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InFocus LP735 User Reviews

InFocus LP735 Projector

InFocus LP735

XGA (1024x768), 650 ANSI Lumens,
12.0 lbs,
View Specs
4.3 out of 5
7 User Ratings
Image Quality 4.0
Features 4.3
Construction 4.4
Ease of Use 4.6
Reliability 4.1
Value for Money 4.6
Optoma UHD50X
4K Home Theater Projector

User Reviews

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Review by Alex

I bought this model refurbished. The screen is super bright in the dark. Makes for a great home movie experience; however, is practically useless in any kind of daylight. The huge screen capabilites really gives you an in-your-face picture when you walk into a room, given you have the wall space for it. Video games are completely tranformed in the new aspect. Great value for the money.

Any Problems: The cost of a replacement bulb is pretty high. Next time, I'm replacing it with something with a 16:9 aspect ratio.

Review by Sam Dalton

Great projector, very reliable and extremely easy to use. very high resolution so perfect for those high def presentations. couldnt be happier with this purchase

Review by Bengt Vänerhall

If you get a good price for this projector, don't wait for buying it. The quiality is all good enough for don't buy anyone better. Exelent for movies and also games!

Any Problems: Yes. The cable to connect the the computer was damaged after some use. I had to create an own.

Review by stanley

I am very disappointed that the blue polarizer has burnt only after 160 hours of use and i have a very yellowish picture! I live in a very warm country so the projector gets quite warm...i needs alot of fan assisted ventilation.

Any Problems: I have not yet been able to find a reliable source for a replacement polarizer and Infocus says to replace the entire optical engine (costs as much as a new projector!) I am afraid of using it for long as i am afraid of damaging the Blue TFT panel. It has a good picture but a stupid piece of plastic ruines everything. I am disappointed about this very much as it has only been used a few hours! Can someone help and tell me where to get a polarizer so I get restore the picture email to THANKS

Review by yanks995

I bought this projector for $400 on eBay as a "for parts only" - the lens was smashed. I dont know why but I just bought it! When it got to me, I realised that it has only 242hrs of lamp use (so it has at least 1700hrs left), and all it needed was a new lens. Even with that I could still watch a movie at ease - my pal couldnt even tell the lens was broken until i showed her! I bought a lens from another eBayer for $15 and fixed it myself. Wah La! The computer picture quality is awesome! Reallly stunning. I have been watching my DVDs and VCDs on my pink wall since - i dont even need a white one because it doesnt look like it is pink when the image is projected on it. It didnt come with remote but you dont need it actually. The wizard cable allows you to connect your Mac and Pc. On the whole, I have been very happy since the day I fixed it. Sharp and great picture quality in dark rooms. I would recommend it to anyone!

Any Problems: Well if you have no remote, the buttons on the projector are kinda hard to adjust. The can get hot fast. Hence you may need a small fan to assist in the ventilation.

Review by top projector

super projector. best picture quality. a wonderfull video electronic for a prefect home cinema. only 39db. This is a very good projector for less money. super super

Review by eKIK

This was my first projector ever so my impressions might not be totally accurate. I found the ability to play HDTV content amazing (with newest software upgrade). Even though I haven't tried it myself yet. The picture is great and has good contrast, at least good enough to satisfy me. The construction is great. It gives a great sense of quality. The only thing I didn't like about this otherwise great projector is the abscense of DVI port and that the power cord is plugged in front. The noise might be a bit high too, but that's easily fixed since all fans used are standard sizes and quite easy to change. I would give this projector a 4.5 of 5 for it's great picture, great ease of use, numerous features.