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InFocus SP 110 User Reviews

InFocus SP 110 Projector

InFocus Home SP 110

SVGA (848x600), 1000 ANSI Lumens,
6.7 lbs, $1,999 (MSRP)
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3.7 out of 5
22 User Ratings
Image Quality 4.6
Features 3.9
Construction 3.5
Ease of Use 3.7
Reliability 2.8
Value for Money 3.6
Panasonic PT-VMZ50U
WUXGA Conference Room Projector

User Reviews

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Review by Nancy

We got recently 11 projectors. LS110 is very nice projector, clear image, like in real theater. Price is very compatible, only $1200 per projector. But two projectors bulb fail about at 800 hours and new one runs about $199 to $300. I can say, they run about 8 from 10. But image quality no body can bid – 100%, very NICE!

Any Problems: Two projectors fail after 800 hours

Review by Mike

Very nice DLP projector. I got two LS110 projectors, this is the best home theater HDTV system. Image quality is super! First one I got for $2000, but second one just for $1400. Very good projector for this amount of money.

Review by TONY P



Review by knabs

Great color, needs a dark room. A little noise but its low. If it were not for the bulb exploding I would have stayed with this projector for a few more years.

Any Problems: Bulb exploded after few hundred hours of use! :-(

Review by Bulldog

Bought this projector when it first came out and was impressed with the picture. After some time the bulb started to flicker and eventually it exploded after approximately 250 hours of use. Infocus sent a new bulb and the same thing happened after 600 hours of use.

Any Problems: 2 lamps exploded after less than half of it's spec'd amount. Do not buy this model!

Review by Flazz

I have had my infocus projector for over 2 years. At the time I purchased it I firmly believe the $4000 dollars I spent was well worth the money as image quality and features (DLP, 16:9) we're great for the price. Today however, I would say that this projector is past it's prime. It is loud, it throws a lot of light out from the from vent and I have had some problems that you can read below. I was never able to update the software according to the directions given on the website, and infocus support was unable to provide help in doing so. I am currently running a home theater pc configuration using myhtpc, and will be using meedio once it comes out. This allows for large on screen buttons which are easily seen. It does not natively support higher resolutions so gaming or other high res applications are not feasible.

Any Problems: I am actually on my second projector. The first one stopped turning other reviews as others have had this problem, too. After repairs took too long they sent me a refurbished model that hasn't quite been up to the same standards as the last one. My complaint now is that the brightness of the projector will now sometimes go dim for a few minutes and then get bright once again. The difference still allows for viewing of images, but it is has marred my home cinema experience.

Review by Rob

This is my second review as now that I have had the projector for 2.5 years I feel I can give better feedback. Pros: Great picture and now great price (I bought it for $4000 but the price has dropped by more than 2x) Cons: fan noise a little loud, some artifacts in large pastel or grey areas during moving scenes (this problem seems to be indemic with all single DLP machines), really dumb remote with no user setting memories, and a multiple level menus.

Any Problems: Biggest issue is that my unit failed to turn on on the first and sometimes second cycle. Finally stopped working altogether. Sent to dealer for warrantee repair (thank god I bought an extended warrantee) but it has now been in the shop for 2 months and the main board required for replacement has no ETA. Thus Infocus does not seem to put a high premium on warrantee repair - buyer beware!

Review by Near

My lamp just exploded 3 months and some change after purchase. Glass, superheated gases and smoke were spewed throughout the unit, and a handfull of glass was sitting in the lamp compartment. Obviously I am not pleased.

Any Problems: See my experience.

Review by Tino D'Voe

Two years ago this was a great projector and maybe even worth $4K. Today it's destroyed by the X1 and other competition. The 4x colour wheel is nice as it eliminates rainbow quite well, contrast is very poor compared to newer 2000:1 pj's.

Any Problems: Regardless of price, there was a terrible flaw in the projector that was never repaired despite several shipments back to the manufacturer. Premature bulb failure and constant flicker that never improved. A completely frustrating waste of time and money.

Review by T.K.

I bought this infocus with a tight budget in mind, Don’t do as I did spend the extra money! Purchased price was $1950.00 + a Draper Onxy 92”. Picture Quality looks good, And ease of use for me was fine. Reliability is terrible.

Any Problems: bulb flickers only at 31 hours on a new out of the box projector... I purchased a extended warranty, thank Heavens. Spend the extra money and buy a better quality projector.

Review by Bill

Any Problems: The lamp rating of 2000 hours is a joke. My first lamp made it 1835 hrs and the second exploded last night with less than 900 hrs. I follow the manuals cleaning instructions so I don't believe I'm at fault. To get to 2000 hrs average, the lamp I just ordered will have to last 3265 hours. Not likely. At $400 a copy (with delivery) the true cost of ownership of this unit is getting quite steep.

Review by Sparkie

As with other comments good picture but needs some work on other aspects.

Any Problems: I have overcome the noise and light spray issues buy making a ceiling box and a light shade for the front of the unit. The pigeonhole box, is built on the ceiling reduced the noise to minimal and still allows airflow from front to back. A small piece of speaker cloth material on the right hand side of the box stopped all noticeable light from the fan slots. If the unit is fixed, the above changes make a huge difference.

