used for work and home. Used mostly at home. Typical usage is five to six hours. At work, people are extreamly impressed with the brightness. They can read and take notes during the presentation. Only a wall is used for the screen and they sit close to it. The image is super. It is a great companion to my notebook computer.

Any Problems: One hundred fifty hours of use and there was a problem with the balast connection. The projector was repaired and back in service in only a week from the day it was sent in. A technician called and explained the projector's problem. It has been five months and no problems. It was exceptional service and the projector is great.

Review by BOB

Way too expensive for a projector that gives countless problems.

Any Problems: Overheating once it runs for more than 2 hours. Lamp life rating does not seem to be accurate

Review by Nick Thompson

An excellent unit when you need portability with decent brightness and XGA. The image quality is very good. Great for home cinema. Only downside is that InFocus have skimped on a few features that you will find in other projectors this size - eg. monitor loop-through, laser pointer, remote mouse which are standard on the Optoma EP735.

Any Problems: Leg looks very flimsy and easy to break. Noise level is quite high, but to be expected on a unit this size.

Review by Ed Herlihy

Great unit overal! Excellent brightness and contrast. I'm a traveling trainer, and I really like the size, and picture quality. It could use a digital ZOOM feature, and an lens cap that is ATTACHED to the unit by a cord - like many people have for their 35mm cameras.

Any Problems: Manual Zoom Ring broke - unit was replaced under warranty.