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InFocus LP340 User Reviews

InFocus LP340 Projector

InFocus LP340

SVGA (800x600), 1300 ANSI Lumens,
6.7 lbs,
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3.7 out of 5
13 User Ratings
Image Quality 4.0
Features 3.8
Construction 3.7
Ease of Use 4.2
Reliability 2.5
Value for Money 3.8
Epson LightScene EV-100
WXGA Conference Room Projector

User Reviews

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Review by Allan

Excellent used projector value. Image quality is superior to many of the newer projectors on the market. Lamp life may be a problem according to other reviews. I bought my unit used on eBay with unknown hours and got 1700+ hours before the lamp finally bit the dust. I can't complain about that.

Any Problems: NONE

Review by Terry ap Hywel

I bought this projector for use at work for powerpoint presentations and showing videos. It has a good picture but is quite noisy and gets very hot, anyone sitting near it is in danger of heat stroke particularly in a small room. The built in speaker is not up to providing the sound for videos, external speakers will be needed. It is easy to set up and get going and the remote is better than other projectors i have used. It is a bit bulkier and heavy compared to more modern models - not a problem if it is fixed or not required to be carried about.

Any Problems: The lamp has blown (very loudly!!) 3 times since I bought it in October 2001. To be fair inFocus have collected it and replaced it the first time, repaired it the next 2 times, all free of charge. The last time it was repaired, when it was returned it did not work properly and they replaced it with a reconditioned "as new" unit, again free of charge. Note I live in the UK and the inFocus repair facility is in Belgium. I use it with a Mac and there are problems with the screen resolution which has to be reset each time. The keystone adjustment causes the picture to become distorted. When restarting from standby the picture sometimes freezes.

Review by John

I purchased the Infocus LP340 primarily for home theater a few years ago for around $2600. It is awesome. 1300 lumens is nice and bright. Projector is simple to use. I have had none of the bulb problems people here have reported. Maybe that is with later models, or if you are buying them used for under $1k, well, they are probably problematic projectors. The size is perfect and easy to set up. Mine is the "v" model and not the "b" model, which offers higher contrast, but, from my understanding, is not as good for video. If using for video/DVD, make sure to get the "v" model.

Any Problems: None with my unit.

Review by Lilly Lamb

Since we have had the unit, 2 power supplies and multiple replacement of the lamp. Poor design, it is a LEMON. I wished we had not bought the unit.

Review by Marc

I bought this projector as a reman unit about 1 1/2 years ago. I bought the 340 instead of the 340b because of the lack of the HTQ software and the DVI port not on the 340b model. The picture quality has been great, colors are very brilliant and the brightness is good. The dirty light or halo is apparent but can be eliminated by placing a black boarder around the screen. The contrast due to the dirty light is a little lacking compared to new models and is noticeable when watching digitally filmed DVD's but for the generation of projector it is very good. In my opinion the color wheel rainbow effect is not to bad. I can see the rainbow in very limited fast moving white lines, but all in all very acceptible, again for the generation of projector. All in all I would recomend this projector as a reman projector over the 800-1000 dollar new models if it is priced equal or less.

Any Problems: Bulb problems. This project has gone through two bulbs in the last 1 1/2 years. The first one in about 200 hours. The second one in just over 1000 hours. I believe the key to the longer life is running the projector on stand-by (cool down) mode for at least 5 minutes before shutting it down. I have been doing this for a year now and have now notice that Infocus is now recommending this. Doing this, the last bulb lasted over 1000 hours without filter cleaning (its very difficult for me to unmount the projector)

Review by Dale

The image is of good quality and brightness.

Any Problems: The problem is premature lamp failure. To date, the unit has used 3 lamps counting the original. Yesterday the lamp failed. Estimated lamp hours is 400 or less each time. Received back from Infocus repair facility in Feb. 03 where they replaced the power supply, lamp, and cleaned as part of warranty repair. A call yesterday to Infocus informed me that it will cost $990 plus shipping to send back, but since the power supply was already replaced that it would not be beneficial to send in. In my opinion, the manufacturer should provide a replacement unit or supply lamps at 20% of normal price.

Review by P. Jenga

Great picture, excellent contrast, unbeatable price for features/performance.This has to be the best in class for XGA LCD projectors. At 1300 lumens it can be used in brightly lit classrooms or at home in your theater

Any Problems: none

Review by Bob L.

Good picture, bulbs always blow.

Any Problems: We should demand a new model in replacement. This is rediculous and in Focus needs to make it right. Right now.

Review by rpress

I have found this to be a very good projector for image quality, however it appears to suffer form the same problem as others have had, that when the projector is turned on, it warms up and then the lamp flickers and fails. I have been through 4 bulbs, all lasting less than 400 hours, and have sent the product to boxlight 5 times for repair (this was sold as a cd455m from Boxlight), which is where it is sitting today. This is a good projector, unless it is one form this unreliable batch.

Review by Joel

Outstanding projector for the price! Color could be better but overall I am *VERY* impressed and happy with my decision to buy the LP340V

Any Problems: I did a great deal of research before I bought and one thing that is not very clear about the LP340 is that there are a couple of versions. The LP340B has a better contrast ratio (500 vs 400) but does not support digital input. The LP340 or LP340v does. As far as problems go, I have none to report so far.

Review by Charly

equipo con muchos problemas: no corta la refrigeracion, una VEZ PUESTO EN STAND BY. hablitas la tecla de de tension y prende sin pulsar el boton de power. keystone limitado (no en video y no negativo en pc) parpadeo de imagen

Any Problems: con problemas de fabrica, fuente conflictiva, alimenta al equipo con picos de tension que hacen estallar la lampara y quemar la propia fuente. Tiempo de uso antes de que explote la la fuente y la lampara es de menos de 200hrs de uso.

Review by VASSAULT Philippe

Despite a serious lamp problem, I'm really satisfied with the amazing image quality of the Toshiba version TDP-S2. It provides you the DLP features (brightness and contrast) and functionalities with a really affordable price, compare to the others.

Any Problems: I had to cope with several lamp disfunctions : first, when I switched on the videoprojector, the lamp didn't manage to light on, so I had to switch off the device then switch on again to make it work; and finally, the lamp exploded in function! It's the second time within 6 months that I had to send my videoprojector to the French Toshiba Center to only have a lamp replacement without any further investigation of the cause of the problem. The technician finally said that it was due to a production of defective lamps...I hope that's right and that my third lamp won't explode after only less than 400 hours whereas it's expected to last 2000 hours!!! A friend of mine, who have the same product (Toshiba TDP-S2V) had the same problems and I see here that we are not alone in that case wether with the Toshiba or with the Infocus version. For the moment, I didn't pay for my lamp replacements and I refuse to pay around 400$ for a lamp which will work 400 hours only instead of 2000 hours,its supposed lifespan. That's the reson why I exhort every people owning this model and facing with this problem to write to me at in order to be stronger against these big manufacturers who always suspect a wrong utilisation from the customers.Thanks for all of you.

Review by Matt Smith

I bought this for a home cinema 7 months ago - fantastic quality for the money - however - I've just hit what an Infocus techie told me is a common problem in the now discontinued LP340 model.

Any Problems: The problem is the Lamp unit - they are prone to "lamp explosions" to quote an infocus techie - and boy did it go bang! - my unit is ceiling mounted, and well ventilated - I was sitting under it when the unit went - thank god I don't have a heart condition! - be warned - with the units lamp only under warranty for 90 days - that's $500 for a replacement lamp - that they no longer make for this unit!