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InFocus SP 4805 User Reviews

InFocus SP 4805 Projector

InFocus Home SP 4805

WVGA (854x480), 750 ANSI Lumens,
6.8 lbs, $799 (MSRP)
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4.5 out of 5
279 User Ratings
Image Quality 4.7
Features 4.5
Construction 4.2
Ease of Use 4.7
Reliability 4.5
Value for Money 4.7

User Reviews

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Review by CynicalKnight

I used this projector for fifteen years, until the color wheel shattered a couple weeks ago. 19' throw, 10' wide image, and even though I could make out the pixels I was quite happy with it.

Review by Jim D.

I've had the projector since June 2006, just about 5 1/2 years of use, and still running very well. The original lamp has 3645 hrs, as of this writing. I've always used it on the low lamp setting, and allowed the lamp to cool with the fan running, and not naturally. I shoot it against a 120 inch screen, and the image looks wonderful. Unit has great features, it projects in 1080i with my Dish Network receiver, and throws a very nice picture. I hope to get another 1000 hrs out of the lamp, and then it'll be time to upgrade to a higher resolution projector. This thing has deffinetly sold me on projectors versus an LCD TV.

Any Problems: Had an issue back about 3 years ago where it just shut off one day, and would not come back on. Sent it to Infocus, and they replaced a power supply. Cost me 187.00 dollars, but it was cheaper than a new projector.... Also had to dismantle it and re-glue the light tube assembly (that was july 2009) because I developed a brownish streak across the top of the image. After repairing the tube, it's been just fantastic...

Review by Wayne Douglass

I've had my SP48055 for about 4 years now. Don't know what all the trashing about Infocus projectors. I'm on my 3rd bulb. Original bulb lasted about 1500 hours, second bulb 3000 hours. I started out with StdDef DirectTV and now I'm using Comcast HDTV. My projector resolves to 1080i and I think it has a beautiful image. I never shut it down with the power switch(ceiling mounted in Basement) and alway use remote control. Fan runs after light goes out. I don't know for how long because I go upstairs before the fan stops. I started out with a home made mount and now I have a store bought one. I've also taken my projector on road trips to family reunions to show slide shows and it just keeps on ticking.

Any Problems: The ONLY problem I've had is I'm starting to have a light tunnel problem. Getting a yellowish/brownish line on the right edge of the screen.

Review by John King

Buyer Beware! Do not buy these used projectors. They make up with 2004 for 2006. Now at them the worn out colour wheel. Repair of a colour wheel is equal to cost of a new projector. I have bought one such on ebay. It has broken in a month of use. The low permission 854x480 is bad for computer games. Think to add $100-200 and to buy a new projector.

Any Problems: Buyer Beware! Do not buy these used projectors. They make up with 2004 for 2006. Now at them the worn out colour wheel. Repair of a colour wheel is equal to cost of a new projector. I have bought one such on ebay. It has broken in a month of use. The low permission 854x480 is bad for computer games. Think to add $100-200 and to buy a new projector.

Review by Louis Veilleux

This projector did not made my home theater experince a good one. The picture is fine, but the fan noise is quite anoying as my projector is just over our hean in our theater room. I first had to change the lamp after only 400 hrs, it also broke down after the waranty was expired, ( the store managed to get it under waranty). I changed the lamp a second time after 2038 hours and it just blew up againe after less than 2000Hrs. So this was the last of it, as I prefer getting a new one.

Any Problems: Lamp, Lamp, coulour disc, lamp

Review by RB

Installed the 4805 in October of 05 to be viewed an a 108 inch screen in a dedicated theater room. First impressions were great overall. Found the picture to be crisp and clean for a projector in this price range.

Any Problems: About 6 months later I started seeing a brownish shadow along the right side of my screen. Contacted Infocus and they immediately knew what was wrong with it but wanted $250 to repair it. Which leads me to believe that there is a known defect which they should take care of on them. Other than the annoying shadow the projector works ok.

Review by Robert of New Hampshire

It has been close to 4 years since I picked up my 4805, a refurbished unit at the time for $600. the unit has performed and looked great. I've driven it from a DVI source sending 848x480 (4805 native res is 854x480) and kept the 4805's internal scaler disabled to avoid scaling artifacts. the unit fills in the missing 6 columns of pixels as black and they are not missed. everything considered, an amazing little projector.