Review by Gabi

I'm using my 110 for almost a year. Love the picture on my Da-Light 90" screen. The main problems I faced is reliability.

Any Problems: After 50 hours of use I can hardly powere on my 110. The green light keeps blinking for several minutes. It is observed that the bulb "tries" to light up but fails. I have to disconnect the power cord, connect again and power it up. This "strugle" is going on for the last 150 hours. After 200 hours of use, an anoying bright vertical line appears on the left edge of the screen....very frustrating. I bought my 110 via the WEB and just did not have the time to fix these problems. In addition I'm almost sure the dealer in my country would charge me a fortune....

Review by Jason Savelli

I purchased the LS110 in July 2002 and have had 5 months now to fully evaluate the projector. I use the projector entirely for movies and X-box gaming in a dedicated home theatre. The projector is ceiling mounted and connected to a satellite, DVD, X-box and digital cable. I have full control of ambient light. As far as the video is excellent. I have impressed many friends and family members over the last few months. However...what I have not told my friends is that along with the projector, I purchased an InFocus warranty exchange contract. 5 months I have received 2 replacement projectors. When the projector is functional, it is awesome, but my experience to date is such that my confidence that the projector will continue to work the next time I turn it on to entertain my friends is questionable. I must say that InFocus service has been excellent, although I haven't been given a definitive answer as to why the previous 2 projectors have failed and to my costly benefit, I did fork out the extra money to buy the warranty exchange.

Any Problems: As I mentioned I have received 2 projectors under warranty exchange from the original that I purchased in July 2002. With the first projector, after about 190 hours of use the lamp failed. InFocus replaced the entire projector as they feared that it was a power supply problem. I received a new projector and within a months time, while watching a movie, the lamp exploded overhead (my wife and I were watching a war about realism). I am now on my 3rd projector and have used it for about 120 hours now. My concern is that I continue to get a subtle, intermittant flickering of the lamp, which I also recieved with the 2 previous projectors. This concerns me because I now fear that this one is going to fail or explode as well, and it will probably happen while I am entertaining 20 friends for Super Bowl. My confidence has now diminished to say the least. Even though I have 2 years of warranty exchange left, I just wish someone could tell me what the problem is. While the projector is working, with the exception of the light spray around the screen and from the front grill, I love it.

Review by David Beckemeyer

I like the project. The picture is very good. In terms of performance the major weak areas are light leakage out the front of the projector grille and a halo around the main image area. The remote and user interface are also a bit awkward with tasks requiring a lot of clicks and the projector often misses clicks. Depsite these negatives, I'd love the project if it just worked. Unfortunately Infocus cannot give me a working unit. In 10 months of owning the projector, I have had six units fail, and never more that 4 months of trouble-free use.

Any Problems: Terrible reliability. Five DOA units in the first 6 months. Another two since. Infocus has replaced the units (not without great difficulty/hassle), but eventually the warranty will run out and I'd rather have a unit that worked than constantly dealing with problems. I have lost all confidence in this product and Infocus. Don't expect this unit to outlive the lamp.

Review by Shigeru Iwamoto

The quality of the image is better than most 'plexes.

Any Problems: None so far (have had it for a month and a half.

Review by Wademan

I am very pleased with image quality and ease of use. Fan noise and "shadow light" (not sure what the official name for the light area around the image is called) could be reduced. Would like an auto zoom and focus but for the price this is a GREAT projector!

Any Problems: No problems as yet.

Review by Nouarutaka

This projector is probably the best buy for a DLP home theatre at this time. The colors are great and the rainbow effect has been greatly minimized compared to similar units from other vendors. At a 1000 lumens a darkened room is needed. My main gripes are the pixelization seen on greys and pastel colors (particularly large areas) during motion in scenes. Use of a higher resolution DLP chip would reduce this effect. Fan noise is not bad but in quiet scenes is noticable. The amount of light spray around the screen is unacceptable for a "cinema" projector - this is one area where InFocus is behind their competitors using DLPs(in fact other InFocus models have less light spray! This may be partially due to the DLP chip chosen for this model - they should have used the higher res. XGA chip with dark mask). All in all, if you must have a home theatre today, this is the best DLP projector for under $5000. I will say that my dream machine would be the same unit with higher brighness, new XGA DLP chip and optical system with MUCH less light spray, a quieter fan, and a better remote in the same price range (the only challenge is to use a better DLP and still meet the < $5000 price point).

Any Problems: Bulb had some initial stability problems, pixellization artifacts, light spray.

Review by Manawar

My best investment ever.

Any Problems: I have notice small pixelation but this is easily fixed by moving the focus slightly. The picture is still sharp and the screen door effect disappears.

Review by Len

A great picture, not a friendly user interface. Significant delay in recognizing a 480p signal from a progressive scan DVD player, with frequent errors in sychronization (sometimes treats 480p as 480i, projecting double images. Can be very frustrating at times.

Any Problems: Recognition of 480p signal, significant halo effect around picture, worse-than-peers light spray from front of machine, noticable noise.