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InFocus LP725 User Reviews

InFocus LP725 Projector

InFocus LP725

SVGA (800x600), 750 ANSI Lumens,
12.0 lbs,
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4.0 out of 5
7 User Ratings
Image Quality 4.3
Features 4.0
Construction 4.3
Ease of Use 4.3
Reliability 3.6
Value for Money 3.9
Optoma UHD50X
4K Home Theater Projector

User Reviews

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Review by Jackson Smith

Great unit has served me for two years flawlessly, great fo smaller rooms. Good image quality for the price got mine with new bulb for $450 and was worth every penny, HALO 2 ON BIG SCREEN WOW! I think that it is a little louder than the 720 which I had before it but it is hardly a problem.

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Review by guyna

Great projector for my first one. Image is crisp, audio is great, plus I got this one cheap only $450 with a new bulb. Great deal for a small family room.

Review by nwmarco

I bought this one used back in 98 for $1800 and used it 1x 2x per month for 8-10 hours at a stretch in some very challenging evironments - hot, dusty, high humidity - and it has worked like a champ. I experienced no overheating whatsoever. Got 2 years out of the first bulb and second one is still going strong. Now it is over 6 years old and the colors are starting to fade and the image isn't as sharp as it was (internal dust and small nicks on the lens) but it is still good for the occasional movie on the wall or small event.

Review by AV

don't buy this used i have the unit for about 1.5 year after 850 hour on the first bulb the machine got over heated and the bulb crack. and i replace the the new bulb. the machine keep over heating. and shut down, some time turn on the bulb not power up. now at 867hr on the second bulb one of the polerize screen got burn i open it out and it just a piece of plastic. i call Infocus to buy the part but they said they are not selling just that part. thay have to sell the whole optical engine and it cost about $2000. and this unit the spec said it support 1024*768 but i can't event read a word on the screen...

Review by azaram

Don't buy these second-hand. Severe problems at 3-4 years.

Any Problems: When I first got mine it was about 3.5 years old. It was constantly overheating.. it would be on for 10 minutes then start qutomatically shutting off the bulb and you'd hear the fans speed up. After a few mins the bulb would come back on. I had it serviced and they just cleaned it out and it had no overheating problems after that. (note that I DID clean the filter.. the dust buildup was inside the unit). These units also have 2 things that fail when they're 3-4 years old. 1 - the optical engine, 2 - the input controller. When the oprical engine goes, you'll gradually get the colours separating until the image has a heavy "ghost" and is almost unwatchable on bright scenes and definately useless for PC applications. When the input controller goes, you'll get distorted images, flickering, stability problems etc. The optical engine alone costs more than the second-hand market price for these projectors. Since they've been out of production for a few years now, if you buy one you WILL end up with a dead projector very soon.

Review by liteuser

Great projector for presentations and good for home theatre. Has nice vivid colors. A decent value overall. My only complaint is that it is difficult to move the cursor to change settings.

Review by Dave

Got mine EBay for $500. Unit came with a new bulb but had serious heating problems. Upon inspection found to be filled with dust. Dissasembled and cleaned. Unit still ran hot, after 20 minutes or so slight image color problems. Placed a small 5inch A/C fan to blow past the LCD cooling fan/front of unit. Now works great. Used for home theater, great picture.

Any Problems: Unit needed a fan to blow air past it to keep from overheating.