Any Problems: in recent months some of the internal components have been showing their age: there is a creeping yellowish brown shadow on the right side of the screen, which I believe is one of the mirrors in the light tunnel starting to de-glue and fall into the tunnel. every other week or so it will emit a buzzsaw-like metallic whine for a few seconds. I believe this would be the color wheel bearings starting to go, which eventually will cause enough vibration to shatter the glass wheel. I have considered replacing the tunnel and wheel myself except that replacement parts are very hard to come by. in fact, from what I can gleam from various forums, infocus does not make replacement parts (except for bulbs) available to its customers.

Review by Benny

I have had this projector for close to 5 years now with no problems. But i now have a yellow line down the right side, i am wondering if it is the bulb but do not know where to find a good deal!! Anyone with help would be great!! Also if anyone is looking for the high def, M1 cable, order it off, very cheap cables at awesome prices and great quality!! cheers

Review by Bob64024

Picked this up on an auction site as a first projector purchase based on reviews from this site and must say, was blown away with the picture quality! Lights on, Lights off, no difference, though harsh sunlight will wash it out. Currently projecting approx 12 feet, table top, on a faded white textured wall. Ceiling mount & screen material ordered(see below) Running in eco mode. First comment is my unit, unlike some other reviews I read, is whisper quiet! Sitting right next to me when in my favorite easy chair and have to really listen hard to hear the fan. I really like that the fan continues to run after shutdown, which should greatly increase bulb life. I only use the remote to power down, which leaves the fan running continously at low speed. Setup was a no brainer, minor changes in brightness, contrast and keystone was about all it needed. Have to get very close to the wall to notice any screendoor effect and have not noticed any of the rainbow effects others have reported. Feeding the component connection from my HD Directv receiver and a 1080p DVD player, outstanding picture quality from both. The jump from a 45" LCD TV to a 90" DLP was a wonderful experience.

Any Problems: Problem with really dark scenes, hard to see, however, have ordered material to make a "real" screen, 1.3 gain, that I'm hoping will correct this. Also, no stretch option, which takes a little getting used to, especially when watching OTA HD, which regularly switches back and forth from 6x9 and 4x3.

Review by JRL

as a first projector, it seemed easy to set up and use for TV movies and computer- good picture, flexible projector in terms of options but serious issues with the manufacturer

Any Problems: 1st lamp exploded with less than 2500 hrs, using projector in low power mode and cleaning regularly. projector starting making grinding noise and required color wheel replacement after 1 year. 2nd lamp burned out with less than 2000 hours on it, have decided to switch to another projector and sell this one. will never buy another infocus product again.

Review by hollywood

Writing back again........After over 2 years and 2200 hrs later. Knock on wood. No problems with projector or bulb. Some noise on start up. Sounds like the colour wheel making some noise but stops after a minute. Have used the proper shut down procedure 99% of the time making sure the bulb is cooled down. I have left the fan running after shut down for long periods of time, the only problem with this is if you are in a dusty enviroment, or own birds, dogs or cats. It will also work as an air filter. Possibly clogging your projector filter and giving less air flow to your lamp. I have cleaned it out once, but make sure you be gentle with the projector in case you crack the case or break a clip on the plastic parts. I havent yet but be carefull.

Review by Sgt. Shultz

I have had a 4805 for 2 years now and had to send it back to Infocus for repair. This is a great unit when it works and have seen them around for less then $400 on At that price it is a great buy.

Any Problems: Had to sens back for repair because it would over heat and shut down. I sent it in with a perfect picture and they tried to make me buy a new bulb. I expained the bulb was not defective when I sent it in and they offered to give me a complimentary bulb. After a month they said bulbs were backordered my projector was never shipped. They they could not locate it and shipped me another refurbed unit. This unit worked great for a month and now has a vertical line down the right side in widescreen mode. I would have to say the reliability on these units is poor. my neighbor has the same unit and the bulb failed with just over 1000 hours.

Review by Vic

In response to Vince and why the color wheel and bulb failed. Apparently no one has taken the time to explain why it's important to properly shut down the projector. It's not merely a 5 minute operation. First of all, use the remote to turn off the bulb and then allow the fan to stay on for at least 20 minutes. This should cool down not only the color wheel but the motherboard. Then turn off the power switch on the projector. Failure to observe this lengthy cool down operation will result in premature failure of the main bulb, overheating of the color wheel and motherboard. Good luck! P.S. I currently have 1200 hours on my original bulb by following this cool down procedure!

