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InFocus IN76 User Reviews

InFocus IN76 Projector

InFocus Home IN76

HD 720 (1280x720), 1000 ANSI Lumens,
9.3 lbs, $1,699 (MSRP)
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4.5 out of 5
8 User Ratings
Image Quality 4.8
Features 4.9
Construction 4.4
Ease of Use 4.9
Reliability 4.0
Value for Money 4.3

User Reviews

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Review by andyraf

Good picture, runs a bit hot/noisy.

Any Problems: Will never buy another Infocus product. The power supply board gave out a few months ago, $500 to replace that, and now the ECM PCB has died. Infocus has stopped supplying replacement parts (only 4 years after they stopped selling them?), and I'm told it's now non-repairable.

1080P Portable Projector
Review by larryndc

Easier to set up and use than I expected. Using the IN76 for home theater with cable box, DVD player and BlueRay attached to it. Occasionally, we attach a laptop. Used primarily indoors on a 5' x 9' screen for TV or movie viewing, but on occasion outside for a "drive-in movie". Even when outside, rear projecting onto a sheet, it's very good quality. Never a minutes problem in over 2 years of use. My worse complaint? It's a tad noisier than I expected (sitting directly under it), but not bad. Excellent value for the price!

Any Problems: The only problem ever encountered turned out to be a faulty cable purchased from a source other than InFocus, replaced by the that manufacturer. Other than that one cable, never a minutes problem, even after moving it to a different house.

Review by scubajoe

GREAT, super bright even in eco mode and in direct light, bigger image size then cheaper projectors. Very quite. This is my 7th and best projector.

Any Problems: none

Review by Axel2000

I have it for 10 months now. Incredible image! Best projector I ever had. The fan is sometimes heard. Project on 140" goo painted screen and colors are awesome.

Review by Razkal

This has to be the worst experience in buying a projector ever! InFocus has of yet to do anything about my current problems.

Any Problems: I had 4 of these projectors, the first one had a bad pixel. The 2nd, 3rd and 4th all died. They just went dead, no LED, no power, nothing. I had a Pure AV power conditioner installed, still the projector died.

Review by Kevin

260 hours on the lamp now without a single issue. I still have the original firmware. I bought the PJ the first week they came out. I went with InFocus because of reliability relative to it's competition. Even though I think the image quality is good, I have to wonder that a dark chip 3 would be better. The image quality and colors are top notch for anything in it's price range ($1800-$2300 USD). Viewed HD72 and HC3000U ... like the image clarity of the IN76 a bit more. Projecting a 117" diagonal.

Any Problems: None. I know others have complained about noise and in the quitest of moments in a movie if you listen for it you will hear it. Mine is celing mounted (9' ceilings) and approx. directly overhead. The splash screen is not 16:9 but I understand there is a firmware upgrade to correct this. I will take 2000 hours (knock on wood) from a $400 bulb and have a bit of PJ noise over 150 hours and a quite projector.

Review by Michael

I have had this projector for over a month now and I am extremely happy with it. I have the DirecTV DVR and watching the Soprano's in high defination is like looking through a window. The projector is ceiling mounted and I am using this with a Dalite permawall. I bought my projector for $2300 and then called Infocus and found out that I purchased it from an unauthorized dealer and my warranty would normally not be valid, but since I contacted them, they would honor it. Something to keep in mind.

Review by chrystel

First of all I have to mention that I got this projector for 2189$. This projector is beautiful in every way, comestically it is surely impressive.Picture quality, it certainly delivers a very beautiful image with rich colors, deep black level and has plenty of details in dark scenes, and all this right out of the box with no tweaking. HD looks absolutely stunning, DVD's looks excellent, I'm using a OPPO dvd player upconverter and it is close to HD material.No fan noise, it is whisper quiet! And you do not need to clean filters this is great! No more worry about dirty filters. Very easy to set up and has plenty of connection on the back, HDMI, components,s-video, M1-da, Rca connector.Very easy simple menu to adjust your colors preference, skin tone, sharpness, contrast,gamma etc... So easy that you do not even need to look at your manual.I have returened 2 projectors so far, 4805, and mitsubishi 3000, I'M KEEPING THIS ONE FOR SURE. To preserve a long life to my bulb, I have to say that I did plug in my projector to a UPS. I did look hard for flaws! But didn't find any

Any Problems: None so far.