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InFocus LP755 User Reviews

InFocus LP755 Projector

InFocus LP755

XGA (1024x768), 1000 ANSI Lumens,
9.7 lbs,
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4.6 out of 5
8 User Ratings
Image Quality 4.6
Features 3.9
Construction 4.9
Ease of Use 4.9
Reliability 4.9
Value for Money 4.8

User Reviews

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Review by ShyFrench

This unit is light, powerful, quiet and produces excellent quality. This is probably the best (smaller) PJ there is out there for the price. I play xbox, watch movies and sports with it and never had any problem. This is a great projector.

Any Problems: None

Review by Eventan

built tough and i clean mine out once a month. i rip it apart and put it back together ..this is maybe y i get 2500hrs on my lamp and still going. the picture is great sure there is bette but what 4 ...the money this is by far a better buy.i will never get a TV again.i just bought a lamp 330$can. i love it!!!! Other ppl just dont understandive had mine since 2002 and payed 2200$ i would do it again.By the way ...this site helped me so very much ...i thank you...!

Any Problems: well i would have to make 1 up......i cant wait to put the new lamp hockey,ps2,and concerts!...the best....GET 1!!!!!

Review by William Herold

I bought my LP755 back in 1999. I payed about $5,000 for it which is funny when you realize you can get the same specs for $700 today. But I got my money out of it when you calculate the cost of movie tickets. It's still going strong six years later - same bulb and no servicing. I used to play games but the big screen gave me motion sickness, so now it's just for movies. Get a used one if you can find it.

Any Problems: S-Video never worked on my unit.

Review by Tony

For the money this is a great workhorse of a projector, I use mine for Home theater only. I've seen them sell for less then $400, I've purchased two, one for a back-up unit, my second unit purchase came with low hours on installed lamp, plus a new replacement lamp and ceiling mount, with traveling bag, remote and all the accessories for $400. Unlike 16:9 widescreen projectors being sold these days, this one works great with standard TV signal and even better with digital signal and awesome DVD picture quality. I turn down the brightness all the way, this helps with getting a deeper blacks. I only wish it would be 720 widescreen HDTV compatible and higher contrast as this thing is of solid construction. But you can't have it all, especially at this price.

Any Problems: No problems, it's a workhorse.

Review by Russell

I deal with secondhand projectors occasionally and the Lp-755 has gotta be my over all favorite out of all the projectors ive every had.. They are absolutley bullet proof in relability, and there image, colors and brightness are absolultey fantastic. The brightness is so much better than the 1000 lumens that Infocus rate them at, and it looks more like are 1400 lumens in appearance. Whites are absolutly pure white.. Image proccessing for Video input is fantastic, and for data presentaion its extremley sharp, colourful and very vibrant. Graphic on your desktop just seem to jump out with sharpness and clarity. Ive looked at alot of the newer hi tech whizz bang DLP projectors that are on the market at the moment, but they just dont seem to cut it over all compared to these Lp-755's.. Sure the blacks are not as black , but you dont really notice that much anyway. The $7000 DLP's ive seen just dont seem to have the same vibrantancy and depth as the image on these babies... The LP-755 is favorite that im gonna stick with for along time.. The contrast is good for an LCD , but not as black as DLP's , but

Any Problems: Fans are little noiser than newer type projectors that are around ,but not that bad .. If you are ceiling mounting way from you (which most people do) , then you wont really hear it.. From background in electronics heat = reduced life expectancy... Bigger fans are better, and keeps things cooler ... alot of newer "compact projectors" that use small low air flow fans ive seen are dying very quickly, some only last 12 months, and bulbs blow alot.. I'll take a projector with meduim to large fans any day..

Review by Chris

This is a great projector that can be picked up pretty cheap these days.I liked it so much I bought a second one for my folks. Colors are very good and there is not much screen-door effect and not always noticable/scene dependent.Contrast a bit low but not really a problem.Fan is not too loud.Brightness is great even with considerable room light.DVDs best viewed via RGB from computer.Then they are crystal clear.Data presentations look great also.Overall a great bargain these days.Paid an average of $500 each.Replacement lamps also cheap ($150-200) but none needed yet.

Any Problems: Does run hot so make sure to leave space around it for good ventilation.Havent heard of severe overheating though that would blow lamp.

Review by Techman

An excellent projector, much brighter than other 1000 lums projectors that I've seen. Infact, its even brighter than my new 1500 lums NEC VT-460. Image is sharp and clear, and being an LCD it has no rainbow effect.

Review by philma8kr

I've had this for 8 weeks as a used unit (Paid $800 online). I've used 4 different DVD players on this unit and the DVD PLAYER affects image quality a great deal Some DVDs looked 100% better on different player. I have this in my bedroom with a 4X8 screen and sit 2:1 from image( Not the best distance but Image is very nice)

Any Problems: My unit didn't come with remote but it was not hard to work unit without. Fan noise is high but I'm sitting 2 feet from the unit. Contrast was not the best but Newer DVDs looked very good. Just having a Large image makes up for any shortcomings after a movie starts. Reds are the weak link but again not that big a deal and you can tweak the colors. SHREK Looked Very Colorful, LOTR and Matrix looked good. I did about 2 weeks of online research before picking this Model. I'm very picky but give this unit a thumbs up!