Any Problems: None at this time.

Review by Vince

The old adage, "You get what you pay for", definately applies here. While the picture and overall performance appear to be great to the first time projector owner, there are plenty of comparable and even better projectors out there for the price as of this writing. 480P is NOT high def. Great unit for watching dvd's on.

Any Problems: Within 10 months of purchase unit had to be sent to Infocus for repairs to fuseable link and bulb at less than 500 hours use. Upon its return it worked for about 9 months before needing further work. This time a new optical engine and bulb. Both repairs took the unit out of commision for almost 3 months total. Infocus refused to exchange unit for new one and now 11 months after last repair unit failed yet again. Conveniently warranty work is just beyond warranty this time. Unit would have received much higher rating had it not been faulty and/or had infocus been willing to exchange it under warranty. Willing to admit there are a few bad products in any batch from any company but unwillingness to make it right on infocus' part has sent me to a different brand. Bottom line= OK product. Bad Customer service.

Review by Patrick

For the price there selling for you cant get no better. If you looking for a projector to cover you whole wall you may want to look elsewhere but you may wanna look elsewhere for alot more money. For being just a HD compatible projector this thing really puts out an awesome display at 100" with out SDE(screen door effect). I have it connected to charter HD service and between the projector and my Phillips 30" 1080i HD widescreen i cannot see any difference with the projector at 100". Contrast is excellent better than most rated at the same. 480P movies actually look better on the projector. Analog cable looks the same. Very nice projector all around. Highly recommended and great for xbox 360(lifelike).

Any Problems: I have discovered none as of yet. Some people complain about the bulb life being short but if you use the remote to power down then or wait at least five minutes if you used the switch on the side to turn it back on again to allow for the bulb to cool properly then you should have no problems its the same with almost every other projector out there. I have used many other projectors out there most were infocuses some proximas and others this is by far the best.

Review by Dan

I've had the 4805 for over a year. I have it mounted on the ceiling projecting to a 109" screen. Performance is amazing at this price point and is perfect for everything from sports to family movie night. Dark contrast not completely resolved but overall colors, contrast and clarity is great. Ceiling mounts and cable adapter for digital can be a little expensive. This entry level projector (in cost not performance) will exceed most expectations.

Any Problems: No real problems. There is a "line" across the top of the screen that is noticable but not distracting. I believe software upgrades would probably take care of it.

Review by Julian (London)

Had the SP4805 for almost 2 years now, when I first got it I was blown away by the picture quality and 2 years on I'm still amazaed how good it is. I only put good for image quality because it is 2 years old now. In response to Lukey-088, I dont think he has even seen this projector in action, and I would take no notice of his comment's.

Review by Zman

This was my first projector and I was totally blown away. The projector exceeded my expectations in every way. If your looking into a front projection system, but you don't want to turn it into an investment, this is the ticket. I got a deal on mine <$800. You cannot go wrong on this one.

Any Problems: Aspect ratio! The "Native" setting does not make the best use of the screen.

Review by Vic

Here's a tip for painting a customized projector screen [similar to Goo's Digital Gray TopCoat] onto a wall: 1. Paint material: 1 gallon of Kilz one-coat flat latex indoor paint [Fountain Gray - J25] sold at Wal-Mart, Lowe's. 2. Hand roll at least two top coats onto moderately absorbent wall material. Wait the recommended time for complete drying of the paint. 3. Turn on the projector and using the projector remote, select the 16:9 aspect and zoom in/out to create a viewing screen sized to height = 44.3"; width = 78.8"; diagonal = 90". Use a tape measure for accuracy. 4. Then reset the projector Picture values for Contrast = 54; Color = 54; Brightness = 46-48 [for Standard Movie DVD's] The resulting screen image will have an immediate increase in black/gray contrast, especially in shaded areas. There's a lot of depth! Enjoy

Any Problems: After over 850 hours of lamp use and allowing the projector to cool down for about 20 minutes before the final shutdown; there were no problems with this wonderful projector! I just wished I had the opportunity to purchase another one for my friends.

Review by Stan

I have had this projector for 7 months and I must say that I am very pleased with the picture quality and overall entertainment it brings in my house. The picture is 5x better than a standard tv and very "movie theater-like."

Any Problems: The only problem I have is user error. The menu, to me, is not very user-friendly, but I am very happy with what I have and I would recommend this projector for anyone who is on a budget.