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InFocus LP70 User Reviews

InFocus LP70 Projector

InFocus LP70

XGA (1024x768), 1100 ANSI Lumens,
2.4 lbs,
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4.1 out of 5
5 User Ratings
Image Quality 4.0
Features 3.8
Construction 3.8
Ease of Use 4.4
Reliability 4.4
Value for Money 4.0

User Reviews

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Review by Kale

Very good picture quality and easy to use.

Any Problems: Just recently it started shutting off by itself after being on for about thirty seconds, projector has about 4500 hours. Replaced the bulb and same problem

Review by Ben

Any Problems: I have had a number of problems with this projector and am very upset at InFocus. First of all it doesn't handle Macrovision correctly so you cannot watch DVD's on it without the picture constantly changing brightness. I sent it back several times for this and InFocus wasn't able to help me or even tell me what was wrong. It was only a year later that I finally figured it out and when I asked them about it then, they said they knew but they didn't care because that was how it was designed. Also when it says it supports component in, and thus all of those digital TV formats (SDTV/EDTV), it is sort of lying. There's no component in on the device. To get component in you'd need some kind of converter because the main connection on it is P&D (like DVI, essentially) which is RGB, but component is YUV, and I don't see InFocus even offering to sell the expensive converter.

Review by Jeff

I've had this projector (IBM iLM-300, which is the LP70 with an IBM label) for 12 months now. Bought a re-manufactured in Jan 2004. It is used for general TV viewing and DVD viewing. I have taken advantage of the XGA by using my computer as the DVD/TV source. You will find with projectors designed for business use, the best video feed will come from your PC. It still amazes everyone who sees it. It is quiet, compact, and in my opinion, great video sharpness. I can view the image on my 48" screen in daylight, and on my 110" screen in a darkened room (but with a light still left on). It is a great entry level home theatre projector. I also use it for computer use, and find the text to be superb. It is nearly as sharp as my LCD screen. I do not notice any pixelation, from any distance, nor do I notice any rainbow effects found in many DLPs.

Any Problems: It does overheat, due to its sub-compact size. You must leave it in a well ventilated area, which may make the fan noise more noticable. I put it in an enclosure, but it shut down due to overheating. During the summer, the heat generated from it noticably raises the tempature in my 10x14 apartment living room! --------------------------------- All in all, I am extremely pleased with my puchase, especially since I pondered over this large expense (to me) for well over a month.

Review by Jay

This is not a bad little projector. I got this projector 4 months ago and it has worked fine ever since. It's good for watching movies and computer setup. One thing I noticed and I think it's a problem with practically all DLP projectors is when there is a scene where there is white, it looks gray and pixely. If there are scenes in a movie where the character is looking out a window or the sky is in the background, the trees or anything out there is gray and pixely. Not clear like CRT projectors. And no matter what you try to do to adjust it, you can't rid the problem. But this is the only thing I noticed. This is not a bad projector. It's a little steep in price though.

Any Problems: Some annoying gray and pixely images when there is a bright scene in a movie. Especially noticable in outside scenes where the camera is show distance shots of like trees and objects.

Review by Ilmar Saar

I purchased this projector primarily for playing DVDs and video which is not what it is intended for. I however wanted a very small portable projector and in that the LP70 really shines. As a presentation projector, it is truly 5 stars. As a video projector, it has some video settings but the colors are not true due to the four segment color wheel which tends to make people look rather cartoonish or like they had on way too much makeup. DVDs via S-Video tend to be slightly fuzzy but when played on a PC and projected via the DVI/VGA port, the image is razor sharp along with a slight color improvement. Downloading the latest firmware is recommended as I found the color also improved when I upgraded to their latest revision which is currently at version M. Fan noise is present but I do not find it a real problem as my THX is always louder and I don't really notice.

Any Problems: The lens cap is tethered to the body via a retaining strap. The lens cap however broke off the retaining strap within weeks of ownership. I wrote to tech support about this yesterday and he gave me a part number and told me to contact sales... I guess that means that lens caps are not under warranty. :( At the same time I also asked tech support if they was any way to disable the white segment of the color wheel or if not, if they could include such a feature in their next firmware revision. I figured that if there was a way, the overall color for video would improve as the white segment is primarily used so that whites are truly white in presentations and to make the image as bright as possible. Tech supports answer was big "NO" on all counts. Yes they could if they wanted to, but this is a business projector and they didn't see a need for it.