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InFocus LP550 User Reviews

InFocus LP550 Projector

InFocus LP550

VGA (640x480), 130 ANSI Lumens,
20.0 lbs,
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4.0 out of 5
6 User Ratings
Image Quality 2.5
Features 3.5
Construction 4.5
Ease of Use 4.0
Reliability 4.8
Value for Money 4.7

User Reviews

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Review by Yosef

It's the middle of 2014, and I'm still running this projector from more than 10 years ago. The bulbs cost £0.75. Yes, 75p down my local shop, not £400 as is usually the case. Yes this device is massive, and the on screen graphics a bit slow but a remarkable machine that just keeps giving. This model was actually used in the Childs Play film, where the kid projects the babysitter doing naughties, on the side of the house. A great width possible. The original receipt was $10,000 yet I paid a lot less.

Any Problems: Once a bulb went, but not in the normal way of pop. This exploded like a bomb. Still no damage to anyone around. And it's still working away.

Review by Pamperchu

This projector is well built and low cost to run. Bulbs are only $3 for 200 hours. I paid $5 for this projector and it was well worth it.

Any Problems: You can see the screen door effect on the 7" LCD but that's expected for a LCD from 1995.

Review by king pikachu

this is a great low cost projector. bulbs are only about $10. lots of input ports and it has sound. some people think i look funny carrying this think around because of its size but hey, they shur do like to watch movies on it.

Any Problems: if you want to hook it up to a computer, you have to set the Display resolution on the computer to 640x480.

Review by Chevy4wd

Nice projector for the money. For it's time and era it's pretty reputable projector. Although it's not bright, if used in a dark room, it's quite adaquate. The amount of inputs are great! Picture is pixeled and color is dim, but that may be due to the bulb. I like the easy slide for storing one bulb, and when one goes out... simply slide a lever and your back in business. I like the mic input.. Great for presentations. Other than that it served it's purpose. I also used this on my PS2 and my kids enjoyed the 80 inch screen!! Bulb life... more than expected. Built like a Sherman Tank

Any Problems: Need a dim area, Pixels noticable, unit gets very hot. Took some time to lear how to use the menu.

Review by Captain Sniffy

Review of the BoxLight 2101 Projector The Boxlight 2101 falls in between the Infocus LitePro 540 and the LitePro 550 LCD projectors. Infocus 540 - Two VGA inputs, no sound features Boxlight 2001 - Two VGA inputs, with sound inputs, sound output Infocus 550 - Two VGA inputs, 1 composite video input, 1 SVideo input, 4 sound inputs. This first-generation line of projectors was introduced in 1992, as an alternative to the overhead projector LCD-panels that preceded them. I use this projector with the marvelous ViewSonic VB50HRTV TV tuner. This tuner generates a splendid VGA output, and also accepts an Svideo input that can be used for other video sources like VCRs or game consoles. These projectors use inexpensive EVD bulbs. EVD bulbs can be purchased on-line for as little as $7 for a 50-hour version, or $13 for a lower intensity 300-hour version. Support documentation for these projectors can be found at the Infocus Technical support site. I bought one of these projectors to use for Xbox LAN parties. Performance The colors are washed out, and hard to calibrate. This is possibly due to the low color resolution (1.4 million). Occasionally, a frame may get skipped, but this does not affect the usefulness. The low-intensity (130 lumens) is inadequate unless the room is very dark. The sound produced by these projectors is actually quite respectable, but won't replace a real sound system. Utility These projectors are very heavy, hot and loud. This is not a good projector to be schlepping around. However, it is built like a tank, and will stand up to a lot of abuse. I have used hotter and louder projectors, but I have yet to see one that is bigger. Summary Despite the many obvious weaknesses of these projectors, they do have their charm. They're first generation, so they have a certain collectable appeal. They're also virtually indestructible, so the chances of finding one in good working order are high. And at less than $200, they are very cheap to own and operate. It's hard for me to imagine a use-case to recommend them for, but still, I wouldn't consider selling the one I have.

Review by Elecrto Elvis

This is a very early LCD projector, that is very big, is not very bright, and gives a rather blocky image, but it IS rock solid. Mine has been used and abused at raves for years, handling incredibly hot and humid conditions (so humid liquid drips from the ceiling), smoke machines blasting out so much smoke you cannot see, and it's still going strong. Best of all replacement lamps are about one tenth of the average price, 'cos it uses standard projector lamps the same as used in slide projectors.