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InFocus LP580 User Reviews

InFocus LP580 Projector

InFocus LP580

VGA (640x480), 350 ANSI Lumens,
16.9 lbs,
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3.0 out of 5
7 User Ratings
Image Quality 2.9
Features 3.1
Construction 3.3
Ease of Use 3.1
Reliability 3.3
Value for Money 2.4
WXGA Conference Room Projector

User Reviews

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Review by Richard H. Pointer

This device is used for watching movies at home. Professionally, it is used for Microsoft PowerPoint presentations. For movies it lacks clarity. For presentation slides, the resolution on the computer has to be decompressed to a fuzzy VGA.

Any Problems: As has been said, this machine was probably a true workhorse in its day. It pales in comparison with current models. It was purchased for a song and works well as a back up to our newer machines which breakdown often. The LP 580 dinosaur is bulky but totally reliable.

Review by jhon

belive me viewers il've never seen before like this useless divice before.

Any Problems: If there is one problum occure i explain but This divice is full of problems in simple words waste of money.

Review by Patman

this is a great machine, i can watch movies with the lights on, but obviously better picture in dark room. as long as the bulb is good you will get very good bright pictures from this projector. the bulb gets VERY dark once it reaches the end of its life. the zoom and focus are very easy to use making this an all around great projector.

Any Problems: bulb only lasts 500 hours but other than that this thing rocks!

Review by baby

Wonderful piece of equipment, But... Lacks great color, lumens and has excessive light levels for dark room viewing. Works beautifully on a grey screen but not so hot on a white screen. Needs better contrast and more lumens to be a great projector

Any Problems: no problem

Review by faitor

This is truly a dinosore. I am sure it was fine in its day but compared to the new projectors, don't bother.

Any Problems: Unless you are on the dark side of the moon, good luck with the picture. No modern features.

Review by Bob

John you must be dreaming. This is a shocking machine. There is no image quality and a dark room is not dark enough.This projector belongs on the scrap heap

Review by John Phillips

Am feeding a 1080i signal from an external scaler(CSHD) and the image is stunning. Very awkward to change settings on main unit, and intolerant of ambient light, but great quality image in a darkened room on Dalite 1.5 gain screen.